Exchange Server Auditing and Compliance tool

Exchange Server Auditing, the latest addition to Exchange Reporter Plus, brings in a whole new set of functionalities to track, audit and report on unauthorized or accidental mailbox logon attempts, critical changes to mailbox permissions or properties. Exchange Reporter Plus software gathers all the required information from the event logs of Exchange Servers and Domain Controllers and generates the required audit data as shown below.

Working behind Exchange Auditing

The entire complex process of reading events from the Event Viewer logs is taken care and all actionable data is consolidated in the form of reports, graphs and views. With Fault Management option, any security incident requiring immediate action can be raised in the form of alerts with high severity. Exchange Auditing tool provides complete audit trial data and can aid in any security incident investigation.

Report on and audit Exchange Online using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange audit reporting categories

Exchange Mailbox Logon Reports
A collection of reports to audit and keep track of all the non-owner mailbox logins and self-logons to mailboxes.
Exchange Mailbox Permission Changes Reports
Monitor and track all the recent changes to mailbox permissions like Send As or Full Access with the old and new values.
Exchange Mailbox Property Changes Reports
Audit changes made to the mailbox quota limits, message size restrictions with complete data on the modified settings.
Exchange Store Changes Reports
Reports with data on all the public or private stores that were mounted or dismounted recently.


  • Get real–time audit data on all mailbox logins, permission and property changes.
  • Detect unauthorized accesses aimed at compromising the organization security policies.
  • Maintain audit data to comply with the regulatory compliance standards.
  • Configure real–time alerts to get notified on events that require immediate action. Modify the severity level and customize the personal alert message.
  • Archive the audit data beyond a certain time period. Re–archive when needed and view reports pertaining to any time–period.
  • With the multiple views like summary, cyclic and periodic, view the information from different perspectives. In addition to the supported views, create new views for the reports.
  • Schedule the report generation process and export reports to any formats like csv, html, xls and pdf versions.

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