Network Configuration Manager is an agent-less device configuration management solution for your routers, firewalls, and switches. Using the Network Configuration Manager, you can take control of device configuration management and efficiently execute time-consuming configuration tasks like backup, modifying configurations, compliance audit, and a lot more.

Here are the solution's core capabilities that enable admins to manage the entire lifecycle of network device configurations:

1. Configuration backup

Network admins frequently change device configurations to accommodate various requirements. When device configurations are frequently modified, it is crucial to back up previous versions. These backups can be used to restore the network whenever a faulty configuration is uploaded and results in a network disaster. With Network Configuration Manager's backup capabilities, admins can manage device configuration easily, such as:

  • Instantly back up network device configurations in bulk before carrying out a risky change
  • Trigger automated backups in your devices whenever a change is made
  • Periodically back up configurations by scheduling them
Device Configuration Management - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

2. Configuration change management

Since network configurations are changed frequently, network admins need to keep a track of who made changes, what was changed, and when the changes were made. Also, admins need to have complete control over the changes made to the network device configurations to reduce chances of error.

Managing device configurations becomes easy using a device configuration and management solution such as Network Configuration Manager. It's change management capabilities enable networkadmins to gain complete visibility into configuration changes, review device configuration upload requests and choose to approve/reject them. Using this Network device configuration tool, network admins can easily:

  • Implement change management policies
  • Compare device configurations
  • Receive real-time notifications on network device configuration changes
  • Instantly rollback to previous or trusted device configuration versions
Managing Device Configurations - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

3. Compliance auditing

Network admins have to perform compliance audits in their network to ensure that they comply with industry standards and also with internal policies. Such audits are performed manually, where admins have to check each configuration file. This is a tedious task and, like other manual operations, is prone to error.

Network Configuration Manager is a reliable network device configuration software that helps admins to ensure policy compliance with it's default compliance policies for industry standards like CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. With the help of this device configuration tool, network admins can also create custom policies to ensure compliance with their organization's internal policies. The compliance capabilities in the solution enable admins to:

  • Perform routine compliance checks and generate compliance reports
  • Schedule compliance checks
  • Fix rule violations using remediation configlets
Device Config Compliance - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

4. Firmware vulnerability management

The presence of firmware vulnerabilities poses significant risks to your business and the security of your customers' sensitive data. It opens doors for hackers, leading to potential consequences such as decreased sales, reputational damage, and penalties. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to proactively identify and address firmware vulnerabilities on a regular basis.

With Network Configuration Manager, you now have the capability to identify potential firmware security vulnerabilities within your network devices and take appropriate actions. Serving as a firmware vulnerability scanner, Network Configuration Manager aligns with the NIST vulnerability management guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. It achieves this by retrieving firmware vulnerability data and correlating it with the network devices being managed in your infrastructure.

By leveraging Network Configuration Manager's firmware vulnerability scanning feature, you can stay ahead of potential threats, proactively detect vulnerabilities, and implement necessary corrective measures. This proactive approach helps safeguard your business, protect customer data, and maintain the integrity of your network devices. Network Configuration Manager list the devices along with their CVE ID, base score, severity level, and links containing patch fixes. The base score is divided as follows:

  • Base score 0-3.9: Low
  • Base score 4.0-6.9: Moderate
  • Base score 7.0-8.9: Important
  • Base score 9.0-10: Critical
Device config and firmware vulnerability management tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

5. Configuration task automation

Certain network tasks have to be performed routinely, and in a network with several devices, it's difficult for admins to execute these tasks in individual devices. As an example, certain compliance standards require device passwords to be changed every few months. In such cases, admins will have to login to each device manually and change passwords. But with a device configuration and management tool, such tasks can be automated.

Using Network Configuration Manager's Configlets, which are configuration templates, admins can automate such repetitive tasks. Some common applications of configlets include:

  • Enabling encryption
  • Enabling syslog
  • Exporting NetFlow
  • Enabling and disabling SNMP
Device Configuration Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

6. Configuration reports

Reports play a critical role in auditing and helping you keep your network secure. Network Configuration Manager, a network device configuration tool,comes with a set of built-in reports and enables admins to create custom reports that will help them become audit-ready. Generate out-of-the-box reports on:

  • Startup-running conflict reports
  • EOL/EOS reports
  • User activity tracking reports
  • Configuration change reports
  • Configuration analysis reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Security audit reports
Device Configuration and Management - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Using Network Configuration Manager, you can manage network device configurations, take complete control of your network configurations, and gain total visibility into your network. With all of these capabilities, you can detect and fix vulnerabilities in time to prevent network disasters.

Start efficiently managing your network device configurations by downloading a 30-day free trial of Network Configuration Manager here.

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Customer reviews

Network Configuration Manager
Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager
- Rob Calhoun, W.C. Bradley Company
"Network Configuration Manager has worked very well for us. Their technical support has been outstanding and they have gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who would like to successfully manage their configuration files for all of their devices. "
Network Configuration Manager
Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager
- Larry Ware, Federal Signal Global Network Boffin
"Manageengine Network Configuration Manager has proven a very useful tool to help Federal Signal, Inc. manage multiple vendors equipment across multiple geographic locations. It has allowed us to effectively manage remote device configurations and implement effective change control for network infrastructure. "
Network Configuration Manager
Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager
- Kevin Spies, Manager of Network Operations, Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC
"Network Configuration Manager is a very powerful configuration management tool. Network Configuration Manager has saved us a great deal of time if a problem does arise because we know we can immediately pull the history of changes made and roll back the running configuration to a last known good configuration if needed. If you are someone that is currently wondering how to get a handle on your configurations changes then Network Configuration Manager is for you."
Network Configuration Manager
Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager
- Neil C. Perry, IT Manager, Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer, Inc
"Network Configuration Manager has helped us save a great deal of time in rolling out configuration changes to numerous network devices within minutes rather than hours, or even days. The automated approach on backups allows us to sleep at night knowing that we always have the most up to date configurations of our devices. The web interface quickly gives you a user friendly snapshot of the status of your devices providing you the knowledge of what devices are backed up, not backed up, have start/run conflicts, etc. NCM is by far the biggest bang for your buck on the market. It's an absolute must for network admins of enterprises of all sizes."

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