The advanced Cisco switch traffic monitor

Switches have become a critical element in all organizations' network infrastructure as they are responsible for the network functioning with connectivity and stability. Given their significance, it's necessary for organizations to ensure their uptime, data transfer speeds, and performance with switch traffic monitoring to avoid bottlenecks.

Because they act as primary elements of a network, there are many important factors that can affect switches' performance, bandwidth utilization, ports, traffic, availability, and more.

With all of this to keep track of, it's imperative to use a Cisco switch port traffic monitor that provides in-depth visibility into the traffic volume of each port and insights on which port has performance issues, making troubleshooting easier.

NetFlow Analyzer's Cisco switch traffic monitor

NetFlow Analyzer is switch traffic monitoring software that monitors interface-level bandwidth usage and provides traffic trend reports for a custom period. As a flow-based monitoring tool, it supports NetFlow primarily along with other flow technologies like sFlow, JFlow, IPFIX, and NetStream to help you find the IN and OUT traffic with respect to volume, speed, and utilization.

NetFlow Analyzer offers extensive switch traffic capabilities with the following:

VLAN traffic monitoring

Gain control in improving the overall performance of your network by monitoring VLAN traffic in real time. Find the root cause of congestion issues with insights on source and destination IP addresses, the top conversations, and network utilization. NetFlow Analyzer also helps you diagnose any security issues within the VLAN as well as detect attacks with our Advanced Security Analytics Module. With traffic shaping options like QoS policies, you can also limit the access of particular traffic entering your network.

Interface-wise bandwidth usage

Our Cisco switch traffic monitoring tool makes the network performance troubleshooting process easier by helping you drill down to find the source of network slowness with interface-level traffic data for the switches in your infrastructure. Find the traffic data of Layer 4 and Layer 7 applications, and ports or protocols with respect to IPs. It also helps you to observe how the interface is handling multicast traffic and to view traffic volume by resource-intensive applications with multicast and Medianet traffic graphs respectively.

Interface grouping

Built to provide streamlined bandwidth management, NetFlow Analyzer helps you group all the interfaces of Cisco switches in your network environment. With the interface grouping feature, you can provide different accessibility options to users, and generate traffic reports based on your requirements easily. You can also gather critical information for multiple interfaces under one logical entity, and troubleshoot issues quickly.

Access switch and core switch traffic monitoring

NetFlow Analyzer offers real-time traffic insights for the access switches and core switches in your network. You can monitor how well the network connection is established by viewing the traffic of those switches by volume, speed, and utilization. NetFlow Analyzer provides you with visibility into the IN and OUT traffic, diagnoses any network anomalies, and helps to detect and respond to security breaches when the devices communicate with each other.

Subnet usage

With the ManageEngine OpUtils add-on, you can easily manage your subnets and IP addresses. With this tool, you can get insights on subnet size, associated IP addresses and devices, and connected switch ports. You can also check the availability of a particular subnet, and easily troubleshoot any issues with the IP address and subnet allocation process.

Holistic Cisco switch traffic monitoring for modern IT infrastructure

NetFlow Analyzer is a Cisco technology partner that helps you monitor bandwidth using Cisco NetFlow and other technologies like sFlow, JFlow, and NetStream. It offers extensive features to monitor switch port traffic and your entire Cisco environment, not just switches. With granular visibility and accurate monitoring, you can protect your network from hogging issues, and defend against any security attacks with in-depth visibility and powerful strategies.