Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool

Free Bandwidth Monitor

  • Identify the top talkers in your network by protocol, application, and IP address.
  • Pinpoint conversations responsible for anomalous or excess traffic.
  • Monitor traffic usage by speed, volume, utilization and packets.
Free Bandwidth Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
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Why flow-based network traffic bandwidth monitoring?

Flow-based monitoring exports flows from routers, switches and firewalls to collect information about traffic that is traversing in the network. Supporting various flows in market such as NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, Appflow, NetStream etc., NetFlow Analyze, our free network traffic monitoring tool, analyzes traffic that flows through the network and highlights any unexpected or anomalous traffic, or excess bandwidth usage.

Benefits of flow monitoring over others:

  • Analyze traffic usage by applications, users, protocols and QoS.
  • Faster troubleshooting with conversation level details.
  • Provides real-time diagnostics with up to one-minute granularity.
  • Requires less data storage as compared to other monitoring techniques.
  • Provides accurate information on bandwidth utilization to make critical decisions.
  • Supports advanced technologies like NBAR that gives payload info within packets for analysis.
  • Detects network security threats.

Deep dive into your network traffic with the free network bandwidth monitor

NetFlow Analyzer is a flow-based, free network utilization monitor for Windows and Linux that helps you monitor and analyze network traffic and troubleshoot bandwidth issues in real-time.


Get overall view of your network traffic flow

  • Export flows (NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, cFlow, IPFIX etc.) from all network devices to view the top talkers of the network.
  • Create custom dashboards to add important widgets to your NOC view
Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Free Bandwidth Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Drill down to interface traffic details

  • Monitor traffic usage by interface and find out top applications, source and destination and QoS responsible
  • Check for unusual traffic spike in the network and drill down to conversation details.

Identify root cause of issue with traffic reports

  • Delve into traffic reports to spot the bandwidth hog and fix it faster.
  • Schedule monthly reports to get updated on bandwidth usage with this free bandwidth usage monitor.
Free Bandwidth Monitoring Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer
Free Bandwidth Usage Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Get alerted on traffic threshold violation

  • Define threshold and get notified on traffic utilization violation.
  • Sort alarms based on severity and assign a related technician.

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With the free NetFlow Analyzer, our free network bandwidth monitor, you will get to monitor and analyze traffic for up to 2 interfaces for free. Download it and use it forever!

Want to monitor more interfaces?

To manage your bandwidth more efficiently, download NetFlow analyzer, one of the best free network traffic monitoring tools. Try our free bandwidth analyzer's base pack with 10 interfaces, and it can scale up as per your network's need.