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Custom Application Monitoring - JMX Consoles

JMX Consoles, SNMP Consoles in Ease

JMX Consoles, SNMP Consoles, Custom Application Monitoring
  • Looking to build a JMX Console to expose your web application management information ?
  • Do you want to give a consistent and usable interface for your Application administrator ?
  • Do you want to have an affordable and quick solution for your Java Application Management requirements ?
  • Take corrective actions when some application metric crosses a threshold ?
  • Want reports to meet SLAs ?

If your answer to any of the above questions is 'Yes', then read on.

What ManageEngine® Applications Manager can do ?

ManageEngine® Applications Manager can help monitor and manage Java/J2EE Applications that expose management information via Java Management Extensions (JMX). Through the Applications Manager Web Client, you can view performance statistics and other user metrics. With the help of threshold profiles and pattern matching capabilities, application administrators can be alarmed via e-mail, SMS etc when the application becomes critical.

Support for executing JMX MBean Operations and custom scripts help administrators to take corrective actions when the application becomes critical. Out-of-the-box reports help provide the added trending information to manage your application efficiently.

Benefits using this tool :

  • Comprehensive production monitoring tool at a fraction of the cost, it takes to build one.
  • Support for JMX Notifications, MBeans, MBean Operations, tabular data
  • Measure how an application's performance changes
  • Monitor all application resources like application servers, databases and underlying system on a day to day basis.
ManageEngine Applications Manager allows customers to create custom views through custom dashboards feature.

JMX Consoles

ManageEngine® Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box support for the below JMX environment.

  • JMX 1.2 / JDK 1.5 / MX4J - RMI Connector
  • WebLogic JMX
  • JBoss JMX
  • WebSphere JMX
  • WebNMS JMX Agent- RMI Adapter

For information on other options in monitoring custom applications, refer to FAQ.

Loved by customers all over the world

"Standout Tool With Extensive Monitoring Capabilities"

It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

Reviewer Role: Research and Development

"I like Applications Manager because it helps us to detect issues present in our servers and SQL databases."
Carlos Rivero

Tech Support Manager, Lexmark

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