Configure Android devices with OEMConfig app using Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP


With the advent of Android Enterprise, OEM vendors have started allowing MDM solutions to configure OEM-specific settings on Android devices by distributing their respective OEMConfig apps. These apps use managed app configurations to apply the configured features on the devices. It provides additional management capabilities and granular control over the devices by letting you manage custom features such as control of barcode scanners, enabling advanced security features, etc. OEMConfig is applicable for Non-Samsung devices enrolled as Device Owner/Profile Owner and Samsung devices running Android 6.0 or later.


Points to note

Procedure to set up OEM Configuration

Follow the steps below to apply app configurations:

  1. Click Device Management on the MDM Web Console.
  2. Click on Profiles -> Create Profile -> Android
  3. Select OEM Configurations as the Profile Type.
  4. Provide a configuration name.
  5. Vendors who support OEM Configurations will be listed in Config App. From the dropdown, select the OEMConfig app that needs to be configured. 
  6. Provide a description of the profile, if needed and click Continue.
  7. If the selected Config app is not already present in the App Repository, you will be redirected to the app approval page where you can approve and add the app to the App Repository.

  8. Once the app is added, you can set up the configurations in the profile .
  9. After configuring the OEMConfig app to your preference, Save and Publish the profile.


Using MDM, you can only configure the settings included by the OEM vendor in their OEMConfig app. MDM doesn't validate or change the configurations provided by the OEM vendor. Contact the respective OEM vendor for assistance if any problem arises with the configured settings on the device.

Supported OEMConfig apps



Knox Service Plugin


Zebra OEMConfig


Honeywell OEMConfig




Datalogic OEMConfig

Other supported OEMConfig apps include

Dynamic Variables

You can use dynamic variables to ease the process of setting up App Configurations. You can use dynamic variables to set up App Configurations for the first time before distributing it to devices/groups. Dynamic variables automatically prefetch the required data from enrollment information, thus easing the process for IT admins. The following dynamic variables are supported in MDM:

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