Username-IP and service mapping

Cloud Services

Having complete control over the unknown applications and services in your WAN network is essential in ensuring your network is secure. Recognizing and classifying these internet services and IPs helps better manage network traffic. This further enables IT administrators to identify the most used cloud applications and services.

NetFlow Analyzer's Cloud Services feature helps IT admins categorize internet cloud services based on IP addresses. They are custom-defined based on IP ranges to help monitor and manage critical cloud services in your network. These individual cloud services can then be monitored to identify the top users and conversations.

Cloud Services - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer
Cloud Services - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer
Cloud Services - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer
Cloud Services - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

UserName-IP Mapping

In addition to Cloud Services, NetFlow Analyzer offers two other UserName-IP Mapping features.

1. Manual Mapping

Manual Mapping uses manually imported UserName-IP Mapping data to resolve and assign user names to IP addresses.

Manual Mapping - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

2. Active Directory

The Active Directory (AD) mapping feature automatically fetches UserName-IP Mapping configurations from Active Directory Proxy servers to assign user and host names to their corresponding IP addresses.

Active Directory - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

3. Application mapping

The Application mapping feature helps define custom applications based on port and protocol.

Application mapping - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer

4. Services

NetFlow Analyzer integrates seamlessly with Applications Manager to help map and define custom services based on IP, port, and protocol. Using the Services feature, you can monitor critical services running in your network.

Services - ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer