Windows Passcode

You can define the parameters for creating a passcode and configure the passcode settings here. The configured passocde policy also governs Windows Hello PIN, if configured on the device. Click here to know more about Windows Hello and click here to know about PIN.

To set up a password on a device configure a passcode policy with the following minimum restrictions. Any configuration below the minimum level of restriction, automatically associates a passcode policy which satisfies the minimum requirements.

Profile Settings


Passcode Profile Settings

Minimum passcode length

Specify a minimum length of a passcode, for example if you have the minimum length as 5, users will not be allowed to set a passcode with 4 characters or less.

Minimum passcode age (days)

Specify the number of days the passcode must be used before the user can change it.

Maximum passcode age (days)

Specify the number of days for the passcode to be reset. After this period, the user is forced to change the passcode.

Maximum idle time allowed before auto-lock

Specify the time limit for the device screen to be locked automatically.

Number of passcodes to be maintained in history

Specify the number of previous passcode to be maintained, so that users cannot reuse them. For example: if you have set the limit as 3, users will not be allowed to reuse the last 2 passcodes and the current passcode.

Maximum number of failed attempts

Maximum number of attempts before all data in the device to be erased. For phones, the device is wiped after the specified number of wrong attempts. For laptops and desktops, the devices enter bitlocker recovery mode, if configured. If bitlocker is not configured, devices reboot and request for captcha multiple times. The maximum number of failed attempts for desktops can take values in the range 4-16 and the range for mobiles is 0-999.

PIN settings

Block insecure PINs

Allow/Restrict the usage of simple PINs and picture passwords.

PIN complexity

Specify the maximum number of complex characters allowed in the passcode.This can be configured as Digits only, Digits and lowercase, Digits, lowercase, and uppercase".


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