Free Network Traffic Monitoring Tools

There are many traffic monitoring tools available for free on the market, but differentiating which one is right for your network environment can be tiring. The tool should fit your requirements while also helping you optimize your network's performance without putting security in jeopardy. But with many tools, it's the other way around.

Common challenges with free network traffic monitoring software

Implementation and bug fixes: Some free network traffic monitoring tools make the implementation process harder by having different system requirements for every feature. It takes a lot of time and resources to verify these requirements and proceed with monitoring due to the steep learning curve for the product itself. On the other hand, even if some tools can be easily implemented, they may provide insufficient enhancements and support for bug fixes.

Scalability: The network traffic monitor you implement should not limit you from monitoring newly added and existing elements for enterprises, especially when the organization has branch offices distributed globally. But most tools don't support monitoring the traffic of distributed networks, which makes it more difficult to identify the how and who of network bandwidth usage.

Visibility: Most free traffic monitoring tools cannot provide many metrics for the network infrastructure because the devices and interfaces discovered are limited. With blindspots in monitoring, the performance and security of the network may be compromised, and root cause analysis of any network issue becomes exhaustive and insufficient, thereby prolonging the remedy for it.

Technical support: Free network traffic monitor software doesn't provide the necessary support, and even if they do, it often 's expensive and only provided for a limited period. This can put customers in a difficult position since they can't reach the support team for any help they need with setup or potential issues.

Customization: Enterprises are prone to growth, and many tools available on the market will not offer the flexibility to customize them based on an organization's requirements. Additionally, when the organization grows, the tools will not scale along with it, leaving some blind spots in monitoring.

Leverage hassle-free network traffic monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a free real time network traffic monitoring tool for Windows and Linux that monitors traffic for every interface and device, including routers, switches, and firewalls. As a flow-based real time network traffic monitor, it supports multi-vendor flow technologies. You can analyze traffic traversing through your network, find which applications are hogging your bandwidth, and shape the app traffic based on your business requirements.

  • Comprehensive, stand-alone product
  • Easy to implement
  • Affordable pricing

Business benefits that our free network traffic monitoring software offers


Dashboard view

  • Monitor your network's top talkers by application, QoS policy, WLC, attack, etc.
  • Get a tailored view of what's happening across your network with configurable dashboards

Wired and wireless devices monitoring

  • Monitor both flow- and non-flow-exporting device traffic, and drill down to view interface and application traffic
  • Get insights on wireless controller traffic along with the IN and OUT traffic of the associated access points, SSIDs, and client IP and MAC addresses

Application and interface-level traffic

  • Find the source of performance issues by gaining app-level traffic insights on Layer 4 and Layer 7 applications
  • Monitor up to 10,000 interfaces and view their multicast and medianet traffic

Manage issues

Dashboard view

  • Diagnose unknown traffic data traversing your network, and check the offenders and target IP addresses with the Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM)
  • Make informed decisions by checking the patterns of particular attacks and blocking certain traffic


  • Establish a network performance baseline, and set the normal behavior of your network's traffic by volume, speed, and utilization
  • Get the advantage of risk management with real-time and aggregated alerts and notification templates to notify you when there is unusual traffic behavior with class and severity

Network forensics

  • Explore the root cause of persisting performance issues by using raw data report generation with network forensics
  • Get visibility into your historical data, and get information about TCP flags, next hop, conversations, applications, etc. to know which element is at fault

Improve performance

Traffic shaping

  • Limit access to applications that don't serve your business purposes with traffic shaping options like QoS, service policies, and ACLs
  • Find the top QoS policies associated with every interface and device, view their traffic details, and validate their effectiveness with CBQoS


  • Generate traffic reports for any particular device or interface for custom periods, and troubleshoot issues faster on the go with our traffic monitoring software's mobile application.
  • Get insights on traffic trends and identify issues using the Search, Compare, Consolidated, and Inventory troubleshooting reports

Capacity planning

  • Eliminate the hassles of planning your resources and network bandwidth upgradation with capacity planning and forecast reports
  • Get insights on wasted bandwidth, and forecast how much bandwidth will be required in the future

Monitor, shape, and generate reports for your network traffic, and ensure optimal performance.

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Our end-users opinions on NetFlow Analyzer

Given here are some individual reviews as provided by our NetFlow Analyzer's customers to Gartner® Peer Insights™.

A Great NetFlow Analyser Tool Which Makes The Life Easier For Any Network Engineer

Overall Comment: "As a network engineer, having a decent Netflow analyzer like ManageEngine NetFlow analyzer really helps with benchmarking and troubleshooting network performance on various links. I almost use the tool daily with my job to have full visibility on the traffic and generate various reports. It also helped with designing, planning and implementing and monitoring an end to end QoS solution. I highly recommend the product to any network engineer."

-Network Engineer in the Finance industry

Great Tool To Analyze The Traffic In Your Network. If It's In Your Net, You'll Find It!

Overall Comment: "I have been using NetFlow Analyzer for more than 10 years now, in my previous company and continue using it now. I think it's a must to control, monitor, and investigate what is happening with network traffic."

- IT Manager in the Manufacturing industry

Fantastic Product

Overall Comment: "Awesome product! I can't say enough about the Network Analyzer product. It does a great job helping us see traffic patterns from our production datacenter as well as all of our office locations."

-Director of IT in the Healthcare industry