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"To ensure our clients' satisfaction, we prioritize the seamless performance of their critical applications. That's why we sought a monitoring solution that could offer a bird's-eye view of their IT infrastructure components, including VMs, databases, and server processes. Applications Manager proved to be the perfect fit, providing real-time insights that enable us to optimize our operations and provide unparalleled service to our valued customers."

— Sateesh Chauhan, system administrator, Alethe Consulting

Business challenge

As a consulting firm driven by the goal of providing cutting-edge technology solutions customized to suit the unique needs of its clients, customer satisfaction has always been paramount to Alethe Consulting. The consultants at Alethe, who are experts in IT infrastructure consulting, design, implementation, and operations, were actively looking for an all-inclusive monitoring tool that would give them holistic visibility into their clients' IT infrastructures and offer insights on enhancing their operational efficiency.

Delivering exceptional customer experience with Applications Manager

Alethe Consulting struck gold by choosing Applications Manager, catapulting their ability to efficiently monitor client infrastructures to new heights. The solution swiftly discovered and mapped dependencies within their clients' infrastructure, saving them a staggering 1,000 hours previously lost to manual, repetitive tasks.

With an intuitive GUI at their disposal, the consultants effortlessly navigated and explored the product, empowering them to pinpoint performance bottlenecks with ease. The structural representation of data on interactive dashboards provided them with invaluable insights, enabling proactive identification and resolution of issues before end users were impacted. As a result, Alethe Consulting achieved an astounding 90% reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR) while simultaneously slashing downtime expenses by nearly $10,000.

Key benefits

Here are some of the key benefits Alethe Consulting achieved after implementing Applications Manager.

End-to-end visibility

With the all-encompassing power of Applications Manager, Alethe consultants have been able to effortlessly monitor their clients' infrastructures with end-to-end visibility. This intelligent solution provides application performance monitoring (APM), infrastructure monitoring, and digital experience monitoring (DEM) from a single console. This eliminated the need for juggling between multiple tools, saving both time and costs overall.

Real-time monitoring

By leveraging Applications Manager, Alethe consultants gained a distinct advantage by monitoring their clients' infrastructure in real time, providing them with an edge over their competitors who relied on delayed notifications about performance issues. With the ability to keep a watchful eye on application availability and track real-time performance KPIs, Alethe consultants were able to optimize capacity planning and enhance resource management.

Faster troubleshooting

Thanks to the root cause analysis feature, Alethe's team of consultants have been able to swiftly pinpoint and prioritize issues in their clients' infrastructure, leading to a significant reduction in both mean time to resolve (MTTR) and mean time to identify (MTTI). By streamlining troubleshooting efforts, they can ensure maximum efficiency and uptime for their clients' IT infrastructure, ultimately resulting in increased customer satisfaction. It's no wonder why Alethe's clients continue to trust the company with their critical business systems and applications.

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