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.NET Application Performance Monitoring

With Applications Manager's .NET application performance monitoring, track the performance of complex .NET web transactions from the end user to the database level. Get deep visibility into .NET application performance and troubleshoot issues quickly before your end users are affected. Employing the services of a .NET monitoring tool like Applications Manager helps you gain visibility into your .NET application through proactive tracking of critical application metrics to understand the level at which they are operating. The application monitoring solution has a dedicated APM Insight dashboard where you can keep track of your .NET applications for performance analysis and optimization.

With Applications Manager's .NET application monitoring you can:

  • Isolate performance bottlenecks and drill down to the offending code.
  • Troubleshoot code latency and pinpoint the root cause of issues.
  • Measure user satisfaction with Apdex scores.
  • Understand database operations.
  • Trace individual business transactions.
  • Get real-time visuals of CLR performance and health.

Monitor your .NET application performance with Applications Manager

Real-time monitoring of key performance metrics

With end-to-end visibility into all tiers of your .NET web transactions, you get insight into key performance metrics starting from CLR performance to URLs to SQL queries. Applications Manager's .NET performance monitoring gives you round-the-clock proactive monitoring that detects performance issues of .NET transactions, enabling your application teams to resolve problems before end-users are impacted.

Performance overview of your applications with .NET application monitoring tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Tune your database performance and diagnose slowdowns

Maintaining complete visibility into the performance of business-critical databases can be a real challenge - especially when faced with a performance slowdown. Keep ahead of database issues with APM Insight. Monitor .NET applications to identify the slow database calls, database usage and overall performance of the database with detailed graphical and tabular representations of core performance metrics.

Track database operations of your applications with .NET application performance monitoring

Trace details of transactions in minutes

APM Insight lets you trace the execution details for URLs. The trace will chart the sequence of internal invocations (methods) of the URL. By monitoring .NET applications, you can now dig down into transactions to view exceptions stack traces and SQL queries for slow or failed requests.

Graph of trace performance with .NET applications monitoring tools like Applications Manager

Fix microservice errors with distributed tracing

If your application is running in a microservices environment, you can make use of our distributed tracing capabilities to track calls made from one service to another across various platforms and languages. In the event of an error, .NET application monitoring tools like Applications Manager helps you quickly understand which service is impacted allowing you to collaborate with the respective team to fix it.

.Breakdown of transactions with ManageEngine Applications Manager's distributed tracing capability
Monitor .Net Application transactions with Applications Manager

Understand code behavior

APM Insight's .NET application performance monitoring tool allows you to configure custom app parameters for your application which can be tracked during runtime. This helps you to determine the hit frequency of specific code blocks, helping you identify parts of your application code that might need optimization.

Dot Net Application Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get visibility into exceptions

Identifying and monitoring the exceptions that occur in your application can give you visibility into application problems. With APM Insight's application performance monitoring, you can track and trace an issue within your .NET enviornment to identify the root cause, helping you to resolve it before it affects the end users. APM Insight's Dot Net monitoring agent collects information about exceptions in various dimensions. Some of the information that can be viewed under the Exception Tab in APM Insight are Top Exceptions, Error Codes, Count, etc.

Exception details of .NET Transactions

Get started with .NET monitoring in just a few minutes!

Applications Manager extends visibility into your .NET Core environment by integrating with the Dot Net Core monitoring feature. This unlocks the potential to peer into your .NET infrastructure and how your application dependencies interact with each other.

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