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Serverless Monitoring

Find and fix performance issues in your serverless environment

Numerous organizations are now migrating to serverless architectures considering all the advantages that come with it. It enables adaptive scaling of resources, cuts down unnecessary usage cost, offers flexibility and facilitates efficient resource management. Like any infrastructure, monitoring your serverless technologies can prove to be advantageous as it can help enhance performance and detect problems beforehand and prevent unnecessary outages. Monitoring serverless infrastructures can be pretty challenging as there is an inherent lack of control since serverless applications are built to be run by a third party cloud service provider, and business owners do not have full ownership. Also, because the servers only exist when a function is called, this independent nature of functions makes it difficult to track and identify errors. And since serverless applications use resources as and when they are required, tracking resource usage becomes difficult in itself. Furthermore, understanding and predicting the infrastructure costs incurred for your applications also becomes complicated. Applications Manager is a comprehensive serverless monitoring tool and helps you overcome these challenges and enables you to manage your serverless infrastructures effortlessly!

Leverage Applications Manager's Serverless Monitoring Capabilities

Monitoring your serverless application environments can ensure smooth running of all your critical business applications and can help avoid unnecessary bottlenecks, thereby preventing unplanned outages. Applications Manager is an effective serverless monitoring tool that helps you run your mission-critical applications on serverless without missing out on visibility.

Gain visibility into your serverless functions

Collect data from all invocations to keep track of application activity and understand how your important user-facing functions are performing. Quickly isolate offending functions to reduce business disruption.

Detect cold starts

One of the common issues with serverless performance is cold start which usually results in a small delay in spinning up a new container. Cold starts happen every time a new function or version is deployed or if a function has been inactive for a period of time or when there is a sudden spike of invocations to a function. Applications Manager helps you determine if a function invocation is a cold start and troubleshoot metrics like latency.

AWS Lambda Serverless Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Identify functions generating errors

Set up alerts on the error rate of your serverless applications and get notified as soon as the error rate passes the threshold. This can save you hours searching through logs and prevent crucial downtime that affects end users.

Become aware of drop in invocations

Some functions are expected to run a certain number of times per time period. You can set up alerts in Applications Manager to notify you when a specific function doesn't run.

Discover issues in application data pipeline

For serverless applications that process a stream or batches of data, the volume is fairly predictable. You can configure Applications Manager to alert when both the upper and lower thresholds of invocation counts are breached to identify if there is an issue in the data pipeline of the application.

Know when functions exceed concurrency limits

When an application scales, it can result in functions exceeding concurrency limits set by the provider. This can result in longer execution times, server errors or other failures of execution that can impact the user experience. Applications Manager helps you proactively identify throttled functions and ensure your functions have enough concurrent executions to handle incoming requests.

AWS Lambda Serverless Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep track of memory usage and reduce spending

It is important to keep track of the memory usage of your functions in order to fine tune the performance and cost efficiency of your serverless applications. With Applications Manager, you can understand if a function is close to reaching the memory limit. This helps you avoid over-allocating or under-allocating memory to functions and thereby optimize costs.

Quickly resolve serverless production errors

Applications Manager proactively identifies abnormal behavior in your serverless applications, such as error rate surge without any manual configuration changes, and alerts you through various mediums such as e-mail, SMS, Slack, and ServiceNow. It enables operations teams and developers to collaborate better and resolve problems faster without having to dig through log files.

Use the machine-learning enabled reporting feature to view forecast reports about critical serverless metrics to get exhausting serverless monitoring features. Visualize data of crucial metrics through graphs and get an overall idea of how well your serverless applications are doing.

Supported serverless platforms

AWS Lambda is currently the most popular Function-as-a-service platform. Applications Manager's serverless monitoring capabilities lets you keep an eye on your AWS serverless Lambda environment. Become aware of abnormalities in the Lambda functions before they overwhelm your critical applications. Applications Manager enables you to monitor other AWS services that pair well with Lambda such as AWS, SQS, and DynamoDB. You can also monitor serverless implementations in the Oracle Cloud such as Oracle autonomous database.

Start monitoring serverless in just a few minutes!

Whether you are evaluating serverless architecture or already running billions of invocations, you will need to monitor performance to overcome operational challenges. Applications Manager is easy to use and can be set up in just a few minutes.

See how Applications Manager can change your serverless monitoring game. Download a 30-day free trial now to experience it hands-on!

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