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What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8316?


  • MSPSDP-8785 : Upgraded the application's JRE to 1.7 and fixed encryption vulnerabilities.

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-8620 : Unable to add billing worklog after 8312.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8315?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-8642 : Application gets hanged while importing users from AD & crashes in certain cases.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8314?


  • MSPSDP-8225 : Service Catalog - Resource info list is sorted alphabatically.
  • MSPSDP-8256 : Purchase Order - Site name is included in billing and shipping address.
  • MSPSDP-8266 : In request history, attachment deletion action is captured.
  • MSPSDP-8324 : Option to configure Account specific advisory.

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7671 : Business Rules with condition "TO" or "CC" "does not contain" aren't working properly.
  • MSPSDP-8276 : Purchase Order goes back to 'Pending Approval' state while editing the order id.
  • MSPSDP-8291 : Business Rules with vip user criteria are not working when cascade execution is turned on.
  • MSPSDP-8328 : Performance problem while adding workstation or server.
  • MSPSDP-8338 : Unable to add inline image in notes.
  • MSPSDP-8339 : Unable to resend a mail conversation.
  • MSPSDP-8393 : A requester who had previously been an Account Manager can still access the custom views he/she created.
  • MSPSDP-8486 : Self-service login information contains msp's url instead of account specific url.
  • MSPSDP-8512 : Survery reports shows data from all the accounts even when the technician has limited access.
  • MSPSDP-8551 : Couldn't add inline image in email-signature.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8313 ?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-8179 : XSS vulnerability when adding new software license type and option.
  • MSPSDP-8210 : XSS vulnerability in login page.
  • MSPSDP-8240 : XSS vulnerability while sending the report by email.
  • MSPSDP-8241 : XSS vulnerability in input parameters of 'Add new task' (module & from).
  • MSPSDP-8242 : XSS Vulnerability in input parameter (UNIQUE_ID) of Solution module
  • MSPSDP-8243 : XSS vulnerability in email notification window.
  • MSPSDP-8246 : XSS Vulnerability in request template, reminder and technician calendar.
  • MSPSDP-8258 : Access to problem and change details for an unprivileged user along with XSS Vulnerability.
  • MSPSDP-8293 : Exception while generating bill in certain cases.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8312 ?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7393 : When account name has double quote, then error throws while creating the reports and the site is also not populated.
  • MSPSDP-7405 : Due by time calculation is incorrect , when a request status is moved from on-hold in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7587 : Renaming a Support Group name in Default settings, doesn't update the same in sites with "Copy default settings" enabled.
  • MSPSDP-8066 : When a technician sends an email to the e-mail address configured under server settings, those tickets are categorized into "All Accounts" instead of the MSP account.
  • MSPSDP-8071 : Time elapsed field shows negative values in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-8103 : When a survey is sent manually , MSP logo is shown instead of Account specific logo in the survey notification mail.
  • MSPSDP-8106 : $AccountName in the Notification rules content variable is not working properly.
  • MSPSDP-8152 : While editing technician details, the tool tip for available groups does not work.
  • MSPSDP-8181 : When worklog is made as a mandatory field in request closing rules, and if only a worklog under task is added to the request, it doesnt allow to close the request.
  • MSPSDP-8189 : Boolean values are not displayed in query reports.
  • MSPSDP-8206 : Unable to login in Iphone-App at certain cases. It throws "Provide MSP Server" error.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8311 ?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6876 : Newly created Holiday's date's are wrongly shown in Holiday list view.
  • MSPSDP-6933 : Unable to map account additional field while importing account through csv.
  • MSPSDP-6982 : Worklog end time shows extra minute from the current time is fixed.
  • MSPSDP-7043 : Business rule is not working if the criteria is "Subject begins with".
  • MSPSDP-7120 : Deleting the support group from copy site settings deletes the support group from Default settings as well in upgraded installation.
  • MSPSDP-7487 : Notification is not sent to technician when a ticket is assigned through iPhone app / API.
  • MSPSDP-7629 : MAC OS 10.9 and above version's software's details are not properly listed post scan.
  • MSPSDP-7740 : Wrong workstation count is shown in custom query report bar chart.
  • MSPSDP-7768 : When default template is having an additional field, then error throws while creating a request through API.
  • MSPSDP-7879 : SSL handshake failure while connecting from Remote AE to MSP.
  • MSPSDP-7983 : Account additional field's value is getting wiped while updating the account via servlet API.
  • MSPSDP-7987 : Unable to import requester through scheduled CSV Import.
  • MSPSDP-7992 : Unable to import accounts from Quick Books in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-8054 : "Email me before" option present in task is not working.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8310?


  • MSPSDP-7370 : API for CTI Integration
  • MSPSDP-7774 : Account Login Web URL - You can create your custom URL and users can access the portal through it.
  • You can provide your custom URL in Account Details -> Account -> Login Web URL.

    Example - Instead of connecting the portal through http://servername:port/accountURL, you can customize it and access using http://support.account.com.

  • MSPSDP-7807 : Country Name 'Aruba' included in Account/Site Creation page
  • MSPSDP-7918 : Technician can create ticket through email for his associated accounts instead of his requesters using its account support email address.

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7757 : Unable to update workstations using MAC address in servlet API.
  • MSPSDP-7760 : Attachments are not visible for the requests added through API.
  • MSPSDP-7767 : Contract Name in contract expiry notification mail shows wrong details.
  • MSPSDP-7769 : Worklog page gets crashed in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7775 : Request Conversation description keeps loading when HTML content tags are not properly closed in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7791 : Error thrown while updating Routers/Switch created through API.
  • MSPSDP-7792 : Processor count & speed details are not saved while adding a Server using Servlet API.
  • MSPSDP-7794 : Data fields such as Business Impact & Is VM field resets while updating Servers using Servlet API.
  • MSPSDP-7803 : While creating a request with new requester name using API, the requester details doesn't get created in the application.
  • MSPSDP-7810 : Unable to schedule AD import for shared domains.
  • MSPSDP-7811 : Custom view is not working for account manager login.
  • MSPSDP-7853 : Server gets crashed while adding an account in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7920 : Site list is empty while editing CI item.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8309?


  • MSPSDP-3539 : Option to hide request history tab from requesters through Self Portal Settings.
  • MSPSDP-6893 : Option to show all the assets present in an account to their Requesters through Self Portal Settings.
  • MSPSDP-7713 : In System log viewer, Change request deletion action is captured.

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-4525 : Requester's are able to see solution topics across accounts.
  • MSPSDP-7373 : Request's time elapsed field shows negative value in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7651 : Automatic Backup Schedule page shows "Backup File not Found" in certain cases though the file is present in the mentioned directory.
  • MSPSDP-7655 : Error occurred while associating a problem to incidents in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7657 : Contract ID in contract expiry notification mail is showing wrongly.
  • MSPSDP-7665 : Requesters are unable to view the request resolution in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7679 : Error occurred while editing a technician in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7710 : Unable to close a request in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7712 : Notifications mails wrongly sent to technicians when intelligent notification is enabled.
  • MSPSDP-7717 : Worklogs are not properly synced with Quick books in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7727 : Exception while saving notes with copy pasted inline images in html area (in notes, request html area)
  • MSPSDP-7731 : In Russian language, "New Incident" string in Request Catalog drop down is shown as question marks (?) instead of the actual name.
  • MSPSDP-7734 : Timeout error occurred while importing OU's in certain cases.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8308?


  • MSPSDP-7108 : Earlier users included in the 'Email Id(s) to Notify' field will be included for Request Acknowledgement, Resolved, Closed notifications. But for requests created through email, the email CC recipients will not be included in those notifications. Now Request Acknowledge, Resolved, Closed notifications will also include Email CC recipients.

    Note : If those notifications should not include the Email CC recipient, it can be disabled in database table 'GlobalConfig' for the entry (category = 'Request_CC_Notification' and parameter = 'Include_CC_From_Email') and set the paramvalue = 'false'.

  • MSPSDP-7509 : The country name 'Cape Verde' is not available in Site and Account creation pages

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7111 : Cannot add container relationship to 'software' for 'workstation' in Professional Edition.
  • MSPSDP-7336 : Poodle vulnerability.
  • MSPSDP-7508 : NullPointerException while updating Business Rule in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7512 : Cannot add worklog if Time Taken to Resolve is 0 Hours and 0 Minutes.
  • MSPSDP-7534 : Release mail being sent daily instead of when a new version of the product is released.
  • MSPSDP-7536 : Worklog not synced from ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to Quickbooks if the worklog description size is greater than 300 characters.
  • MSPSDP-7548 : Backup not working if the file attachments has colon in it.
  • MSPSDP-7624 : Can not download an attached file (Throwing 'file not found' in UI if the uploaded file has some special characters).
  • MSPSDP-7552 : Issue while importing OUs from Shared Domain Active Directory - Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'SharedDomainOUMapping_UK0'.
  • MSPSDP-7573 : Sites are not listed in 'New Request' page if the 'All Accounts' is selected & if all the Incident Templates except the default template are deleted.
  • MSPSDP-7576 : 'OverrideUserSite' option is not working in LDAP if department for the user is not available in LDAP.
  • MSPSDP-7581 : Storage Device & Smart Phone's additional fields are not updated.
  • MSPSDP-7592 : 'SQL statement is nested too deeply' exception while deleting merged request.
  • MSPSDP-7597 : Multiple assets scan using ae_scan script over writes the single asset's details when the asset is scanned behind the firewall/proxy and pushed to sdp-msp.
  • MSPSDP-7633 : Duplicate OUs listed in Active Directory import requesters page.
  • MSPSDP-7640 : Workstations are not associated to any site during network/distributed asset scan re-discovery.
  • MSPSDP-7641 : 'SQL statement is nested too deeply' exception while bulk deleting workstations in CMDB module.
  • MSPSDP-7642 : Contract additional fields are not updated.
  • MSPSDP-7656 : Number format exception while getting ports of a switch in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7663 : Quickbooks integration not working after upgrading to 8307

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8307?


  • MSPSDP-4261: Ability to add Requester and Technicians with First Name, Middle Name and Last Name and notification mails can be customized for requesters using this field.
  • MSPSDP-6358: Option to reverse the order of request history from ticket details page.
  • MSPSDP-7340: Requesters can 'cc' (Notify users) others while replying from a ticket through webportal.
  • MSPSDP-7516: API for Work log additional fields

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6932: Projects -> Milestones notification is not working.
  • MSPSDP-7084: Account and Site list view alignment issue is fixed.
  • MSPSDP-7120: Unable to delete support group in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7126: String changed to 'Select Owner' in assigning owner in Project -> Tasks
  • MSPSDP-7145: Pie chart reports is not working in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7252: Unable to send notification mail regarding notes addition in certain cases
  • MSPSDP-7281: Unable to import workstation , if the vendor name and Account name are same.
  • MSPSDP-7319: Custom role technician with "Allow Stop Timer" option disabled can still view the Status with "Stop timer" enabled from request detailed page.
  • MSPSDP-7334: "Pick up option" is available for custom role technician with "Assigning Technicians" option in roles page is disabled
  • MSPSDP-7337: Unable to integrate with QuickBooks , if SDP MSP is running in "https" mode.
  • MSPSDP-7361: Unlike custom reports,edit and delete option is available for query reports created by other technician
  • MSPSDP-7367: Database Backup now contains notes inline images as well.
  • MSPSDP-7369: Technicians list is not loaded while creating a request with a requester who is not created in the application.
  • MSPSDP-7380: Tomcat Version is removed from the Header information
  • MSPSDP-7403: Numbers and bulletins are not shown in request detailed page
  • MSPSDP-7432: Site list is empty while giving credentials for Distributed Asset scan
  • MSPSDP-7467: Wrong time is shown for worklogs which is created in DST.
  • MSPSDP-7476: SLA escalation failed in certain cases.
  • MSPSDP-7490: Few performance related improvements
  • MSPSDP-7549: Requester's site is wrongly shown in requester's login.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8306?

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7529 : SDP-MSP to DC-MSP integration is made secure with API key based communication. Note : This is supported only with the DC-MSP build version "90109" and above.

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8305?


  • MSPSDP-7489: Ability to create reports based on WorkLog Additional Fields
  • MSPSDP-7509: Country name "cape verde" is added to the country list in the site creation page

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8304?


  • MSPSDP-2034: WorkLog Additional Fields

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8303?

Issue Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7480: If Service and incident templates are not 'merged', UI goes blank after login

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8302?


  • MSPSDP-5121: Backup technician can be assigned based on request creation time
  • MSPSDP-5280: Customizable dashboard
  • MSPSDP-7386: Create/Update/Delete support for Accounts through REST API
  • MSPSDP-7376: Performance improvements in login, request/problem/change creation and list view
  • iPhone App - Request due by time can be synced with iPhone calendar

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7289: Special characters in worklog description are replaced with HTML ampersand character codes
  • MSPSDP-7299: Editing a support group shows an error in some cases
  • MSPSDP-7302: QuickBooks integration fails in some cases when customer count crosses 150
  • MSPSDP-7304: Password is not saved on editing windows domain scan settings
  • MSPSDP-7305: Error while fetching OUs after deleting existing OUs
  • MSPSDP-7308: Requesters imported from CSV are listed under 'All Accounts'
  • MSPSDP-7314: 'Dameware' remote control tool not working
  • MSPSDP-7327: Notification for new request addition fails when more than one technician needs to be notified
  • MSPSDP-7339: Account Manager can see reports folder structure of other accounts
  • MSPSDP-7341: Description in request details view page is not aligned properly when description is large
  • MSPSDP-7347: QuickBooks Integration - some accounts are not added to QuickBooks
  • MSPSDP-7354: Application fails to start if database backup fails during upgradation
  • MSPSDP-7358: E-Mail request from a new requester is categorized under 'All Accounts' if multiple e-mail addresses are set in the 'To' field
  • MSPSDP-7374: Worklogs not exported to QuickBooks in some cases
  • MSPSDP-7391: Search icon not present on the left side list view pages when upgrading from an older build

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8301?


  • MSPSDP-6561: A technician can create requests for his associated sites[on his own name] from the web interface, API, E-mail command
  • MSPSDP-7203: If a requester is the last person to have replied to a request, the number of replies he has sent after the technician's last reply is displayed on request list view page
  • MSPSDP-7256: 'Request Type' field is now available in Standard and Professional editions
  • MSPSDP-7288: 'Vendor' can be added as a column in Asset List view
  • MSPSDP-7292: When 'IT Assets' are received from a purchase order, if the asset license count is insufficient, an alert message is displayed
  • MSPSDP-7349: Usability: Request list view column search icon will be shown on the left side of the page also

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6947: If a requester who is not already in the system sends an e-mail, notifications are not sent to the technician who is assigned the ticket
  • MSPSDP-6952: If a requester who is not already in the system sends an e-mail and the technician assigns the ticket to an account and site, a duplicate requester is created
  • MSPSDP-7048: Unable to enable 'Notify technician when a request is updated by editor' in Notification rules
  • MSPSDP-7117: Account Manager is unable to create a ticket through E-mail command for requesters in his account
  • MSPSDP-7287: Switch ports added under CMDB are counted in the license as IT Assets
  • MSPSDP-7290: Unable to login using LDAP if two users have same username but they are in different domains
  • MSPSDP-7291: Unable to take a scheduled backup in Postgres if database size is large
  • MSPSDP-7293: Performance improvement while accessing accounts page
  • MSPSDP-7294: Unable to view notes from request detailed view when notes content is large
  • MSPSDP-7296: When a new request is added to a group, the group's technicians are not notified
  • MSPSDP-7262: Unable to add Relationships in CMDB
  • MSPSDP-7312: Backup File is not deleted during scheduled backup cleanup
  • MSPSDP-7318: QuickBooks log is not displayed properly in some cases
  • MSPSDP-7333: Performance issue when request notes contains XML data

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8300?

Major Enhancements

QuickBooks integration

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP now provides out-of-the-box integration with QuickBooks:

  • Synchronize ServiceDesk Plus - MSP's Accounts and QuickBook's Customers and avoid manual entries
  • Schedule export of [Request, Problem, Change, Project] worklogs from ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to QuickBooks as invoices

Criteria based billing

Your bill, your rules. Charge for requests from an account in multiple ways:
  • Define rules for how you want to charge for requests
  • Charge differently for the same request based on your requirements
  • Setup multiple bill rules for the same account

CTI Integration

CTI support for Asterisk and Avaya
  • View caller's information before answering the call
  • View pending requests, requester details, account and site details as soon as you get a call

iPhone push notification

Send the following push notifications to iPhone app
  • A request is assigned to a technician
  • A request is sent for approval
  • A requester replies to a request
  • Notes are added to a request
  • A request sent for approval is approved/rejected

Minor Enhancements

  • MSPSDP-6970: Requests approval using the iPhone app
  • MSPSDP-7105: API Key is generated automatically for technicians who try to login through the mobile app if it is not already generated
  • MSPSDP-7138: Surveys can be enabled/disabled for individual accounts
  • MSPSDP-7140: 'On Hold Schedule' can be enabled/disabled
  • MSPSDP-7141: Domain field added on Mobile web-UI
  • MSPSDP-7192: Worklog Type can be configured for worklogs

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5363: Requester and department values displayed as garbled text in 'Russian' language
  • MSPSDP-6172: Software license page crashes partially in some scenarios for Account admin
  • MSPSDP-6538: Some dashboard charts are not displayed properly in some scenarios
  • MSPSDP-6699: Unable to download attachments with '#' symbol in the file name from Purchase Orders
  • MSPSDP-6942: Dashboard not loaded properly in 'Spanish' language
  • MSPSDP-7055: When the 'approval' link is clicked from an approval e-mail, request details are not displayed
  • MSPSDP-7056: If a custom filter is selected in Request List view page, if the technician count is 99, technicians are not retrieved
  • MSPSDP-7062: When a technician with custom role logs-in, 'Helpdesk' module is not displayed on the dashboard
  • MSPSDP-7073: Service request status mail is sent twice
  • MSPSDP-7078: 'Switch Ports' added under CMDB are counted against asset license
  • MSPSDP-7102: If 'CMDB' module is not enabled, departments under 'Default Site' cannot be added or edited
  • MSPSDP-7128: When an 'Account Manager' types a requester name, 'autosuggest' displays information of requester from other accounts
  • MSPSDP-7152: If a requester's name has more than 40 characters, he cannot be 'Changed as a Technician'.
  • MSPSDP-7155: If a support group is edited and the checkbox for 'Send notification to group technician(s) when a request in this group is updated' is checked, page crashes
  • MSPSDP-7157: When a new request/requester is allocated to an account by matching 'domain', the domain comparison needs to be case insensitive

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8211?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-7031 & 7032: Unable to add or modify worklogs for problems and changes in some cases
  • MSPSDP-7034: Scheduled backup failing in some cases after upgrade to 8210
  • MSPSDP-7035: After scheduled backup runs, application shows 'backup file not found'

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8210?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6533: Description field for 'Support Group Description' is missing if CMDB is not enabled
  • MSPSDP-6606: If pre-defined CI Types like 'account', 'people' are edited, their additional fields are not displayed
  • MSPSDP-6900: Issues in backup and restore
  • MSPSDP-6926: Requesters are created under MSP account when importing requesters through CSV for a new account
  • MSPSDP-6946: When creating a new business rule, if the 'E-mail Template' is changed, templates for existing business rules are also changed
  • MSPSDP-6948: When editing a requester, 'Cost per hour' field is not updated
  • MSPSDP-6953: When changing an MSP Requester to a technician, if 'Groups' are associated, error occurs
  • MSPSDP-6961: Custom request filters do not work with boolean criteria
  • MSPSDP-6968: Disabling Worklog start and end time auto-populate is not working in resolution page
  • MSPSDP-6974: Error editing Support groups in some cases

Enhancements Made

  • MSPSDP-2271: Capture SLA Escalation in History tab
  • MSPSDP-2510: VIP requesters:
    • Ability to mark a requester as a VIP User
    • Technicians can prioritize a request with different SLA and business rule for a VIP User
    • Reports can be generated for VIP User requests
  • MSPSDP-6949: Technician with 'View All Requests' role can see the requests dashboard

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8209?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6461: Notification is not re-sent on contract expiry even if the contract is edited
  • MSPSDP-6705: Work log description is not available in request print preview
  • MSPSDP-6732: Error when clicking on assets icon to assign asset in requests
  • MSPSDP-6781: IP Address field is made not mandatory for assets
  • MSPSDP-6811: CSV Import on a new CI type with site field fails in some cases
  • MSPSDP-6815: If an asset does not have site associated with it, error occurs when changing the asset's state
  • MSPSDP-6851: Work log count does not reflect work logs added for tasks
  • MSPSDP-6882: Mail fetching stops if a network time out occurs
  • MSPSDP-6884: Incorrect translation in Portuguese for some keys
  • MSPSDP-6888: Request gets reopened in some rare cases
  • MSPSDP-6891: Incorrect calendar displayed in some cases due to daylight saving time
  • MSPSDP-6892: Backup/Restore fails in some cases with long descriptions
  • MSPSDP-6894: Upgrade does not start in Linux 64 bit in some scenarios
  • MSPSDP-6895: Resolution escalation mail not triggered properly in certain cases
  • MSPSDP-6897: Unable to apply the upgrade for Turkish Locale users
  • MSPSDP-6902: Scheduled report shows tickets from other accounts in some scenarios
Enhancements made
  • MSPSDP-6673 & MSPSDP-6842: Support for LDAP authentication in iOS and Android apps
  • MSPSDP-6782: Send notification to a group when a request is updated
  • MSPSDP-6848: If account based URL is not used, option to show only MSP's domains

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8208?

IT360 Integration

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8207?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5310: Average values are not displayed as exact float values in Reports
  • MSPSDP-6650: Work log total cost does not reflect for few technicians in worklog and bill generated
  • MSPSDP-6701: Warning message shown wrongly when request closing rule is executed
  • MSPSDP-6727: Save and AddNew WorkLog not working
  • MSPSDP-6728: Enabling Notification rule for a single Account is reflecting for AllAccounts in Professional Edition
  • MSPSDP-6730: If all the worklog(s) in a request is Non-Billable, then the bill can not be generated due to an exception
  • MSPSDP-6761: Technicians are not populated automatically when adding worklogs
  • MSPSDP-6773: In Chrome, Notes are missing in request detailed view

Enhancements made

  • Account Manager:
    • Able to view all requests,problems,changes and assets created in his account
    • Option to shedule or run reports
  • Option to create custom filter for viewing requests
  • MSPSDP-2980: Worklog description field size increased
  • MSPSDP-5142: MSP address and Account address are included in the billing report
  • MSPSDP-6768: Option to disable auto-fill of start time and end time when adding worklogs
  • MSPSDP-6476: WorkLog Additional cost: Option to pre-register WorkLog Additional cost items that can be used in Billing enabled Request's WorkLog Additional cost
  • MSPSDP-6812: Option to schedule a status change from on-hold to in-progress through on-hold schedule

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8206?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6644: SLA escalation flag is not set if 'Escalate Before' is configured
  • MSPSDP-6658: Merging of requests does not work in 8205
  • MSPSDP-6677: Email fetching stops in certain cases
  • MSPSDP-6696: Applying service pack fails on some Linux machines

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-6647: Technician can obtain a 'sign off' from a requester using the iPhone App
  • MSPSDP-6653: Start Time and End Time will be auto-filled when adding worklogs

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8205?

Issues Fixed

  • Upgrade to 8204 failed in certain cases

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8204?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-3459: Ability to share an MSP domain with other accounts
  • Notifications displayed to a technician on the web application UI for:
    • Request assigned to technician
    • Requester replies to a ticket assigned to technician
    • Request submitted to technician for approval
    • Task assigned to technician
    • Notes added to a request assigned to technician
    • A request sent for approval by a technician is approved/rejected

Third-party integration

  • The above notification events can trigger third-party scripts/java code

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8203?

Enhancements made

  • MSPSDP-4560: Customizable Mail Sender name for each account
  • MSPSDP-6548: Ability to customize Reply Templates
  • MSPSDP-6556: Account Additional Fields in Standard/Professional editions
  • MSPSDP-6576: Ability to view table schema dynamically

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6541: All Account's tasks are shown in MSP Preventive Maintenance tasks' list view
  • MSPSDP-6543: Total Time Taken shown in Work Log List view is incorrect
  • MSPSDP-6544: Unable to Zero out technician charges while adding a Work Log
  • MSPSDP-6553: Users are imported without site from Active Directory in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-6558: MSP Requester with 'Project Admin' role unable to add a project
  • MSPSDP-6559: Unable to send email from the application in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-6560: Unable to login through iPhoneApp when any of the Account's name has single quote
  • MSPSDP-6574: Table Schema not updated for Project and Task modules
  • MSPSDP-6577: Unable to view request's resolution in certain scenarios

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8202?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6215: Unable to create account through Servlet API
  • MSPSDP-6266: Certain aggregate functions in query reports do not work in postgres DB
  • MSPSDP-6489: Service categories are not sorted in new request form
  • MSPSDP-6517: Cannot add attachments while creating an account
  • MSPSDP-6521: While importing requests through XLS, completed date is always imported as current time
  • MSPSDP-6527: Sender name is sent wrongly in notification emails
  • MSPSDP-6532: Users are unable to login using 'Local Authentication' when 'AD Authentication' is enabled
  • MSPSDP-6535: Assign technician pop up does not close after assigning a tech in request detailed view
  • MSPSDP-6537: Technicians are unable to login from iPhone app using 'Local Authentication'

What's new in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP build 8201?

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-6519: Unable to add / edit purchase orders in some cases after upgrading from 8106
  • MSPSDP-6524: Upgrade from 8106 fails in some cases when database is installed on an external server

Features in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP 8.2 (8200)

Project Management

You can now manage your Projects with ServiceDesk Plus - MSP. With Project Management you can:

  • Configure and manage Projects for individual Accounts
  • Create Milestones and track the progress of a Project
  • Create tasks and track the time spent on tasks involved in a Project
  • Configure custom colours for Project status

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB provides a complete view of the business critical CIs, their relationships with other CIs and the business impact caused due to malfunction of a CI.

  • Define various Configuration Item Types (CI Types) and Relationship Types
  • Create Parent - Child hierarchy for CI Types
  • Define attributes and relationships for each CI Type. The Child CI Type will inherit the attributes and relationships configured for the Parent CI Type
  • Configure Relationships between the CIs. The relationships can have relationship attributes
  • Account is now a CI Type. Add relationships between an Account and its dependencies
  • Visualization map providing a detailed view of the CI relationships which will help in identifying the dependencies and impact of CIs before performing any changes or in case of any problems
  • View the pending requests, problems and changes raised for Assets, Business Service or IT Service from the relationship map
  • Localize or Modify the names of default CI Types, Product Types and CI Relationship Types

UI Enhancements

  • Account based themes: Configure different top header background, tab color, LHS and RHS section headers and their font colors for individual accounts
  • Floating actions bar: Actions bar stays at the top of the page. So, you need not scroll-up to perform any actions

Service Catalog Enhancements

  • Multi-level approval stages for service requests
  • Support for request approvers to be shown with approval information of other service request approvers
  • Option to display Approvals tab (in the Requests module) for Requesters
  • The 'Agreed upon time' (SLA) for a service request would be displayed to the requesters before creating the Service Request
  • Ability to select a requester to edit and fill-in the required information for a service request

REST API Enhancements

  • Request:
    • Assign Request
    • Pickup Request
    • Reply Request
    • GET Requests
    • GET Notification
    • GET Notifications
    • GET Conversation
    • GET All Conversations
    • Add Attachment
    • Add, Edit and Get Resolution
  • Sites:
    • GET All Sites
  • Technician:
    • GET All Technicians
  • Admin:
    • GET and GET All operations for various configurations viz. - Status, Level, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Category, Subcategory, Item, Request template.


  • Support to translate the display text from the application client

Requests Enhancements

  • Import Incident Requests from XLS
  • Convert Incident Request to Service Request
  • Ability to mark first response while adding a work log
  • Earlier when a request is assigned or pickedup by two or more technicians at the same time, the latest technician would be saved. Now, in such cases, a dialog box indicating the conflict requests would be displayed based on which the technician can decide whether to assign/pickup or cancel the operation
  • Requests created through emails and conversation will now show the To and CC fields in the request details page
  • Resolved time of a request will set when request is moved to resolved status. Timespent will be calculated when a request is moved to resolved or closed status
  • Support to add inline images or paste images from Clipboard while replying / forwarding to a request
  • Support to show the request link information in the request list view itself
  • Inclusion of Group and Technician in the Archived Requests exclusion criteria
  • Ability to associate the change due to which a request was created from the Request details page
  • Option to add attachments from the Actions menu in the requests details page
  • Inclusion of a new field to track the last updated time of the request. This field will be set when a request is updated, or when a note is added to the request, or when a reply sent by the technician
  • Support to search requests based on service request common additional fields

Assets Enhancement

  • Asset Depreciation
    • Calculate the depreciation of assets and components
    • Provide four methods viz. declining balance, double declining balance, straight line and Sum of the Years digits - to calculate asset depreciation
  • Ability to perform remote control using other tools like Windows Remote Desktop, VNC, Team Planner, DameWare etc.,
  • Ability to scan the VM Host machines and also determines the VMs running on the host
  • While scanning MS SQL server software from the machine, the edition of the software is also fetched
  • Support for sending notification to user(s) upon installation of prohibited software
  • Support to enable or disable the Scan option (permission to scan workstations from the workstation details page) while creating/editing a role
  • Date fields in all the Asset forms can be edited manually without choosing the calendar
  • Option provided for additional comments while changing the state of assets or assigning it to a user/department
  • Scan script for Mac machines
  • RAM frequency in Windows OS is fetched during workstation scan
  • Users configured in a workstation will be fetched and listed in 'System' tab of workstation details page

DC Integration Enhancements

  • Execute scripts from ServiceDesk Plus - MSP to ManageEngine Desktop Central
  • Mobile devices information scanned in ManageEngine Desktop Central can be accessed from ServiceDesk Plus - MSP web client
  • Technicians can initiate chat session to Requester through Chat feature available in ManageEngine Desktop Central (DC version 80238 and above). Also, the chat conversation can be added as note or as resolution or can be created as a new ticket
  • Mobile Devices (IPhone and IPad) once scanned through ManageEngine DesktopCentral can be pushed to ServiceDesk Plus - MSP and these devices would be added as assets in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP under product types - Smart Phone and Tablet

Tasks enhancements

  • Task count will be shown in Request list view and Request count will be shown in Task list view
  • In Request list view, ability to view whether a Request has tasks and details of tasks for the Request
  • In Request list view a new filter 'My Pending Requests or Tasks' has been added. This will list Requests that are pending for the technician or Requests with in which task is pending for the technician
  • Technician role scoping will be applied when viewing Tasks from Home section. If the technician has restricted role (Site restriction, Group restriction, Assigned to self), then Tasks allowed for the technician role alone will be shown in Home Tasks section
  • Separate Tab introduced for Task notification in 'Admin > Notification Rules' and some new task notifications were included
  • Introduced 'Task Types' under Admin > HelpDesk. Task Types can be configured along with color code
  • Ability to include the 'Associated Entity Id', 'Associated Entity Owner', 'Associated Entity Title, 'Associated Entity Link' & 'Associated Entity Module' in Task Notifications template
  • MSPSDP - 5279: Work logs can be added for Tasks
  • Ability to generate reports for 'Tasks'
  • Task's History will be shown in task details page

Roles Enhancements

  • Technicians can be restricted to edit 'Closed' tickets by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Editing Closed Requests' in the roles section
  • Technicians can be restricted to delete notes by assigning them a new restriction permission 'Edit / Delete own notes' in the roles section
  • Non-Admin technicians can also create query report by enabling fine grained authorization check "Create Query Report" while adding or editing a role

Other Enhancements

  • Self-Service Portal Settings:
    • Option to combine and display the Incident Templates and Service Request Templates under Request Catalog in Self-Service Portal
    • MSPSDP-3388: Option to disable the default request template for requesters
    • Option to include a static HTML file in the Self-Service Portal
    • Option to configure 'Number of retries' and 'Lock for' time period when users enter incorrect password
  • Import contracts from XLS
  • Apart from selecting technicians for contract expiry notification, you can also configure E-mail IDs to be notified before the contract expires
  • Option to send multiple expiry notifications for a contract
  • Multi level approval support in Purchase Order
  • Option to add attachments for Purchase Orders without editing the PO
  • Service tags can be imported while receiving workstations/servers in Purchase Order
  • Change technicians to requesters
  • Support to paste images from Clipboard to the Rich text area
  • In scheduled backup configuration section, an option is included to configure deleting scheduled backup data
  • File attachments can now be stored in other drives in the server machine instead of the default path. The path can be configured in "Admin -> Self Service Portal Settings -> Path for attachments"
  • Option to copy the Service Templates is available. Which helps technicians to create new Service Templates quickly from the existing templates
  • Product,Product Type, Serial Number and Site info will be shown on list view in 'Select Assets' popup while assigning assets to incident Support to paste images from Clipboard to the Rich text area
  • Option to import selected users from the Active Directory based on login name of the user
  • Feature to show Incident / Service Request templates for technician, based on the support groups associated to the templates and technicians.If no support group is associated to templates, then it will be shown to all the technicians
  • Leave Types can be denoted with the help of color codes
  • Support to access Self-Service Portal (for requesters) from Mobile Client
  • Support to access application from iPad browser client
  • Right to left support rendered in the browser for languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and so on
  • MSPSDP-5039: Ability to configure 'Account' as a criteria while creating custom views for request list view
  • MSPSDP-5883: Ability to hide the 'Contract Usage' icon from the new incident form

Issues Fixed

  • MSPSDP-5089: Non-Admin technician cannot view Archived Requests list view
  • MSPSDP-5802: Cannot navigate to more than 25 records in Preventive Maintenance Tasks list view
  • MSPSDP-5864: UI is broken when certain Request links are clicked from Dashboard
  • MSPSDP-6099: Removing the SLA from a service template also removes the Accounts associated with the service
  • MSPSDP-6247: In professional edition, service categories are not listed once account is selected
  • MSPSDP-6250: Service Catalog 'Quick links' on the header does not show any data in certain scenarios
  • MSPSDP-6291: While creating a new incident, associated Group of the template gets reset after choosing a requester name
  • MSPSDP-6461: If a notification is sent for an asset contract, even if the contract is edited again to send the notification, notification is not sent