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Converged Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Converged infrastructure monitoring

Monitor the performance of your converged infrastructure with Applications Manager.

With Applications Manager's converged infrastructure monitoring software, you can track key performance metrics, resolve issues easily and make educated decisions about the future. Applications Manager automatically discovers and maps the dependencies across systems to reduce manual intervention and time. You can also perform VM actions from the Applications Manager console.

Keep your converged environments healthy.

Gain visibility into the performance and availability of all converged infrastructure network, storage and virtualization components from a single console. You can monitor KPIs of the hosts, operating systems, data stores, and virtual machines. Understand how the components inside a Nutanix infrastructure consume CPU and memory with a dashboard of resource consumption stats.

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Supported Technologies:

Cisco UCS Converged Infrastructure Nutanix Converged Infrastructure

Troubleshoot issues quickly.

One of the areas where IT administrators struggle is troubleshooting which can be time consuming. Applications Manager's fault management system comes with a root-cause analyzer which automatically identifies the root cause of issues, so that you can resolve them faster and with ease.

Applications Manager also has threshold and anomaly profile configurations which you can utilize to identify fault occurrences beforehand and apply corrective actions to reduce the impact. You can configure static and dynamic thresholds to various metrics and associate alerts and automatic actions to be performed upon violation.

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Plan ahead with intelligent reports.

Applications Manager's converged infrastructure monitoring tool has over 250 pre-defined report types. The trend analysis reports enable you to understand the historical performance of various components.

Plan your future needs with forecast and capacity planning reports. Forecast reports use machine-learning techniques to predict resource consumption for up to 3 years into the future. Capacity planning reports are available for Nutanix VMs—these reports help admins see which VM servers are overutilized, which are underutilized or idle, and distribute load accordingly in order to prevent a server overload or crash.

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Converged infrastructures supported by Applications Manager:

Cisco UCS

Since Cisco UCS is an integrated, scalable, converged infrastructure solution platform, a diverse population of applications and servers resides in the environment, and the performance of these applications must be monitored both individually and as a unit. Monitor response times, resource utilization, faults, processors, and other hardware with Applications Manager to recognize decline in performance, and identify the reason your system has deviated from the ideal performance.

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Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Applications Manager's Nutanix monitoring tool helps remove the complexities of infrastructure management by providing a simple dashboard of all the essential details about Nutanix parameters. Keep an eye on virtual machines in Nutanix HCI. With details about IO, storage, and the processes running in the VMs, you'll be able to recognize faults and degradation in performance and troubleshoot them quickly before it affects the end users.

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