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The enterprise-grade bandwidth utilization reporting tool

A network's optimal performance level and around-the-clock availability are critical to maintaining the company's reputation and resources. Especially in a globally distributed or upscaling business, the complexity of the network architecture often prevents admins from having visibility and control over each node's network usage, thus leaving the network vulnerable to non-business application usage and security threats.

In this regard, bandwidth utilization monitoring is a crucial component of network management that shows visibility into how each endpoint is using your network, where most of the issues stem from, and how to isolate them immediately.

How NetFlow Analyzer upgrades your bandwidth utilization monitoring

Bandwidth usage monitoring means having control over your network 24/7 in order to foresee any downtime or degradation. NetFlow Analyzer offers in-depth visibility for monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the bandwidth of your network with powerful capabilities and simple workflows.

Real-time bandwidth utilization monitoring

NetFlow Analyzer monitors network bandwidth utilization for traffic and detects when there is a traffic spike with passive monitoring. You can view the usage by devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls, and access points, to see their contribution to the overall network performance. NetFlow Analyzer further enhances visibility by giving insights into traffic patterns by interfaces, applications, protocols, and IP addresses.

Our bandwidth utilization monitor also:

  • Identifies the top talkers of the network.
  • Proactively monitors the traffic by volume, speed, and utilization.
  • Finds over-utilizing and under-utilizing nodes.
  • Provides a traffic summary dashboard for a NOC view.
Bandwidth Utilization - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Bandwidth Utilization Reporting - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Security attacks and root cause analysis

Traffic spikes during non-business hours or traffic from unexpected geolocations can mean anything: typical enterprise usage or a hacking attempt. Such issues can be resolved with NetFlow Analyzer's network forensics, which provides raw data reports with information like the conversation, TCP flags, number of packets, and next hop of a source to detect malware or the origin of a traffic spike.

Additionally, NetFlow Analyzer contains a Security module that classifies network traffic anomalies and suspicious traffic behavior into four problem classes with the Continuous Stream Mining Engine algorithm to correlate events and alert on zero-day intrusions, external security threats, and internal security threats.

  • Find the persisting issues' causes with historical data.
  • Identify context-sensitive traffic and authenticate or isolate it.
  • Rectify potential performance degradation issues with deep packet inspection.
Bandwidth Utilization Report - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Monitoring Bandwidth Utilization - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Proactive bandwidth management

With NetFlow Analyzer, monitoring bandwidth utilization is so time-saving and accurate that you can troubleshoot present bottlenecks and streamline the resource allocation process for the future. You can also set traffic alerts to define the baseline behavior of the network, and when a threshold is passed, you will get notified through the configured communication channel.

From a bandwidth management perspective, NetFlow Analyzer's enterprise bandwidth utilization reports can help you identify the traffic trends of your network by the source (such as the interface, IP group, and access point group). With these various bandwidth utilization reports, such as the Search Report, Inventory Report, Consolidated Report, Capacity Planning Report, and Compare Reports, you can determine where the performance gaps are occurring and the context of traffic.

  • Reduce downtime and the impact of performance issues in real time.
  • Get notified by popular ITSM tools like ServiceDesk Plus, Jira, and ServiceNow.
  • Save your IT spending with capacity planning and bandwidth forecasting reports.

With the increasing innovation that enterprises are experiencing, the increasing complexity of networks is inevitable. To streamline this transition, you need to equip your network with a solution that provides an uninterrupted user experience and security. An advanced bandwidth utilization monitor like NetFlow Analyzer helps with monitoring network reliability, troubleshooting, and protecting your network from issues.

Bandwidth Utilization Reporting Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Bandwidth Utilization Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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