Real-Time Network Traffic Monitoring

Real-Time Network Traffic Monitor

When an enterprise network gets busy, the overall bandwidth speed of the applications in the networks slows down drastically. Monitoring network traffic in real-time can help resolve issues. Real-time network traffic monitoring tools collect IP based network traffic data by closely monitoring the in-and-out data speeds. In addition, these tools help the network administrator to keep an eye on the source and destination IP's , to find the reasons for possible bottlenecks in bandwidth.

Why should you monitor network traffic in real-time?

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a flow based real-time network traffic monitor that gives the network administrators the required visibility to a network. Some of the supported flows include NetFlow, sFlow , cFlow, J-Flow, NetStream, Appflow and IPFIX. NetFlow Analyzer collects and analyzes the netflow packets from networking devices like routers, switches and provides support for multiple vendors like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, and Extreme.

NetFlow Analyzer can be used to monitor network traffic and other key traffic metrics like network speed, top conversations, bandwidth utilization, and prime usage times. This real time network traffic monitoring software is simple to deploy and a breeze to work with. Once installed, set up your network device to export flow data to NetFlow Analyzer. Within minutes, traffic graphs are plotted and number reports are automatically generated, and you are all set to monitor traffic in your network.

How to monitor network traffic in real time with NetFlow Analyzer?

Real-time traffic graphs:

Netflow Analyzer provides network admins with a real-time traffic graph with different views like Bar graph, line graph and area graph. With separate tabs for volume, speed, utilization and packets, these graphs get updated every time a flow ends (1-minute interval).

Free Real Time Network Traffic Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Traffic monitoring by source/destination

Conversation reports in this free network traffic monitoring tool lets the network administrators see the source and destination IPs associated with each conversation corresponding to any protocol. This report helps the IT team prioritize the bandwidth between business critical applications and standard applications.

Real Time Network Traffic Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Traffic monitoring by apps/port/protocol

Netflow Analyzer allows the network administrators to do statistical analysis on the network by analyzing every application one-by-one, take a look at the bandwidth usage for each protocol to help pinpoint irregular behavior, toxic applications, and IPs that drain valuable network bandwidth.

Real-Time Network Traffic Monitoring Tool for Apps/Port/Protocol

Some of the reasons why NetFlow Analyzer is more than just a basic real-time network traffic monitoring software:

Customizable Dashboard

As a real-time network traffic monitoring solution, providing an overview of the network's bandwidth usage stats at a glance plays a vital role in keeping the network in check. NetFlow Analyzer's customizable dashboard lets the network administrators prioritize the widgets on the client's home screen.

Real Time Network Traffic Monitoring Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Interface level monitoring

Gain momentous visibility into your network interfaces to view crucial network traffic statistics like application-wise traffic, DSCP values, and efficiency of class-based service policies (QoS) of the traffic.

Monitor Network Traffic in Real Time - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Alarms and Notifications

NetFlow Analyzer generates alerts and notifies your IT team, whenever the traffic utilization exceeds pre-defined threshold settings. Configure these threshold values based on utilization, duration and frequency (for IP's and Applications).

Real Time Network Traffic Monitor Tool for Windows - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

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