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Enterprises across the world are adopting multiple strategies to reduce bottlenecks, enhance network performance, and maximize their ROI to keep up with their evolving hybrid infrastructures. While these strategies vary by organization and deliver their own benefits, they can complicate the way IT infrastructures are monitored. Gaining operational visibility into the network throughput, bandwidth, traffic activity, health, and performance of individual components along with the overall network is imperative in designing an effective monitoring strategy. Network bandwidth monitoring simplifies the process by enabling network admins to monitor bandwidth usage on network and performance.

Network bandwidth monitoring challenges

Comprehending the quantity and quality of the data moving through a network, monitoring the network bandwidth performance, detecting network traffic anomalies, planning network bandwidth requirements, and preventing inordinate spending are critical tasks for every network administrator. But trying to identify a tool that easily and efficiently monitors and manages these metrics is a challenge in itself. There are various strategies IT and network administrators can employ to overcome these challenges for better network bandwidth management.

Network Bandwidth Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Network bandwidth monitoring using flow data

NetFlow Analyzer is a fully featured, flow-based network bandwidth monitoring and network traffic analysis tool suitable for businesses of all sizes. It enables network admins to have complete visibility into and control over their network.

Real-time network bandwidth monitoring: Visibility

  • View bandwidth usage by application, protocol, IP address group, and more.
  • Visualize your network by creating custom dashboards with traffic charts, bandwidth trend reports, heat maps, top lists, and more.
  • Keep track of your entire wireless network, including controllers, SSIDs, access points, and QoS with wireless network bandwidth monitoring.

Find the cause of failure: Identify bottlenecks using a network bandwidth monitoring tool

  • Manage and track all network traffic activities, top talkers, and conversations.
  • Get alerts on attacks and other critical push notifications delivered to your phone through free mobile apps to keep track of your network while on the move.
  • Get an overview of your entire distributed network from a single central installation.

Network bandwidth usage trends: History

  • Forecast network bandwidth usage trends to foresee potential bottlenecks using ML.
  • Know bandwidth capacity trends and IT requirements ahead of time to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Understand the enterprise’s bandwidth needs, pain points, link usage over time, and top applications used.

Application bandwidth usage

  • Track application traffic and usage and get detailed statistics about every application running in your network.
  • Map custom applications, set policies to shape app traffic, and deny or limit access to bandwidth hogs.
  • Ensure smooth access to and functioning of media and other mission-critical applications.

Threshold-based bandwidth usage alerts

  • Set threshold-based alerts to discover usage violations or unusual activities.
  • Integrate with multiple in-house and third-party applications to get notified via media such as chat, SMS, email, alarms, traps, and tickets to suit your needs for faster response and troubleshooting.
  • Avoid alarm floods by customizing alarms based on dependencies and severity.

Generate and automate network bandwidth reports

  • Automate every step of reporting, from generation to scheduling.
  • Gain visibility into every activity, device, interface, application, and element in your network with NetFlow Analyzer’s advanced reports and graphs.
  • Monitor metrics on the go by scheduling reports to ensure effective resolution.

What customers say

A Great NetFlow Analyser Tool Which Makes The Life Easier For Any Network Engineer

As a network engineer, having a decent Netflow analyzer like ManageEngine NetFlow analyzer really helps with benchmarking and troubleshooting network performance on various links. I almost use the tool daily with my job to have full visibility on the traffic and generate various reports. It also helped with designing, planning and implementing and monitoring an end to end QoS solution. I highly recommend the product to any network engineer.

-Network Engineer in the Finance industry

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Simplify network bandwidth monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer.

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