ServiceDesk Plus MSP 9.4 ReadMe

What's new in 9422?

(Released on: 19 August 2019)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-8577: Worklog start time auto populates even after disabling the respective option in self service portal settings for the contract billing associated worklog is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13000: Problem with Survey Message HTML Editor is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13293: Default software reports are not working in the following languages Spanish, French, German, Dutch is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13351: Unable to create new dashboard in both standard and professional edition's is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13442: Upgrade fails, since view all solution role persist to SDGuest is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13445: Requester is not populated while creating a change when the same requester is associated in the template configuration.
  • SDPMSP-13446: Performance logs are taken frequently irrespective of time is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13448: Sites are shown wrongly in account manager login.
  • SDPMSP-13455: While creating a PM Task, Category drop down is empty if All Account is selected in account combo and Requester is selected.
  • SDPMSP-13458: Restoring PGSQL to MSSQL instance is not working or Unable to edit the account from account list view page.
  • SDPMSP-13464: Mail fetching gets stopped in certain cases is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13470: Error throws when the same report is used for custom schedules after scheduling it or exporting it.(under scheduled reports).

Behavior changes :

  • SDPMSP-13452: Differential hours will be shown while adding a worklog, irrespective of the Operational hours option set in the respective ticket's SLA.
    You can override the behavior from Self Portal settings - Show sections of differential hours in worklog based on SLA?

What's new in 9421?

(Released on: 12 July 2019)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-13115: When a report contains Non-English characters, the report sent out has encoding content in it.
  • SDPMSP-13341: Unable to save change when a change manager or category is set mandatory in change template.This is fixed
  • SDPMSP-13402: Directory traversal vulnerability is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-13404: Post upgrade to recent builds, the HTTPS mode is restored to default HTTP mode under security settings page.

What's new in 9420?

(Released on: 04 July 2019)

New Enhancements :

Billing Enhancements :

  • SDPMSP-7019: User can round off the worklog timespent values before bill generation.
  • SDPMSP-11707: Ability to show subject of the ticket in the generated Bill.
  • SDPMSP-12723: Option to configure 'Pay Before' date setting through UI.
  • SDPMSP-13006: Ability to delete existing Service Plans.
  • SDPMSP-13074: Ability to create custom filters in Contract Billing page.
  • SDPMSP-13075: Ability to add Description and configure date format for Billing Contract.
  • SDPMSP-13076: Ability to add technicians to be notified for billing mail and contract expiry notification.
  • SDPMSP-13077: Ability to Terminate Billing Contract Instantly.
  • SDPMSP-13175: Ability to copy Service Plan.
  • SDPMSP-13205: Ability to show Service Plan details in Contract Details Page.

Admin Operations :

  • SDPMSP-13082: Ability to generate query and custom report based on loggedIn user using '$LoggedInUser' template variable.
  • SDPMSP-13151: Ability to add Account and site in business rule criteria.
  • SDPMSP-13152: Option to configure selective Attachments of an Account to be visible to all Technicians for that Account.
  • SDPMSP-13176: Ability to show account details to all technicians.

Integration Enhancements :

  • SDPMSP-12013: Ability to bill push worklogs to ZOHO Books/ZOHO Invoice/QuickBooks Online/Xero when a Request is 'Closed'.
  • SDPMSP-12932: Desktop Central MSP (DC MSP) Dashboards can now be viewed from SDP MSP Dashboard page itself.

Customization :

  • SDPMSP-12766: Option to show user's account logo in the header.

Mobile App Enhancement :

  • SDPMSP-12944: When a ticket is viewed through iOS app browser, you will have an option to open in iOS app instead.

API Enhancement :

  • SDPMSP-12953: CMDB Servlet API - Assign Asset Ownership with user's Login Name and Domain Name to identify the owner.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-12740: Unable to save notification rules in some scenarios.
  • SDPMSP-12862: Technician calendar page is taking more time to load, when the usersitemaping table has more entries.
  • SDPMSP-12968: Unable to translate "Associate to all Accounts" text from translation page.
  • SDPMSP-12986: AccountManger role is not getting dissociated when a MSP requester is converted to technician.
  • SDPMSP-13005: Mobile app - Tickets are not listed when a custom view filter contains "$LOGGEDINTECH" value in the technician field.
  • SDPMSP-13048: Performance Issue in CMDB All CI View, when the inactive support groups are more than 2500.
  • SDPMSP-13058: Account Additional fields are not shown in correct order in account details page as set in Admin->Configuration items->Account.
  • SDPMSP-13169: History is not captured when the trigger is executed for the request is created through mail.
  • SDPMSP-13206: Unable to delete a Shared domin under admin -> Windows domain scan.
  • SDPMSP-13270: Unable to import users from AD when domain name is same as its account id.
  • SDPMSP-13278: Reporting to field is not updated when updated through API.
  • SDPMSP-13280: Exception is thrown on editing and executing the default reports.
  • SDPMSP-13299: The Non contract Account's Reports does not generate any data if 'Contract name' & 'Billing status' parameters are included in the display columns.
  • SDPMSP-13359: Support address in report's error page should be updated.
  • SDPMSP-13398: Zoho creator app is missing under ME integrations.This is fixed.

What's new in 9419?

(Released on: 19 June 2019)

New Features :

  • SDPMSP-13194 : EWS Support -Use Exchange Web Services to connect to an exchange server for mail fetching.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-13301 : Insecure Direct Object Reference vulnerability (CVE-ID-2019-8394) in File Upload sections of the application.
  • SDPMSP-13336 : Preventive Maintenance - Periodic schedule is not working in certain upgraded instance. This is fixed.

Behaviour changes :

  • SDPMSP-13229 : In the Incident templates creation, Earlier Group will be populated based on the technician selected in the technician drop down.Henceforth, technician's groups will only be shown , when particular account and site is selected and it wont be shown if we select all accounts.
  • If authentication is disabled in the outgoing mail server, do not enable it under Outgoing Mail Server settings. Otherwise, outgoing emails will be stopped.

What's new in 9418?

(Released on: 28 May 2019)

New Features :

Admin :

  • SDPMSP-12939: Translation support for Greek,Lithuanian, Georgian & Thai.
  • SDPMSP-13179: Archive requests by using the Any Completed Status criteria under Admin>>General Settings>>Data Archiving.
  • SDPMSP-13181: User import from Active Directory can now fetch Employee ID and 'Large Integer' type field accountExpires.
  • SDPMSP-13183: Under Sites, use the Inactive Sites filter to list the sites that are deleted, but used in the product.
  • SDPMSP-13241: New field types such as Radio and Checkbox are available for incident additional fields.
  • SDPMSP-13242: Support for Bulgarian language in ServiceDesk Plus-MSP.
  • SDPMSP-13246: Support for new language - Macedonia.

Request Templates Enhancements :

  • SDPMSP-12910: In service templates, ability to mark cost of individual resources along with the base service cost so that requesters get to know the over all service cost, and approvers can take action based on the cost involved.
  • SDPMSP-13170: In request templates, add sections, search existing fields, preview the template, and provide help content for individual fields and for the template. In addition, you can bulk add pick list values and reorder them.
  • SDPMSP-13178: You can now change the template of a service request. The new template can be from the same or different service category.
  • SDPMSP-13184: Field and form rules inclusion for each incident template will be indicated by an icon in the list view.

Billing :

  • SDPMSP-13119: Ability to edit contract applied worklogs till it is paid.

Asset Management :

  • SDPMSP-12668: The Asset Loan feature enables you to mark loanable assets; track asset loaning, return, extension, and expiry; and configure asset loaning notifications.
  • SDPMSP-13245: Option to disable automatic delta scan. Admin >> Discovery >> Scan Settings.

Change Management :

  • SDPMSP-12671: In change workflow, configure auto-approval for changes recommended by all CAB members.
  • SDPMSP-12901: SDAdmin can now mandate change roles in templates, and users can assign change roles while creating the change request.
  • SDPMSP-13180: Share a Change Request with all technicians by selecting $AllTechnicians for SharedRole, or select specific technicians for the role.
  • SDPMSP-13185: Files attached to a change in the Submission and Planning stages will be added to CAB recommendation email notifications.
  • SDPMSP-13186: Change roles to be notified for a given status is made specific to a change workflow. The Notify To field in a change status can be edited only within a change workflow.
  • SDPMSP-13187: User emails and system notifications will be listed under Conversations inside a change. You can also reply to and forward notifications.

Solutions :

  • SDPMSP-8237 / 10300: Solution Auto Suggest for Technicians: Suggesting solutions for requests based on the keywords found in the requests. This allows the Technicians to try different solutions from the suggestions, copy them as resolutions if applicable, or add comments to the solutions that didn't work while keeping track of the tried solutions.

Customization :

  • SDPMSP-12550: The application login page gets a UI revamp. Post upgrade, default login page will be displayed. Under the self-service portal settings, customize the page by editing the HTML. You can also revert to the previous login page by inserting the corresponding CSS script.
  • SDPMSP-12854: Customize the Report an Incident widget in the requester home page by editing the HTML. Search option for templates is now available inside the same widget, making it easy and simple for users to raise requests and to report incidents.

Security Enhancements :

  • SDPMSP-13182: Configure a password, for both login and non-login users, to ensure secure access to files, such as exported reports, scheduled reports, and exported request list generated from within the application. Enable File Protection Password under Admin >> Privacy Settings.
  • SDPMSP-13188: Install the SSL certificate from the UI under Admin >> General Settings >> Import SSL. However, SSL certificate trusted by an internal certificate authority cannot be imported from the UI.


  • SDPMSP-13083: Rest API Documentation tool for SDPMSP.


  • SDPMSP-12596: ADManager Plus integration, with a revamped UI, now offers the following additional user management actions through Active Directory :
    1. Add to Group.
    2. Modify Department.
    3. Modify Manager.
    4. Remove Folder Permissions.
    5. Remove from Group.
    6. Set Folder Permissions.
  • Note: Configure from the application UI the fields to be displayed in the User Creation form. Map individual user domains with specific templates through which select fields must be modified in the Active Directory. ADManager Plus version must be 6640 or above for the enhancements.

Advance Analytics Integration Enhancements : (Supported only in ZOHO reports - Cloud version)

  • SDPMSP-13243: Advanced analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus-MSP now supports two new modules - Projects and Solutions.

Project management analytics

  • Track progress of all your projects simultaneously from a single console. These reports help you identify bottlenecks and closely monitor project activities using Burn-down and Burn-up charts.

Analytics on Solutions/Knowledge-base

  • Keep your knowledge-base articles up-to-date by analyzing the usage patterns and measuring the relevance of your self-service solutions.

Analytics on Request transition history

  • Analyze the transition history of a request such as,
    • The number of times each request was re-assigned to a different technician.
    • The amount of time a request was put in an on-hold state.
    • The number of support groups that have worked on each request.

Behaviour Changes :

Case : 1

Bulk association of sites in request will work only under the following cases:

  • * If the requester of a ticket is an actual end user (not technician), then the new site will be associated if that site belongs to the requester’s account.
  • * If the requester of a ticket is a technician, then the new site will be associated if the current technician(Logged-in tech) has permission for that site and also if the site belongs to the technician’s account or if the site is a MSP Organization Site.
  • * When bulk editing the request, the site value will be populated based on the logged-in technician’s site, request account change operation will be carried out only if the selected site is associated to the Work order's requester(Requester/Technician).

Other behaviour changes :

  • Earlier, while creating a request/ticket, the client machine's host name was stored in the request's history. Henceforth, only the client machine's IP address will be stored since the property 'enabledLookups' will be set to 'false' in 'server.xml' file by default. You can revert to the old behaviour by setting the property 'enabledLookups' to 'true' in the 'server.xml' file.

    Note: This requires a restart and might result in performance problems since resolving the client host name depends on a call to the DNS server.

  • Change workflow will be displayed only in Single view and not in Tab view anymore.
  • The application will function on free license after the acquired license expiry.
  • Duplicate additional fields will be automatically removed from the request template forms. To view the changes, go to the System Log Viewer.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-10472: Custom triggers are not executed on requests that are generated from preventive maintenance tasks.
  • SDPMSP-10730: Screen Flickers or Jumps when using the product.
  • SDPMSP-11021: Mail fetching is stopped while receiving a push notification.
  • SDPMSP-11037: Reply window does not get closed after sending reply mail if Request tab is closed.
  • SDPMSP-11083: In the Change planning tab, user information disappears when the page is refreshed or when the tab is toggled, after adding impact, rollout, backout plan, checklist, or downtime.
  • SDPMSP-11624: No proper authentication error message is shown for incorrect non-login URLs.
  • SDPMSP-11690: Unable to import users from AD if all the required OUs are selected.(greater than 60000).
  • SDPMSP-11732: Default font in the application is changed after upgrading to 9404.
  • SDPMSP-11886: Security response headers are missing in the login form.
  • SDPMSP-11946: Admin: Tasks list view in Incident/Service Catalog templates couldn't be sorted based on Task Order.
  • SDPMSP-12095: Technician unable to receive chat requests if the technician is enabled for one chat group and excluded from other groups.
  • SDPMSP-12125: Link in the locked account email does not work to the selected admin.
  • SDPMSP-12743: Default report : "Time spent by technician on projects" is not working in MSSQL.
  • SDPMSP-12752: Worklog navigation is not working in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12949: Out Of Memory error occurs during the backup of directories with large number of files. If you adjust the memory size and complete the backup, Restore will still not be possible.
  • SDPMSP-12973: Service catalog - Workflow, Any Approver can approve a request,provided the others do not reject option is missing in MSP
  • SDPMSP-13012: Unable to translate request list view columns in non-English languages.
  • SDPMSP-13041: Issue with FAFR config when condition is 'is empty' or 'is not empty'.
  • SDPMSP-13042: Unable to delete an existing item and add new from PO edit page.
  • SDPMSP-13086: Scheduled custom reports does not display any data on accessing the report.
  • SDPMSP-13106: Associated asset disappears in the request creation page.
  • SDPMSP-13107: Notifications sent to Account(Other than MSP) users should be sent from corresponding Account's support mail address and not Msp Oganization's email address.
  • SDPMSP-13131: ADMP Integration is not working in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-13136: Help card text maintains even when i add some text in status change comment box.
  • SDPMSP-13141: Unable to start MSP SDP product as service if a SDP product is already running as service.
  • SDPMSP-13150: All Service categories are listed for the first time in incident templates in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-13154: Site drop down shows the sites details as Site, Account instead of Account, Site.
  • SDPMSP-13165: When a solution is created and sent for approval to SDAdmin, Admin is unable to view the solution and approve.
  • SDPMSP-13222: API "Put" operation is not working in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-13251: Holiday is marked for subsequent month even if we configured for the current month.
  • SDPMSP-13262: Request - Email parsing not working for requester when asset is given as a field to set.
  • SDPMSP-13265: Fixed Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in solution module.

What's new in 9417?

(Released on: 11 Apr 2019)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-13117 : Privilege escalation vulnerability.

What's new in 9416?

(Released on: 20 Mar 2019)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-8512 : Survey Reports show data across accounts.
  • SDPMSP-8759 : SDAccountAdmin is unable to view the "Survey Reports" folder.
  • SDPMSP-9108 : Wrong report is sent to users when many reports are scheduled at same time.
  • SDPMSP-11171 : Tickets are created under wrong site , when an end user in a site sends email to a group which is in an another site.
  • SDPMSP-11401 : Unable to import users via AD Sync when large number of OUs is present.
  • SDPMSP-11575 : Post 9400 upgrade, reindex.bat is not working.
  • SDPMSP-12585 : Unable to split request if the parent request's technician is not associated to the parent request's site.
  • SDPMSP-12771 : Fetch sites is not working in Distributed Asset Scan in Remote Agent -> Central server settings page.
  • SDPMSP-12845 : Unable to delete an account when there are License Agreements associated to a software.
  • SDPMSP-12856 : Phishing Vulnerability in Login page.
  • SDPMSP-12861 : SDAdmin technician should not be allowed to edit the roles associated to himself.
  • SDPMSP-12892 : Default template is shown twice in the request edit page.
  • SDPMSP-12909 : Home Tasks- Technician list are not account based.
  • SDPMSP-12945 : FAFR is not copied properly while copying a service catalog template.
  • SDPMSP-12951 : Unwanted HTML tags are present in the requester and technician details page reporting to field.
  • SDPMSP-12974 : Performance issue fixed in Notification Rules page.
  • SDPMSP-12990 : My tasks shows the count of all tasks instead of the assigned task.
  • SDPMSP-13014 : Unable to start the server after restoring backup.
  • SDPMSP-13017&13018 : Mobile push notifications are not working.
  • SDPMSP-13021 : When an user doesn't have any department value, LDAP import is not working properly.
  • SDPMSP-13022 : New incident page - Requester search is not working when we search with middle or last name.

Behavior changed:

Bulk association of sites in request will work only under the following cases:

  • If the requester of a ticket is an actual end user (not technician), then the new site will be associated if that site belongs to the requester’s account.
  • * If the requester of a ticket is a technician, then the new site will be associated if the current technician(Logged-in tech) has permission for that site and also if the site belongs to the technician’s account or if the site is a MSP Organization Site.
  • * When bulk editing the request, the site value will be populated based on the logged-in technician’s site, request account change operation will be carried out only if the selected site is associated to the Work order's requester(Requester/Technician).

What's new in 9415?

(Released on: 01 Mar 2019)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-12960 : Unable to edit request in certain cases.

Behaviour Changed :

  • Requests cannot be moved to different accounts using bulk edit.

What's new in 9414?

(Released on: 25 Feb 2019)

New Features :

Accounts Tab :

  • Ability to add Tasks from the Accounts page.

Billing :

  • Option to deduct allowance only from operational hours when diff charges are configured.

Worklog :

  • Billable/non-billable worklogs in all modules.
  • Work log billable/non-billable property to be synchronized with Zoho Reports & Analytics Plus.
  • Behaviour of Work Logs along with Request's billable changed after bringing in Billable/Non-Billable property for Work Log.
  • Is billable field is available under Time spent reports.
  • Support for Billable and Work Log Type attributes in v3 API.
  • Worklog type is added as a column in the Worklog type list view.

Change Management :

  • Account based change template.
  • Ability to associate multiple projects to change and vice versa.
  • Ability to associate MSP problem to change.

Enhanced Survey - Some of the enhancements include, Option to :

  • Configure Account based Survey Templates.
  • Configure different survey templates for different types of requests.
  • Send ad hoc surveys; the survey need not be associated to a request.
  • Send surveys periodically; in predefined intervals, such as once after 2 weeks or 4 months.
  • Configure different answers for different questions. Find these features at Admin >> User Survey.

Projects :

  • Get projects related to key information displayed in the dashboards page. Include project related widgets to display key information on the dashboard page.
  • Additional fields for Projects: Capture different types of alphanumeric information about your projects by adding different types of fields.

Service Catalog :

  • Ability to configure default service workflow for all accounts during template creation.

Integration :

  • Password Manager Pro Integration.
  • Site24x7 integration with SDPMSP.

Behaviour Changes :

  • Billed/Jobsheet confirmed Work Orders of Charge Per Incident type shouldn't be marked as billable/non-billable.
  • SDPMSP-12543: Option to allow Change Owner to globally edit Changes using queries.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-10669: Prompt for Request closure code(Resolved status) is not appearing in Inline edit and global edit.
  • SDPMSP-11913: Unable to open SLA Violated requests from Dashboard from the widgets - Request received in Last 20 days and Request Closed in last 20 days.
  • SDPMSP-11958: Iphone app crashes when we click on Date field provided the iPhone has 24hr date format set in its settings.
  • SDPMSP-12002: Dashboard reports are not displayed for Stacked Bar Chart 2D/3D.
  • SDPMSP-12004: Request: Unable to associate a Project to a Request when a Change is associated to that Project.
  • SDPMSP-12021: Request - History tab goes blank after the instance is upgraded from 8106 to recent versions.
  • SDPMSP-12128: When an email signature contains images, then there is an unwanted attachment is present in the respective e-mail notifications.
  • SDPMSP-12142: In certain cases , Incorrect data is exported while we export the report in different formats.
  • SDPMSP-12240: In Custom Schedules, the help card is not loaded when the product language is different.
  • SDPMSP-12278: Cross-site Scripting related fixes in Project filter.
  • SDPMSP-12451: Encoding error at chat applet is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12539: In the request history, Before Modification and After Modification sections with regards to Description changes are not displayed.
  • SDPMSP-12591: In Change template , saved users in Change roles (of all user type) are not displayed.
  • SDPMSP-12597: Unable to edit and save requesters when the purchase approver check box is enabled.
  • SDPMSP-12600: Notifications send to MSP users (msp requesters and technicians) should be sent from MSP Oganization support mail address and not MSP Mail server's email address.
  • SDPMSP-12606: In Work log form 'Is non-billable?' field is changed as 'Is Billable?'.
  • SDPMSP-12644: Unable to change asset state of the assets.
  • SDPMSP-12676: Unable to take backup due to the Dynamic Table issue is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12719: On updating an asset without asset, state exception is thrown in the UI.
  • SDPMSP-12722: LDAP configuration page is blank for Account Admin role technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12725: Incorrect Notification is sent in projects with no change associated to it.
  • SDPMSP-12844: Unable to delete account for which billing contract was configured.
  • SDPMSP-12863: Technician ID is shown instead of Technician's name in Request History after upgrading to 9413.
  • SDPMSP-12872: Popular solution search in requester login for non English language settings throws authentication error.
  • SDPMSP-12898: When account name contains ' symbol in Account name then on editing the account all the fields are shown as an empty field.
  • SDPMSP-12922: Performance issue in request details page.

What's new in 9413?

(Released on: 10 Jan 2019)


  • SDPMSP-12672: HTML Edit feature in Message section of Reply Template.

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-11628: When editing a request and the request's account is disassociated from the request's template then the Request Page crashes.
  • SDPMSP-11775: Request Resolution : Auto suggest does not show correct set of solution.
  • SDPMSP-11902: Upgrade Failure from 9403 to 9405 due to mismatch of data in BillHistory table and resigned users table.
  • SDPMSP-11929: During Bill Generation , additional cost items are shown twice.
  • SDPMSP-12021: History tab is not loaded post upgraded from 8106.
  • SDPMSP-12028: Worklog type duplicates when renaming inventory item in xero.
  • SDPMSP-12055: Organization id becomes null when an user tried to regenerate the authtoken in ZOHO Books integration.
  • SDPMSP-12067: Search Field options of Task combined view in Request page is not Account based.
  • SDPMSP-12071: Requester history page throws error in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12132: Unable to associate multiple Assets to a Request through API.
  • SDPMSP-12182: No Custom Menus are listed under Actions in Request Details view and also under Request Custom Menu settings in Admin tab.
  • SDPMSP-12255: SDP Logo is shown while using mobile browser.
  • SDPMSP-12268: Autocomplete for password fields across the product is disabled.
  • SDPMSP-12269: Information disclosure vulnerability present in home page.
  • SDPMSP-12270: Information disclosure vulnerability in Contact Support section under Help.
  • SDPMSP-12271: Cross site scripting vulnerabilities in Language section of the Personalization menu.
  • SDPMSP-12369: Windows Agent Configuration -> Updated Server Port & Ip address is not reflected in agent installation.
  • SDPMSP-12401: Contract view is not working, when multiple technicians are associated to the contract under "notify" and one of them is deleted.
  • SDPMSP-12409: Unable to add Service additional field in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12413: Domain list on login screen is sometimes divulged.
  • SDPMSP-12419: Account Additional field of multi-line type aren't aligned properly in Account Details tab of Request Details View.
  • SDPMSP-12428: OU selection is not retained during AD Imported which is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12429: Change FAFR : user type does not contain option to exclude Change Manager, Change Owner and SDChangeManger.
  • SDPMSP-12443: Few Custom Views disappeared on Pickup action under Unassigned view in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12449: Field and Form Rules is not working on global edit.
  • SDPMSP-12512: When a request is updated, Support group technician's notification is not sent.
  • SDPMSP-12516: Technician is not listed under select approver field in Service Template in case of non msp site.
  • SDPMSP-12525: Login uri gets reset in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12530: Able to configure MSP URL for other account URL is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12532: Zoho Reports name is changed to Zoho Analytics in SDP-MSP product.
  • SDPMSP-12548: Task API - Update task wipes out existing information.
  • SDPMSP-12592: AD Import in Requester fails when there are more than 300 OU's.
  • SDPMSP-12598: In custom Trigger, Sites are not shown account based.
  • SDPMSP-12633: Custom triggers are getting applied to non selected accounts also.
  • SDPMSP-12654: All account details are shown while creating a MSP Asset.
  • SDPMSP-12662: Unable to add technicians when the associated accounts are more than 300.
  • SDPMSP-12718: Mobile App - With the credentials of a user is one domain, logs in to user of another domain.

What's new in 9412?

(Released on: 13 Dec 2018)


  • SDPMSP-11376 : Option to show only approved solutions to the technicians- Unapproved solutions will be hidden from technicians who doesn't have solution approval privilege.

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-10437 : Technician with custom role is not able to add requester through quick actions.
  • SDPMSP-11927 : History page gets crashed while viewing the "History" tab of certain assets.
  • SDPMSP-12008 : Performance issue while updating Technician details is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12124 : When a open ticket's status is changed to 'On Hold' status, the change is not captured in the History.
  • SDPMSP-12140 : My Approvals widget is not listed in the Home tab.
  • SDPMSP-12236 : Categories associated for specific accounts are not visible in Incident template category field.
  • SDPMSP-12245 : Accounts associated in a custom trigger gets reset into "All Accounts" after saving it.
  • SDPMSP-12252 : Application is not taking the automatic Backup during certain upgrade process.
  • SDPMSP-12256 : In Custom trigger, values for "Requester Name" criteria fails to load.
  • SDPMSP-12259 : Refresh token expires in short time in QuickBooks Online integration.
  • SDPMSP-12260 : When a notification link has account URI details,then the notification link is not working.
  • SDPMSP-12261 : Close option is not listed in custom trigger criteria.
  • SDPMSP-12267 : XSS vulnerabilities found in showStatusMessage.jsp.
  • SDPMSP-12272 : XSS vulnerability is found in "/selectci.json" URL.
  • SDPMSP-12288 : When solution list view is accessed through api, the number of views in solutions list view doesn't get updated.
  • SDPMSP-12296 : "Account Details" in request's details page throws error for Custom role Technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12297 : Templates which are not associated for an account is also listed on editing a request.
  • SDPMSP-12313 : Account admin is unable to scan Assets from Windows Domain Scan.
  • SDPMSP-12371 : Unable to export scanned software from the list view.
  • SDPMSP-12389 : XSS Vulnerability in the Software Metering graph of the Software Summary page.
  • SDPMSP-12390 : When a vulnerable license file gets uploaded, no proper error message is shown.
  • SDPMSP-12391 : Vulnerability: Credential information is hard coded in plain text format.
  • SDPMSP-12395 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload.
  • SDPMSP-12396 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
  • SDPMSP-12415 : Unable to create request from chat settings , missed chats.
  • SDPMSP-12572 : Translation issue in showing "MSP Holidays" in polish is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12573 : "Request type" link is not available in admin page under helpdesk customization for standard/professional license.
  • SDPMSP-12578 : Unable to add network scan.

What's new in 9411?

(Released on: 28 Nov 2018)

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-12535 : Mail Fetching is getting Stopped while request creation through email after upgrading to 9410 in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12545 : Default Billing Contract is not applied over Requests which are created through Preventive Maintenance Task.
  • SDPMSP-12547 : API structure of request details doesn't have contract status for No Contract Requests or Android app is not working post upgrade to 9410.
  • SDPMSP-12549,12551 : Upgrade to 9410 fails in certain cases where contract billing is configured.
  • SDPMSP-12553 : Upgrade to 9410 fails in certain cases where the database used is less than SQL server 2012.
  • The Apple push notification certificate is updated in this build.

What's new in 9410?

(Released on: 19 Nov 2018)


Billing Enhancements:

  • Associate multiple contracts with an account.
  • Create prepaid service plans.
  • Charge customers on a weekly basis.
  • Charge customers at the end of a contract period using the Contract Length option in service plans.
  • Send job sheet as a soft copy to the requester.
  • Contract information in the account is well positioned in the Requests Details page for better visibility.

Account Details Enhancements:

  • Configure and track account details effectively.
  • Get a consolidated list of IT Assets, Requesters, Technicians, Requests under one place.
  • Option to show/hide, Account advisory details from account details view page.

Other Enhancements:

  • Option to disable survey filling through non-login URL using query.
  • Share MSP assets to users from other accounts and track them.
  • Include account managers in Service Level Agreement escalation notifications.
  • Last Update Time of requests will get updated on any Add/Update events happening in Work logs.

Integration Enhancements

Integration with Salesforce CRM:

  • Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration with Salesforce CRM.
  • With this integration, you can Import Account and Contact information from Salesforce CRM.
  • Schedule and configure automatic imports.

CTI Enhancements

  • Incoming call (UI changes in call popup to view requester's assets, to view account requests, to add comments to request description).
  • Make outgoing calls from SDP MSP to users using Script.

Xero Enhancements

  • Push Invoice Tax type to XERO.
  • Date format is now customizable.

Integration with AD Manager Plus

Introducing ServiceDesk Plus MSP integration with AD Manager Plus.With this integration, the administrators can,

  • Reset passwords, create, delete, unlock, enable, and disable users in the AD from the request details page of ServiceDesk Plus MSP.
  • Efficiently manage their Active Directory in both the Applications.
  • This feature can be configured under Admin >> ME Integrations >> AD Manager Plus.
  • SDPMSP-ADMP integration is compatible with ADMP build number 6500

Desktop Central - MSP Integration Enhancements

  • "Tools" introduced under Actions menu of requests for performing operations such as "Lock", "Hibernate", "Shutdown", "Restart" etc., on target machines remotely from SDPMSP.
  • "Tools action integration between SDPMSP and Desktop Central - Ability to restart, lock, wake on LAN, hibernate, shutdown, initiate chat and view system manager of Windows machines from the machine's details page or request details page if SDPMSP is integrated with Desktop Central.
  • "In DC Integrated mode (DC version 100316 and above), option to start a chat session with the requester will be available. Also, the chat conversation can be added as note or as resolution or can be created as a new ticket.

Third Party Integrations page is revamped for better visibility.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-6982 : Worklog end time shows extra minute from the current time is fixed.
  • SDPMSP-11070: CSRF vulnerability in password reset form.
  • SDPMSP-12237: Unable to update Custom Schedules post 9408 upgrade.
  • SDPMSP-12289: Unable to hide default username/password details in the login page.
  • SDPMSP-12380: No Manage Connection throws when we try to filter using pick list additional field, Request Advance Search.
  • SDPMSP-12407: Unable to add/update a Contract worklog through API.
  • SDPMSP-12411: When the end time of a Worklog is updated through API, it changes its start time.

What's new in 9409?

(Released on: 14 Sep 2018)

Issues Fixed

  • SDPMSP-11370 : Date criteria is not working properly in certain cases in custom view filters.
  • SDPMSP-11582 : Unable to save Service catalog workflow when any of the configured approver has been deleted from the product.
  • SDPMSP-11768 : Unable to edit a support group in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11814 : Telephony Integration is not working in certain instance.
  • SDPMSP-11885 : Task summary count under Tasks is not shown based on the account selected.
  • SDPMSP-11917 : CTI Integration : In Telephony call popup, when an incoming number starts with 0 , then 0 is not displayed.
  • SDPMSP-12149 : Incident Template - 'Available Groups' under 'Associate Groups to Template' is not populated when Support Group name contains single quote (').
  • SDPMSP-12150 : ZipSlip Vulnerability issues fixed.
  • SDPMSP-12153 : Billing: Account Contract Expiry Notification - 'Notify after' notification is sent as a blank e-mail instead of the configured content.
  • SDPMSP-12164 : Billing - Consumed allowance is not updated when closed request is reopened on email reply.
  • SDPMSP-12204 : Custom Schedule is not working due to invalid JSON.
  • SDPMSP-12206 : Unable to add new network scan in Asset Explorer 6203 builds.

What's new in 9408?

(Released on: 27 Aug 2018)


  • SDPMSP-12049 : Reports - Account is added as a selectable column in CMDB reports

Issues Fixed :

  • Few Vulnerability related issues fixed.
  • SDPMSP-11422 : Exception thrown while splitting a conversation as a new request.
  • SDPMSP-11557 : Blank page is shown on clicking business rules in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11600 : Request Resolution tab shows html content.
  • SDPMSP-11609 : Support group is not listed in Account manager role while selecting other sites in request creation page.
  • SDPMSP-11659 : Support mail address shown in backup failure cases is updated with MSP support address.
  • SDPMSP-11708 : Exception thrown in logs while viewing custom dashboard in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11709 : Requests by Technician count is showing wrongly in the dashboard page.
  • SDPMSP-11805 : Unable to update the worklog from non-billable to billable through API.
  • SDPMSP-11893 : Admin - Account Details configuration, additional fields values are not saved in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11963 : Tasks are not deleted after deleting an account.
  • SDPMSP-11964 : All accounts reset to the actual account after editing a request.
  • SDPMSP-11993 : Unable to add new account when an announcement is deleted from home page announcement widget.
  • SDPMSP-12059 : Exception occurred when accessing Organize Business Rule under admin -> Business Rules in MSSQL database instance.
  • SDPMSP-12061 : Request - Mails from new requesters with account support email address in cc is not categorized correctly.
  • SDPMSP-12066 : Post editing a SLA, the link goes to the MSP sla list page instead of account SLA list page.
  • SDPMSP-12072 : While adding business rule under actions assign to technician actions all the technicians are shown instead of site-specific technicians.
  • SDPMSP-12073 : Project template list is not shown based on the account's selected.
  • SDPMSP-12074 : When the requester is set while creating a change, Category Select Box reset to default value.
  • SDPMSP-12078 : Technicians, Requesters names are not shown in auto-suggestion list in new Changes creation page in few cases.
  • SDPMSP-12081 : Requests: Page crashes when the template is changed during request edit operation.
  • SDPMSP-12083 : Domain value becomes "None" when editing requester under -CMDB>People>requester.
  • SDPMSP-12109 : Error throws in Android app while adding a task.
  • SDPMSP-12115 : When SSP setting 'Combine incident and service templates listing for the service' is No, service templates are also listed under Incident catalog drop-down.
  • SDPMSP-12117 : Unable to integrate Quickbooks online in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-12120 : When exception throws in a page, Performance issue occurs (if SSO is enabled).
  • SDPMSP-12126 : Task API: Edit operation says 'Success' but the Task is not updated.
  • SDPMSP-12129 : In some API's when the accountname/sitename attribute is wrongly provided, the operation still proceeds without throwing the error.

What's new in 9407?

(Released on: 10 Aug 2018)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-12062 - Request: Associated Asset is not shown in Request Edit page.
  • SDPMSP-12076 - Unable to start the application as service post upgrade.
  • SDPMSP-12086 - Request Closing Rules is not working when the associated tasks should be completed option is enabled.
  • SDPMSP-12111 - 9406 Upgrade issues fixed.

What's new in 9406?

(Released on: 25 July 2018)

Features :

  • GDPR
    User privacy management :
    Handle personal data of users (both technicians and end users) in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. In the Request module, you can now mark out all fields that contain users' personally identifiable information (PII), making it easy for admins to identify what PII is collected and stored in ServiceDesk Plus - MSP. In addition, when users exercise their right to be forgotten, admins can anonymize the deleted users' names to random text and delete the associated PII from the application. Find this feature under Admin >> Privacy Settings.
  • Resource state enhancements - Option to add custom asset state with the ability to enable/disable scan for assets in those states.
    Option to enable ownership for assets in these custom states.
    Find the feature at Admin >> Asset Management >> Asset State.
  • MSPSDP - 7551 : Request status is given under business rule criteria.
  • MSPSDP - 10694 : Custom Scripts in BR: Option to invoke custom scripts in business rules. You can use this to completely abort operations or update field values (like additional field value).
    Find the feature under Admin >> Organization Details >> Business Rules.
  • Chat enhancements: - Option to interact easily with fellow technicians using the inbuilt chat.
  • Community page inside the application sports a new look.
  • Collapsible tabs introduced in header and sub-header of the application to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Behaviour changed :

  • SD-70724 : Actionable items in the Admin module are moved to the left side.
  • SD-70728 : 'Add new form' in business rule, SLA, custom filter has a revamped UI.
  • SD-71646 : Item price is mandated in purchase orders.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-11660 - Bill amount is calculated wrongly though the consumed unit is less than the monthly allowance.
  • SDPMSP-11909 - Carry forward allowance is not considered while computing Request Charges.
  • SDPMSP-11926 - AuthError message is thrown while accessing pages in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11937 - Build Information and the link shown below in the community tab shows servicedesk plus application details.
  • SDPMSP-11942 - Custom product type Assets in the asset list view page are not account based.
  • SDPMSP-11961 - Announcement subject is visible to all requesters though it is set to private.
  • SDPMSP-11972 - Across accounts domains are listed while editing an asset.
  • SDPMSP-11973 - Not all announcements are listed in the Home page.
  • SDPMSP-11974 - Account manager is able to view all account's asset names alone while generating reports.
  • SDPMSP-11992 - Duplicate invoices are created in Xero in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11999 - When scanned XML contains only Account Name, scan marks the XML as failed.
  • SDPMSP-12014 - LDAP domain list shows across accounts in ldap list view page.
  • SDPMSP-12017 - Advanced Analytics - When Importing AD users, notification is triggered for the AAAUser table even the user name is not changed.
  • SDPMSP-12022 - When worklog description contains $ character, Xero Integration fails to sync the worklog details.
  • SDPMSP-12044 - Field and form rules is not working in few cases.
  • SDPMSP-12047 - All Account's Contracts are listed under Parent Contract field while we create a contract.

What's new in 9405?

(Released on: 08 June 2018)

Features :

  • PM Tasks for Service Request - Plan your preventive maintenance tasks well in advance for service requests as well. Find the feature in Admin >> Organizational Details >> Preventive Maintenance Tasks.
  • Custom Trigger Enhancements
    • Execute custom trigger actions for requests that contain replies and for approved/rejected requests.
    • Groups defined under other sites are now listed under criteria.
    • Requester name, sites and technician will now be listed under criteria.
    • Create triggers without any criteria. This feature can be enabled using query.By default, this option is disabled.
  • Organize Request Catalog - Easily sequence the templates under the request catalog to suit your requirements.Find the feature in Admin >> Service Catalog >> Reorder.
  • Export Requests - Select and export requests right from the list view, in various formats.Find the feature under Requests >> Actions.
  • Health Meter - Assess your application's health metrics in just a glance from the community tab.Find the feature under Community >> Health Meter.
  • SDPMSP-11687 : Feature to add rich text fomatting for Account advisory.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-10194 : Service catalog page crashed when reserved words are used in Account login URI.
  • SDPMSP-11621 : System notification is not shown correctly for request in Android app if the language of the mobile is changed from english to any other language.
  • SDPMSP-11731 : Unable to add the groups under asset module.
  • SDPMSP-11833 : FOS - File replication does not work.
  • SDPMSP-11857 : Performance issue in Request Id search.
  • SDPMSP-11892 : Account's are not listed in Account drop down in certain cases

What's new in 9404?

(Released on: 17 May 2018)

Features :

  • SDPMSP-11756: Auto delta scan: Automatic identification of hardware and software changes by the agent in the client machine and notify the application server to initiate the scan from the server.
  • SDPMSP-11757: Option to choose the US/EU data centres for Zoho Reports under Advanced Analytics Configuration Wizard.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-11544 : Selected Account Additional fields are not retained under Request - Account Details tab after adding new account additional field(s).
  • SDPMSP-11719 : Unable to save chat settings post 9402 upgrade.
  • SDPMSP-11732 : Default font changed after the upgrade to 9402.
  • SDPMSP-11736 : Default support groups are not getting copied when a site's related settings changed from refer to copy.
  • SDPMSP-11765 : Account Manager is unable to view worklogs.
  • Vulnerability related issue fixes mentioned in SDP's Issues Fixed in 9407 read me is fixed in SDP MSP as well.

What's new in 9403?

(Released on: 07 May 2018)

Features :

  • SDPMSP-11016: Ability to change billing status through business rule.
  • SDPMSP-11402: Bulk association of notification rules to accounts is made easier.
  • SDPMSP-11449: Option to enable/disable 'Domain Filtering during Login' option in Self-Service Portal Settings.
  • SDPMSP-11450: Feature to make login URI as optional.
  • SDPMSP-11455: Bulk association of Service SLA to accounts through Service catalog is made easier.
  • SDPMSP-11480: $AccountName variable can be added in task notifications.
  • SDPMSP-11601: Account based Home tasks (Global tasks).
  • SDPMSP-11678: Job-sheet Enhancement:
    Allow users to print jobsheet from Request list view (one or more).
    Allow users to print the jobsheet for the request which is not closed (using Query).
    Added few variables in jobsheet template (Org Address, Account Address, Resolved time, Signoff, Notes)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-9000 : Account Manager is unable to see public reports.
  • SDPMSP-9028 : Account Manager is unable to delete his own report folder.
  • SDPMSP-9362 : In CTI popup, clicking on More details is throwing privilege error.
  • SDPMSP-11299: Unwanted display of edit icon for Technician in CMDB module.
  • SDPMSP-11300: Service catalog additional fields are not showing in column chooser.
  • SDPMSP-11373: Priority value is not shown while editing a Request.
  • SDPMSP-11384: When a product name contains underscore in it, while choosing the product during purchase order creation the characters after the underscore are not getting displayed.
  • SDPMSP-11421: Worklog timer is not working properly, when account contract is enabled.
  • SDPMSP-11422: Exception thrown while we Split a conversation as new request.
  • SDPMSP-11424: Domains are not populated for msp requesters/technicians, when a domain is a shared with msp account alone.
  • SDPMSP-11431: When the site name has special character on it, site name is shown with HTML characters.
  • SDPMSP-11442: Advanced search is not working properly in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11481: Exception thrown while we trigger survey manually.
  • SDPMSP-11484: Request history is not loaded when the status on hold scheduler has been cancelled.
  • SDPMSP-11486: User is not able to retrieve requests through API for custom views.
  • SDPMSP-11492: Requester is unable to view the assigned project task from the notification link.
  • SDPMSP-11499: Request approval notification is not sent if technician raises a request.
  • SDPMSP-11563: Unable to choose Allow Exception fields in Schedule data archiving.
  • SDPMSP-11623: Unable to import Assets from CSV file with vendor name.
  • SDPMSP-11668: There is a performance issue if the number of requester is huge and many API call is made at a time to fetch requesters.

What's new in 9402?

(Released on: 25 April 2018)
  • GDPR : User privacy management : Handle personal data of users (both technicians and end users) in accordance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR. In the Request module, you can now mark out all fields that contain users' personally identifiable information (PII), making it easy for admins to identify what PII is collected and stored in ServiceDesk Plus MSP. In addition, when users exercise their right to be forgotten, admins can anonymize the deleted users' names to random text and delete the associated PII from the application. Find this feature under Admin >> Privacy Settings.
  • Homepage Enhancements : Customize technician's home page by adding/organizing widgets, and changing the layout and background color. Find the feature under Home >> Customize.
  • HTML Editor Enhancements : Edit email notification content as HTML and use $ to add variables to the content. Find the feature at Admin >> Notification Rules >> Customize template >> Edit HTML.
  • Unified Notification Rules : Customize and configure notification rules across modules under a single roof. Find the feature under Admin >> Organization Details >> Notification Rules.
  • Admin Search Enhancement : Experience the enhanced admin search functionality with the categorically listed searched items. Find the feature in the Admin section.
  • AMS Renewal : Be notified of the subscription expiry and apply for its renewal, right from the application. Find the feature under Technician Profile >> Get your new AMS.
  • Enhancement for Category tree view : resizable.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-11663 : Incident templates are listed without considering the account selected in certain cases and the resolution is auto-populated.

What's new in 9401?

(Released on: 17 April 2018)

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-11652 : Fixed a critical issue where dashboard is inaccessible.
  • SDPMSP-11654 : Application failed to start in certain cases.

What's new in 9400?

(Released on: 12 April 2018)

Framework changes :

  • This upgrade removes the jBoss dependency from the framework, reduces security risk with jBoss, increased performance and quicker startup.

MySQL support :

  • MySQL will not be supported from this version.

Issues Fixed :

  • SDPMSP-10737 : Dashboard is showing wrong Open Requests count.
  • SDPMSP-11258 : Software purchased license is not showing properly under purchased count.
  • SDPMSP-11321 : Certain dashboard widgets are empty, under all sites.
  • SDPMSP-11334 : In IE11 , Headers are not visible in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-11435 : On editing the worklog , its additional cost items value becomes empty.
  • SDPMSP-11443 : Unwanted entries present in the database which results in request merge issue.
  • SDPMSP-11448 : Account Manager is able to view asset financials details.
  • SDPMSP-11500 : Account manager is unable to view all his account's requests.
  • SDPMSP-11544 : Selected Additional fields are not retained under Request - Account Details tab after adding new account additional field(s).
  • SDPMSP-11614 : Due to the API calls restriction to Zoho Reports, the SDPMSP-Zoho Reports integration fails.