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Effective Network traffic Monitoring using IPFIX

IP Flow Information Export or IPFIX is an extended version of NetFlow v9, standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). It supports variable length fields like HTTP hostname or HTTP URL as well as enterprise-defined fields. IPFIX allows you to collect and analyze flow data from layer 3 devices and firewalls with an IPFIX collector and IPFIX analyzer.

With NetFlow Analyzer's IPFIX monitoring and reporting features, you can diagnose and troubleshoot network issues and generate customized reports. You can plan your future bandwidth needs to optimize usage with these one-minute granularity reports. NetFlow Analyzer helps you generate and schedule custom bill plans, and sends email and SMS-based alerts in case of threshold violations.

IPFIX monitoring with NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer monitors and analyzes IPFIX data to provide better insights into traffic patterns and bandwidth usage trends to help avoid bandwidth hogs. You can generate detailed traffic reports by device, interface, application, and quality of service (QoS) and drill down to see the top sources, destinations, and conversations to highlight the top talkers in your network.

IPFIX viewer - IPFIX Monitor with Network Traffic - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

You can create and manage alerts profiles, set custom threshold-based Link Down and No Flow alerts, and get notified in real-time in case any violations. NetFlow Analyzer gives you options to be alerted via SMS, email, or SNMP trap; you can even log ServiceDesk Plus tickets and troubleshoot issues faster.

IPFIX viewer - IPFIX Monitoring with Alarms - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

With the Advanced Security Analytic Module, NetFlow Analyzer identifies junk traffic and categorizes it based on the issue. It helps you detect a broad range of external and internal security threats, track network anomalies that override your firewall, and identify anomalies, DDoS, and zero-day attacks.

IPFIX Monitoring with ASAM Anomaly detection - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Benefits of NetFlow Analyzer IPFIX monitoring

  • Monitor, analyze, and classify IPFIX traffic.
  • Identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot bandwidth hogs, bottlenecks, and traffic spikes in real-time.
  • Track top users and applications, and optimize bandwidth usage.
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Reports and alerts

  • Detect network anomalies and a wide range of external and internal security threats with forensics reports.
  • Customize, schedule, and generate one-minute granularity reports.
  • Get detailed analysis on traffic patterns and usage trends with capacity planning reports, and plan future bandwidth requirements.
  • Set threshold-based alerts, and get notified via email and SMS if any thresholds are breached.

NetFlow Analyzer, our flow-based bandwidth management software, integrates NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, and various other flow formats to provide real-time visibility into network traffic and bandwidth performance with its detailed reports. Download a free trial of our real-time IPFIX monitor now!


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