Edition Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central – Edition Comparison Matrix

Desktop Central is available in four variants - Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Free Editions. The table below provides a comparison of features available different editions.

Features Standard Edition Professional Edition Enterprise Edition Free Edition**
Suitable For Users who require Limited Functions Managing Desktops in LAN Managing Desktops across WAN Small Businesses with up to 25 computers and 5 mobile devices
Annual Subscription Price for 50 Computers, Single Technician $295 $545 $645 NA
Software Deployment
Patch Management
Non-Microsoft Patch Management
Antivirus Definition Updates
Asset Management
Mobile Device Management Add-on Mobile Device Management
Mobile Application Management Add-on
Remote Control
Transfer Files in Remote Session
Service Pack Installation
Windows Configurations
USB Device Management
Power Management
Windows System Tools
User Logon Reports
Active Directory Reports ✓***
Managing Desktops Across WAN
Manage Desktops of Roaming Users
Multi-Technician Support
Role Based Administration
Active Directory Authentication
Distribution Server for Bandwidth Optimization
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** Free Edition can be used to manage up to 25 desktops and 5 mobile devices.
*** Granular reports on Active Directory are not available in the Free Edition.