Email Non - Delivery Reports

There have been a significant number of instances in every organization that an email has failed to find its way to the destination mailbox. In such cases, the one thing that turns out to be very ​depressing for users is the system generated email whose subject line reads the likes of “Email Failure Notice – Contact Systems Department." As the issue arises, the Admin resolves it with minor tweaking, and then users are able to send and receive emails again. What happens behind the scene is most often a potential headache for the Admin. It becomes exceedingly important for the Exchange Admin to keep a record of such instances, find out the probable causes and then formulate preventive steps to avoid such glitches in the future.

This is where Exchange Reporter Plus steps in and offers “Non – Delivery Reports,” which is meant to keep a track on those emails that haven’t been received by the destination mailbox. This report category has four reports:

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Non-Delivery Report:

Exchange Reporter Plus Non-Delivery Report

This report gives an overall view of the emails that have been sent from the sender’s mailbox, but not delivered. The interface provides details like the sender’s email-id, the recipient’s email-id, subject, size and possible cause of delivery failure. It provides a broad picture to the Exchange Admin to realize the number of delivery failures in a given period of time.

Exchange Reporter Plus Invalid E-Mail Address

Invalid E-Mail Address:

This report lists down all the undelivered emails that have been victims to invalid recipient addresses. Failures that occur due to recipients that do not receive authentication are reported here.

Exchange Reporter Plus Size Exceeded

Size Exceeded:

This report lists all the E-Mails that have not been delivered because of size related issues such as lack of space available in the mailbox or the size of the E-Mail (attachment) itself.

Exchange Reporter Plus Size Exceeded

Delivered vs. Non-Delivered (Internal):

This report presents a statistical view of the messages that have been delivered, compared to those that are undelivered within the Exchange Environment in a specified period of time.

Know why the undelivered emails did not make it to their destination.

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