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What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8106?

Enhancements Made

  • MSPSDP-4575: Account Combo's location in header can be customized
  • MSPSDP-5846: Option to resend a reply in request

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5736: Service Categories are not shown based on the selected account while creating a request
  • MSPSDP-5744: Performance issue while updating request
  • MSPSDP-5783: Umlauts and other special characters are not displayed properly in iPhone app
  • MSPSDP-5916: Technician details are overwritten while importing requesters from CSV
  • MSPSDP-6031: Incident/Service templates are not shown based on the selected account in quick links

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8105?

New Feature :

Integrate ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP with ServiceDesk Plus MSP to manage your mobile devices. MDM allows your to Configure, Manage Apps, Monitor and Secure your mobile devices.

Benefits of Integration :

  • Track and manage mobile assets
  • Secure them with restrictions and passcode policies
  • Remote wipe to prevent corporate data theft
  • Distribute Apps

Enhancements Made

  • MSPSDP-5374: Option to hide solutions tab in Requester login

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5296: Adding E-mail Signature as inline image in personalize does not work
  • MSPSDP-5341: Requester gets created multiple times in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-5349: Not able to add custom filter by selecting more number of groups
  • MSPSDP-5368: Garbled text is getting appended when clicking Spell Check
  • MSPSDP-5371: Performance Issue while loading Incident templates
  • MSPSDP-5372: Dynamic tables not restored after restoring data
  • MSPSDP-5373: Conversation becomes private when a requester has capital letters in email address
  • MSPSDP-5380: Unable to start application as service after Data restore
  • MSPSDP-5455: Performance related Issue in Request list page
  • MSPSDP-5548: Account name showing wrongly in reports
  • MSPSDP-5554: Scheduled report have email content of other account
  • MSPSDP-5558: Mail fetching stops in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-5559: Performance Issue while loading Technician page
  • MSPSDP-5739: While selecting approver in service catalog it automatically selects another unwanted approver

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8104?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5336: Exception thrown while drill down into the requests.
  • MSPSDP-5338: Unable to apply Service pack(PPM) in MSSQL installation in certain cases.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8103?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-3515: Option to choose "Logged in Technician" while creating custom filters in requests
  • MSPSDP-5272: Ability to import accounts and sites while importing requesters from csv
  • MSPSDP-5300: Account contract details can now be viewed while creating a request

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-4718: Custom filters with site criteria do not work
  • MSPSDP-4947: Asset warranty information not pulled from Desktop Central-MSP
  • MSPSDP-5297: Unable to add a Service Level Agreement with priority as a criteria in Italian version
  • MSPSDP-5301: Unable to push data to central ServiceDeskPlus-MSP server from remote AssetExplorer server in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-5313: Unable to customize notification template for the notification 'Notify technician when a note is added' in standard edition
  • MSPSDP-5316: Hardware summary report does not work in Italian version
  • MSPSDP-5317: All requesters in an account are not displayed while assigning a user to an asset through Auto Assign
  • MSPSDP-5234: Javascript error occurs in the user interface while navigating to Preventive Maintenance Tasks

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8102?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-4878: If data is migrated from ServiceDesk Plus to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP, 'Request Archive' does not work
  • MSPSDP-5192: Request history is not chronologically ordered in postgres
  • MSPSDP-5255: Unable to change a private conversation as public conversation in mysql
  • MSPSDP-5263: After data backup and restore, some reports do not work
  • MSPSDP-5266: Audit history by workstation report throws an exception in mysql
  • MSPSDP-5273: Unable to retrieve sites from SDP-MSP server to the remote AssetExplorer in some cases

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8101?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-2725: Ability to mark first response time in 'Requests' while adding notes
  • MSPSDP-5134: Bulk association of licenses to software installed in different machines
  • MSPSDP-5155: Ability to add message and select format of the bill while sending regenerated bill

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-4320: 'New Request' page is crashed in certain scenarios and technicians cannot see some requests
  • MSPSDP-5027: Editing scheduled report throws exception in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-5088: Organization logo is shown in generated scheduled report even its disabled in 'Organization Details' page
  • MSPSDP-5108: 'Submit Request' button is grayed out while creating a request through 'Add more Details'
  • MSPSDP-5147: Request detailed view crashes when an account name has '\'

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8.1? (Build Number 8100)

Features in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.1 (8100)

Billing Module

You can now automate your billing process. With Billing Module you can:

  • Create Service Plans
  • Set up Account Contracts
  • Capture the number of hours worked and additional charges in worklogs
  • Automate the bill generation
  • Create Ad-hoc bills

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-3113: 'Suggested Owners' are not listed in Workstation Auto-Assign
  • MSPSDP-4784: Cannot edit technicians when there are a large number of technician groups
  • MSPSDP-4828: Mail Fetching stops while processing a request conversation in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4879: Requester cannot close a request using 'Close Request' link in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4880: Mail sender info in technician notification is incorrect in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-4944: Domains are not listed in login Page for technicians
  • MSPSDP-4946: Tasks created in a request disappear in certain scenarios