Terms of Use


In any organization using mobile devices as a part of its workforce, terms of use play a vital role both from the perspective of the organization as well as the device user. In case of the organization, it sets the mandate regarding confidential corporate data access/sharing as well as the security compliance standards in the organization. In case of the users, it informs them beforehand the data collected from/about the device user and the reasons for the same. MDM lets you display this terms of use policy to your users through the ME MDM app and only on agreeing to the terms of use, does MDM start managing the device, effectively obtaining user consent for device management.

It is also recommended to configure Server Privacy Settings to ensure data privacy on the server, Device Privacy Settings to ensure data privacy on the managed devices and Server Security Settings to ensure data security on the server.

Policy Description

You can choose to configure the language(s) in which the terms of use will be available and the default language in which it is to be displayed. In addition, you can choose to configure this specifically for corporate devices, for personal devices or for a combination of both similar to Privacy Settings.

Configuring Terms of Use

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