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The importance of network traffic control

Network traffic control is the process of controlling bandwidth usage and managing your network traffic to prevent unexpected traffic spikes and bottlenecks. Increases in video and VoIP traffic as well as network speeds over the years have made networks more complex than ever, increasing the need for total control over your network traffic to keep your network up and running without any hiccups.

This helps you detect bandwidth hogs and possible traffic spikes well in advance, and remediate them before they damage your network performance. The benefits of a comprehensive network traffic control software include:

  • Complete visibility
  • Improved quality of service
  • Proactive discovery of security threats
  • Predicting and preventing bandwidth bottlenecks

How NetFlow Analyzer helps you control network traffic

NetFlow Analyzer is bandwidth and network traffic management and network traffic control tool that leverages flow technology to monitor network traffic. It efficiently monitors every single flow and activity in your network, helping you get the visibility you need to gain bandwidth control.

Besides monitoring your bandwidth and network traffic, NetFlow Analyzer analyzes this information to identify traffic patterns, top applications, and bandwidth hogs.

Network Traffic Control - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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NetFlow Analyzer helps you keep tabs on availability, utilization, and downtime by letting you set threshold-based alerts that can be further classified based on severity.

Network Traffic Control Tools - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

It also doubles up as a threat detection system helping you detect intruders and both internal and external security threats ranging from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to zero-day intrusions.

With the Continuous Stream Mining Engine™ technology, NetFlow Analyzer's Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) classifies threats and intrusions based on type and severity to tackle them in real time.

Network Traffic Control Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer helps you predict and plan bandwidth usage trends, traffic spikes, and application growth. NetFlow Analyzer's Forecast report foresees traffic spikes and anomalies, and its Capacity Planning report analyzes traffic patterns and application growth to give you a clear picture of your bandwidth needs.

These reports can be custom-generated, scheduled, and exported for any interface, IP group, or access point in your network.

Network Traffic Controller - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Traffic shaping with a network traffic controller

One of the biggest challenges in managing growing networks is ensuring each application and device has its required share of bandwidth. Managing your policies by employing traffic shaping techniques will help make sure links aren't overutilized to the point of congestion, and ensure high priority for business-critical apps.

The importance of traffic shaping has increased greatly with the rise in use of VoIP and video, especially since media traffic is highly sensitive to network issues and even minor issues that may not affect other applications can have dramatic effects on voice/video quality.

Traffic shaping is the process of delaying or blocking specific packet groups or traffic to optimize overall performance. It is a bandwidth management technique that involves bandwidth limiting, prioritizing users/apps, and configuring quality of service (QoS), and is the most important step to help you exercise complete control over your network.

It helps you get the most out of your bandwidth by meeting specific requirements of your organization. It helps:

  1. Limit bandwidth to curb use of non-essential applications hogging bandwidth, and prioritize mission-critical traffic
  2. Sustain normal network availability during spikes and bottlenecks so users aren't affected
  3. Meet service-level agreements
  4. Retain enough bandwidth for voice and video transmission for better quality of experience (QoE)

NetFlow Analyzer uses QoS and the Service Policy to create class-based criteria, and reconfigure policies to help ensure your business-critical applications are prioritized.

QoS management and traffic shaping is not a one-time process and has to be periodically monitored and adjusted to ensure consistent network performance. NetFlow Analyzer uses Cisco CBQoS to monitor and validate the performance of your policy changes and their effectiveness to gain control over apps hogging bandwidth, which can drain your network.

Network Control Traffic QOS - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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