Be it network traffic reporting, network troubleshooting, or detecting bottlenecks or bandwidth spikes, you need integrated analysis of data flows to get to the root cause of the issue. With network traffic data volumes continuing to increase exponentially, and the ability to store this raw data for long periods of time and analyze it is critical in improving the accuracy of network traffic analytics and bandwidth management.

Why is raw data monitoring important?

Network traffic analysis is an important aspect of bandwidth management. While aggregated data has its advantages, storing raw data for long periods takes analytics to a whole new level of accuracy, offering sharper insights that help with making decisions such as capacity planning and prioritizing critical applications in the network. Raw data also has an immense impact on the analytical capacity of a network bandwidth management tool. The higher the volume of raw data that is available, the more accurate the tool's findings are.

Extended raw data storage with NetFlow Analyzer's HighPerf

The HighPerf add-on in NetFlow Analyzer is a highly scalable database for raw storage. NetFlow Analyzer is an analytical tool that collects data from thousands of network collection points and devices and generates analytical reports based on collected data. The availability of raw data is critical to generating reports, and with the HighPerf add-on, it can now help network administrators capture, store, and analyze six months of raw network data instead of relying on just aggregated data (compressed data).

These reports help in getting much better insights about the traffic statistics in your network, which facilitates better bandwidth management, capacity planning, infrastructure decisions, and resource optimization. The enhanced raw data availability also helps IT administrators drill down further to identify the root cause of network slowdowns and provide much better insights into network traffic patterns.

The HighPerf add-on has a set of exclusive advantages that it offers:

1. Increased raw data storage

With the HighPerf add-on, raw NetFlow-based data can be stored for up to six months, allowing IT administrators to drill down into this stored data for better insights about traffic statistics in the network.

2. Insightful reports

Generating reports for huge volumes of data is easy with the HighPerf add-on. IT managers can verify their facts and figures with more confidence, as they can access raw data for a much longer period. This data is highly insightful to prove past and current usage patterns, which in turn affects policy- and infrastructure-based decisions.

3. Better analytics

With increased raw data storage period, reports are more accurate, which is useful in long-term performance assessment, and studying network traffic patterns over a longer period of time sharpens analytical abilities.

4. Faster troubleshooting

When bulky volumes of data are processed in a matter of seconds, troubleshooting issues can be done quickly, which helps cut down the time it takes to solve network issues.

5. Improved data compression

The HighPerf add-on has comprehensive data compression capabilities. This means huge savings in terms of disk space and increased data storage capabilities for existing storage infrastructures.

6. Assured minimum downtime

With improved storage and reporting capabilities, drilling down to the root cause is much faster. This lowers the time it takes to troubleshoot, thereby cutting down network downtime considerably.

7. Better capacity planning

Increasing raw data storage enhances capacity planning reports. With data available for longer periods of time, you can perform better capacity planning and gain sharper insights into future bandwidth requirements.

8. Better bandwidth management

Instant reports using high volumes of data give more accurate statistics on bandwidth usage patterns, based on which resource allocation is performed. The HighPerf add-on facilitates adopting more effective bandwidth management strategies to optimize the performance of your network.

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