Application Traffic Alerting

NetFlow Analyzer: Enterprise-grade application traffic alerting software

To avoid potential outages and latency issues that arise from using resource-intensive applications, like cloud-based applications, enterprises need to monitor application traffic and find the root cause of network incidents as soon as possible. Application traffic monitoring for a business is an essential step towards knowing when the business-critical applications have high time availability and when there are unexpected periods where the utilization goes over the baseline behavior. This helps reduce the MTTR and downtime, allowing organizations to save time and resources.

There are many application traffic alerting tools on the market, and many organizations have equipped these open-source tools. But are they ideal for meeting their demands? Some common challenges that IT admins face with subpar tools include the following:

  • The traffic of some homegrown applications can go undetected, leaving admins oblivious of the network's users and unable to determine if the traffic is legitimate or a hacking attempt.
  • Identifying applications using dynamic ports is impossible. Therefore, without strategies to limit their usage, social media applications and other bandwidth-hogging applications keep degrading network performance.
  • Having to maintain different tools and switch between them to discover any network incidents is a hassle. Therefore, the MTTR is higher.

How do you know which is the right application traffic management tool for you? Here's a checklist to help you:

  • It lets admins configure the first course of action to take for any violations. Immediate troubleshooting and response are two important aspects for which admins use traffic alerting tools. Therefore, the right tool allows the admins to monitor their network for any unusual behavior and choose the next course of action.
  • It ensures that admins have actionable knowledge about the severity of an issue. On a typical day, an alerting tool makes a lot of noise to alert admins to problems as configured based on the size and complexity of the network. Therefore, the tool can get drowned out and won't be given much attention, and in some cases, problems might be ignored until they blow up the network entirely. That is why you need a tool that will help prioritize issues based on your requirements.
  • It alerts the concerned users about any network failures. The right tool should let you configure the recipients to notify as soon as an unexpected event occurs. This increases the scope of access so that any admin can execute the emergency plan and confine the issue before it disrupts the user experience.

With the right set of features and capabilities, NetFlow Analyzer helps you take a proactive approach to traffic monitoring and alerting.

NetFlow Analyzer as proactive application traffic alerting software

NetFlow Analyzer is a simple, web-based bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis tool designed to address any IT performance concerns. By keeping track of traffic entering your network and sending network traffic alerts about any unusual traffic behavior for admins to oversee, NetFlow Analyzer proactively monitors so that your network performance never degrades.

Alerts to keep you updated

Establishing thresholds for your network is an essential step towards effective troubleshooting. With NetFlow Analyzer, you can set two types of alerts: real-time and aggregated. Define which source you want to monitor regularly; set the alert criteria; and select IN, OUT, or Combined traffic. You can also select the severity (Attention, Trouble, or Critical) and define actions based on your requirements.

Application Traffic Alerting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Notification Templates to your rescue

NetFlow Analyzer ensures that app traffic alerts reach you at the right time via the right medium. With a myriad of Notification Templates, such as SMS, Email, Chat, Log a Ticket, and Web Alarm, you can immediately know whenever your network's performance goes down and reduce the average time it takes for you to troubleshoot.

Application Traffic Alerts - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Third-party integrations and simplified troubleshooting

With our application traffic alerting tool, you can get notified by other apps that you regularly use without having to switch between each. As part of Notification Templates, NetFlow Analyzer's third-party integrations with ServiceNow, ServiceDesk Plus Cloud, and Jira let you get application traffic alerts raised as tickets on those platforms.

App Traffic Alerts - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer