Device Enrollment


ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP can be used to deploy configuration settings, security commands and retrieve asset data over-the-air (OTA).All Communications from Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP to the mobile device is routed through intermediate services such as APNs for iOS devices, FCM for android devices and WNS for Windows phones. A live TCP connection is maintained for intermediate service. APNs, FCM and WNS acts an intermediate wake up service to wake up the device whenever an action is triggered to be performed from the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP. WNS is used only for phones running Windows 8.1 and is not available for mobile phones running Window 8 OS. Managed mobile device communicates with Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP to receive the instructions and report back the status and data.

Port Details

Ports to be opened, if the mobile device, uses Wi-Fi to reach the Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP Server.

Setting up and Enrolling the mobile devices:

iOS devices

Android devices

Setting up Knox devices

Setting Up Windows devices

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