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IIS Monitoring Tools

IIS Monitoring

Monitor IIS server performance with Applications Manager

With Applications Manager, get comprehensive insights about the health and performance of IIS server. Track KPIs and ensure availability and hassle-free performance of the websites hosted on it.

Track response time in real-time

With Applications Manager's IIS monitoring software, become aware of response time of the IIS server and get notified when it's value crosses beyond a specified threshold. Constant increase in response time might indicate a problem with the web server, host, or website resources.

IIS Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Be informed about IIS Application Pool health

Application pools consist of worker processes. A worker process depicts work being done for a website, web application, or web service. IIS performance monitoring tools like Applications Manager are capable of tracking crucial application pool metrics such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, No. of Worker Processes and Queue length.

An increase in CPU usage may indicate high traffic or unwanted garbage collection. The No. of Worker Processes attribute indicates the load that an application pool is handling.

IIS monitoring tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get insights about hosted websites

Applications Manager's acts as an effective IIS monitoring tool that gives in-depth insights about the websites hosted on the web server. It tracks numerous crucial metrics that gives you an idea about how well your hosted website is performing.

  • Get to know the current and maximum connections established in your IIS server. This can give you an idea of how loaded your server is.
  • Become aware of bytes sent, received and transferred on your website every second to get to know how much traffic your website is handling. Details about files sent, received and transferred on your website are also available at your disposal.
  • Analyze the number of anonymous and non-anonymous users connected to the website.

IIS web service monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager's IIS monitor also lets you classify and compare the performance of the hosted websites against crucial metrics. This gives you insights into the top performing websites at a single glance.

IIS web server performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager
IIS performance monitoring tools free - ManageEngine Applications Manager
IIS web server monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Proactive alerts

Monitoring IIS performance with Applications Manager provides options to configure alerts for crucial metrics and notifies you of unavailability of the server, change in health status of application pools, etc. You can choose to receive these alerts through the medium of your choice. Some supported mediums include SMS, Email, Slack, etc. This facilitates faster identification of problems and resolves them before the end users get affected.

Exhaustive reports for trend analysis

IIS monitoring tools like Applications Manager lets you generate reports for various attributes such as availability, response time, etc. You can use the reports to analyze the trends of your server's performance over a selected period, thereby helping you to plan server capacity with ease. These reports can be exported as a PDF/Excel file, and can even be sent to your email for record keeping purposes.

IIS performance monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Start monitoring IIS performance in a few minutes!

With Applications Manager's IIS monitoring, you can efficiently ensure that your web server is performing at optimum levels without any hassle. You can quickly get started by downloading a full-fledged, free, 30 day trial now!


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