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Web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers

  • Exchange Audit Reports  

    Be aware of any unauthorized mailbox logon attempts or changes made to mailbox permissions with Exchange server auditing feature! Exchange Reporter Plus delves into the event logs of Exchange Servers and Domain controllers to bring you comprehensive audit data in the form of reports, graphs and views. Get Pricing

  • Exchange ActiveSync Reports  

    Keep up with ActiveSync traffic in your organization by obtaining elaborate reports on ActiveSync usage, sync requests, policy details, status information & device details. The ActiveSync reports help you manage the bevy of ActiveSync enabled mobile devices in the Exchange environment and audit mobile device traffic efficiently. Get Pricing

  • Outlook Web Access Reports  

    OWA has made Exchange Emails universally available on the web as much as it is on a desktop. Exchange Reporter Plus's OWA Reports help monitor activities on Outlook Web Access by filtering data by Users, Browser and even by Client IP address! Get Pricing

  • Mailbox Properties Reports  

    Active Directory Mailboxes are crucial elements of an Exchange Server Environment. Exchange Reporter Plus's mailbox properties report presents an administrator with precise data on Mailbox sizes, inactive and hidden mailboxes, mailbox growth, and every other attribute of the Exchange Mailbox. Get Pricing

  • Mailbox Size Reports  

    Monitoring the mailbox size and its growth is no more a difficult task. With Exchange Mailbox Size reports, quick insights can be gained on the current mailbox size, mailbox growth and mailbox size restrictions. A quick comparison of the current size against the quota limits is also made possible! Get Pricing

  • Mailbox Content Reports  

    Exchange Reporter Plus's Mailbox Content Reports make a comprehensive Exchange Message Tracking tool. You can filter out the generated report by various parameters that include 1) message keywords, both on subject and text 2) email attachment properties by size, file name and even file extensions and 3) Folder properties like size and count of messages. The reports are extremely useful in resource optimization and spam fighting! Get Pricing

  • Mailbox Traffic Reports  

    Mailbox Traffic Reports assist in Exchange Traffic analysis by tracking the traffic to each mailbox. The message can be filtered both with respect to the sender and the recipient, and also by the count of messages and size! Get Pricing

  • Mailbox Permission Reports  

    Exchange Reporter Plus's Mailbox Permissions report helps an exchange administrator to manage mailbox permissions in an efficient manner. These off-the-shelf reports are a vital tool to quickly understand the permissions associated with mailboxes and users and thereby ensure the safety of mailbox information. Get Pricing

  • Distribution Lists Report  

    Active Directory Mailing lists are a great way to share information across users in a single shot! Exchange Reporter Plus's reports make sure that malicious data does not use the same medium, and also keeps a tab on every user's activity on a Distribution List! Get Pricing

  • Public Folder Content Report  

    A centralized repository of data requires a vigilant monitoring. Exchange Reporter Plus's Public Folder reports take care of this by reporting on all vital statistics of Public Folders, plumbing to the levels of the type of data on the folders! Get Pricing

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