Bandwidth Alerts

Real-time bandwidth usage alerting with NetFlow Analyzer

Network bandwidth monitoring covers everything from monitoring and analysis to managing downtime or outage risks. Whether it's gaining control over sensitive data or performance, every enterprise needs an action plan to keep track of any variations from "normal" network behavior. While some network issues, like overutilization, might seem minuscule, they can cause a huge dip in your organization's productivity, and also affect revenue.

These critical aspects of IT bandwidth monitoring require a tool that will not just alert you about abnormal network behavior, such as high bandwidth utilization, but will also help you tackle any security risks by classifying suspicious traffic.

NetFlow Analyzer: The advanced bandwidth management tool

NetFlow Analyzer is a multi-vendor based bandwidth monitoring tool that provides real-time traffic insights on your flow- and non-flow-exporting network devices. With flow-based monitoring, you can view the bandwidth usage of extensive elements like devices, interfaces, applications, IP addresses, and protocols.

While monitoring bandwidth utilization continuously is certainly the best way, sometimes, your attention has to go to other critical tasks like maintaining a server's uptime or configuring devices. With NetFlow Analyzer's bandwidth alerts, you can get all your monitoring challenges sorted and stay updated when there are even slight issues with the network.

Threshold: Set whether you want to be notified when the baseline performance of your network recedes or exceeds a value, and proactively prevent network outages.

Severity: You can set different classes of severity such as Critical, Trouble, or Attention to manage the violations effectively.

Notification templates: Choose how you want to receive the first sign of trouble with different notification templates for email, SMS, chat, syslog profiles, logging a ticket, and running a program. With third-party integrations such as ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceNow, Slack, Jira Service Desk, and Applications Manager, there are countless ways to be notified.

NetFlow Analyzer helps you customize proactive alerting with two different methods: real-time alerts and aggregated alerts.

Real-time alerts

Real-time bandwidth alerts let you establish a baseline behavior for any individual entity, including IP groups, interface groups, interfaces, access points, and SSID groups. Set specific criteria such as IN or OUT traffic or both, and specify the unique threshold values for volume, speed, utilization, and packets. You can also set the severity and decide on actions to choose how you would like to be notified.

Real-time bandwidth alerts

Aggregated alerts

Unlike real-time alerts, aggregated alerts will let you know when the threshold is violated in a particular time frame. You can configure a custom time or set an interval to generate an alert when the source's traffic volume or packet count is less than or exceeds the threshold.

Real-time bandwidth alerts

NetFlow Analyzer will also help you detect suspicious traffic behavior along with tracking and alerting on traffic utilization. You can also extend your bandwidth monitoring to configuration change monitoring and IP SLA monitoring with the Network Configuration Manager and OpUtils add-ons. Contact our product experts today to find out how NetFlow Analyzer can meet your ideal bandwidth monitoring tool expectations!