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Network Sniffer Software

The evolution of the internet and related technologies has given life to many industries. With this growth comes the advent of large-scale networks to maintain business operations, and the numerous challenges that come with them. Keeping an eye on the network at all times is nothing short of a Herculean task. Using a good network packet sniffing tool reduces the load of network administrators significantly.

What is a network sniffer?

Network sniffers are either a software or hardware tool used to intercept, log, and analyze network traffic and data. A network sniffer can help you target weak points when expanding your network capacity, managing your bandwidth, enhancing network security, and more, all while improving the end user experience.

Why is network sniffing important?

Some of the benefits of using a network sniffer include:

  • Performing a root cause analysis
  • Analyzing traffic by type
  • Improving bandwidth

Network sniffing with NetFlow Analyzer

ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer is a network traffic analysis tool that can be leveraged as a network sniffer by passively monitoring the session to provide details like host names, open ports, and so on, without causing any hindrance to the traffic.

How does a network sniffer work? - Pinpoint the Root Cause

With real-time insights and detailed analytics, NetFlow Analyzer can discover traffic patterns and device performance so network administrators can easily identify whether the delay is on the network side or the application side. Drill down to a particular application or URL, and view real-time traffic and response time graphs to pinpoint the fault and improve the network or application availability.

Network Sniffer - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Analyze Traffic by Type

Higher bandwidth doesn't always mean better network performance. Receive accurate reports on application traffic, and troubleshoot bandwidth issues to determine which customer or application should receive bandwidth priority. Pull the list of affected users for slow apps, and communicate with them to increase application availability and meet service-level agreements (SLAs).

Network Sniffer Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Know who is using your bandwidth, and regulate them using traffic-shaping techniques like editing a class-based quality of service policy (CBQoS) or editing the network's access control list (ACL).

Network sniffing tool to improve the bandwidth management

Measure network bandwidth use at any particular time, and resolve issues on time before end users are affected. The various reports in Netflow Anazlyzer help IT admins drill down into the network to understand which applications consume more bandwidth.

Network Sniffing Tools - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

The various drill down reports help admins understand issues better and regulate them.

With support for both Windows and Linux environments, NetFlow Analyzer as an extended network sniffing solution makes monitoring your network bandwidth a breeze. Download your 30-day trial for NetFlow Analyzer and start analyzing your network traffic today.