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Reports on bandwidth utilization and network traffic - tailor made!

" It was easy to install, has a very clean interface with good reporting features, and is a better value than other retail options. "

Michael Pringle,
Network Engineer, Washington University School of Medicine

"Amount of information shown. Ability to track down Denial Of Service Attacks and general usage!"

Jeff Rhue
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NetFlow Analyzer reports

Troubleshoot reports, custom/search reports, consolidated reports and compare reports are some of the reports regarding bandwidth utilization and network traffic monitoring that can be obtained from ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer. All you need to know is how it is done, so that you can get your hands on the bandwidth utilization and network traffic reports without spending more time than required.

Search / Custom reports:

Search reports helps the user to search your network traffic for a particular sort of traffic, which can be defined by the user. The user can select any three of the below given ten criteria and generate a report, according to the user's need:

  • Source Address
  • Source Network
  • Source Nodes
  • Destination Address
  • Destination Network
  • Destination Nodes
  • Application
  • Port
  • Port range
  • DSCP

Any of the above mentioned criteria can be selected as per the search that needs to be conducted on the network traffic. The user can also select the time period for which the search is needed for. There are options to either match all the criteria or match any one of the criteria. The below given screenshot will give an idea of the ease of user interface. It also allows the user to select whether the criteria has to be searched in only the "IN traffic", "OUT traffic" or both "IN & OUT traffic".

Custom report - criteria selection
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Custom network traffic report

Once the criteria is selected, the report is generated by NetFlow Analyzer as per the requirement of the user. Below is given a sample screenshot of a search report for the mentioned criteria.

Custom report
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Custom network traffic reports


Let's take Joe, a network administrator, who is monitoring a network of an enterprise. The business critical application in this exterprise is, say, an ERP solution. Lately the network is a slow and the users are not happy. Ergo, the manager asks Joe to find the reason for the slowdown and also asks him if he wants to commission another T1 link. Joe knows it'll cost the enterprise to comission another T1 link. He also knows that he needs to justify the comissioning to the manager by providing reports on what applications are part of the network traffic and if the bandwidth is utilized in the "right" way by the employees.

Step no.1

Joe can do so easily by mapping the ERP application in NetFlow Analyzer by providing the respective port and protocol for the application. Once the application is mapped, NetFlow Analyzer will track the traffic with the defined port and protocol on the network, by the name which Joe has mapped the application.

Step no.2

He can select the the devices which he wants to monitor or all the devices in the network for "custom reports". After which he can select "application" in criteria and give the name of the application whose bandwidth utilization he wants to monitor. Once the report is generated he can know, for certain, the amount of bandwidth in the network that is utilized by the particular application. Looking at this report he can infer if the slowdown is because of the bandwidth used by the business critical application or some other application. This assists him enough to justify to the management for comissioning the extra T1 line.

As simple as that! Really!

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NetFlow Analyzer is a NetFlow, sFlow, JFLow (and more) collector and analyzing engine integrated together. NetFlow analyzer does not require any harware probes and can be downloaded, used in your network environment and can be evaluated for 30 days. Go through the following useful links for better understanding of how NetFlow Analyzer can help you in understanding your network traffic and bandwidth utilization.