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The holistic network utilization monitor—ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

When network admins troubleshoot their enterprise's network, they often end up purchasing more bandwidth than is really required. This is because they are unaware of how their bandwidth is being consumed.

Automatically investing in bandwidth upgrades in response to the enterprise's network having a low speed for a long time will only produce friction with the enterprise's budget and will not solve the performance degradation issue.

What many businesses fail to do is look at what is going on in the network and how its bandwidth is being utilized. They need to leverage a network utilization monitor and keep track of network utilization and gain the clarity to implement effective management.

Challenges of neglecting to monitor network utilization

  • Difficulty monitoring traffic and troubleshooting: Monitoring traffic and troubleshooting get harder when you use different vendors and need to know the root cause of certain bandwidth issues. The longer the troubleshooting time is, the lower your organization's productivity becomes. Eventually, lower productivity can lead to a loss of revenue.
  • No knowledge of which applications use the most bandwidth: Blocking a certain application or shaping traffic are difficult when you lack knowledge of the applications that use dynamic ports. It is always necessary to have a bandwidth monitoring tool that provides visibility into all the applications in your network.
  • Inability to prioritize business-critical applications: Prioritizing business-critical applications over non-business applications can be challenging without the proper tools. When applications with high bandwidth consumption monopolize your network, all the critical applications will not have enough bandwidth to access requests seamlessly. This harms user satisfaction.
  • No awareness of sudden security attacks or traffic spikes: Some security attacks, like DoS or DDoS attacks, can be disguised as normal business processes and penetrate your network. These network anomalies can be hazardous to all the confidential data and devices in your network if left unattended.
  • No reports: No reports means no visibility into how your network has been utilized so far and what the future bandwidth requirements might be. Generating reports that show the bandwidth usage patterns is beneficial because without them, you will lack knowledge about your enterprise's bandwidth usage.

NetFlow Analyzer: An end-to-end network utilization monitoring tool for solving all your bandwidth bottlenecks

As a part of bandwidth monitoring, it is important to know if your network is used for the right purposes to protect it from inefficiency or potential attacks. This is especially useful in enterprises with hundreds or thousands of interfaces, where detecting network anomalies or optimizing network performance is a tremendously difficult task.

NetFlow Analyzer is a network utilization monitor that helps you know how your enterprise's bandwidth is being consumed in real time. With the help of network utilization metrics and statistics, an administrator can find out how much bandwidth is consumed by applications, protocols, and users.

Network Utilization Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Real-time network utilization monitoring for finding which application is hogging the network bandwidth

As a holistic network utilization monitoring tool, NetFlow Analyzer helps you monitor bandwidth usage on network and discover which application is hogging your bandwidth with app-level traffic analysis. You can measure the traffic for your organization-specific applications with metrics like network utilization and total traffic. You can also get the traffic data of applications using dynamic ports with Cisco NBAR. Additionally, you can find which interfaces are using the same application and carry out traffic shaping depending upon the application's significance.

Network Utilization Monitor Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

An intuitive dashboard for discovering the top users in the network

With NetFlow Analyzer, you can collect NetFlow, sFlow, J-Flow, and more traffic data as well as get visibility into the top applications, hosts, ports, and protocols that use up your bandwidth. With better visibility comes better avenues for analysis. Our intuitive dashboard shows all the top users of your network and allows you to configure widgets. You can also create an entirely new dashboard with views for WAN, QoS, WLC, and more.

Network Utilization Monitoring Tool- ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

QoS policies for prioritizing traffic

Dictate which applications should share your network's bandwidth and how by applying QoS policies. Eliminate resource-intensive applications' usage by shaping the traffic to allow only business-critical applications, such as VoIP calls and CRM. See if the QoS policies have been effective by comparing pre-policy and post-policy traffic patterns with the Class-Based QoS (CBQoS) feature and modify the policies to produce the best results.

Network Utilization Monitoring Tools- ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Real-time network utilization reports

Getting the big picture of how your network bandwidth is being utilized is important for managing and optimizing it for upcoming days. Get the network utilization report for different sources and periods with Search Reports, Consolidated Reports, Compare Reports, and more.

Additionally, you can leverage our network utilization monitoring tool for accounting with Billing reports and Capacity Planning reports. You can also determine the future bandwidth requirements for your organization with Forecast reports.

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Network forensics

Our network performance utilization monitoring software helps you perform network forensic analysis and generate Forensics reports. You can get the historical data of your network's behavior and troubleshoot bandwidth usage issues. With raw data, you can drill down to look at the traffic pattern of an interface along with other parameters, like source IP addresses, destination IP addresses, and DSCP values.

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