How to handle the devices which were not discovered successfully during discovery?

A device will be shown as 'not reachable' in discovery report and won't be added to Network Configuration Manager if any of the following condition is met:
  • Device is not reachable: Make sure the device is up and running and is reachable via ping.
  • SNMP is not enabled: Network Configuration Manager can discover only SNMP enabled devices, so make sure that SNMP is enabled for the device.
  • Wrong credentials: Make sure the selected credential profile applies to the device you are trying to discover.
  • SysObjectID is not present in Network Configuration Manager: If all the above mentioned criteria's doesn't apply to the device you are trying to discover, then please check the list of SysObectID's supported by Network Configuration Manager under Settings > Network Configuration Manager > SysObjectID Finder. 
  • Click on Add and provide the device ip address and other required information and click next. Network Configuration Manager will find the SysObjectID for the device and you can assign it to appropriate device template.
You can get more information about adding SysObjectID and their usage here
If you are still having trouble discovering your device(s), please contact Network Configuration Manager support team.
Alternatively, you can add the device(s) manually. To do so, go to Discovery Reports under Settings > Discovery > Discovery Reports and select the failed devices from the respective discovery report and click 'Add to Inventory button'.
This will give you the option to select the Device Template and Vendor to add the device. Select the appropriate Vendor and Device Template and add the device(s).