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Citrix Xenapp Monitoring Tool

Citrix Virtual Apps Monitoring (Formerly Citrix XenApp)

Citrix Virtual Apps (formerly Citrix XenApp) is a popular solution for virtual application delivery which provides secure and remote access to Windows applications and desktops from any device. The biggest challenge for an admin is to exactly pinpoint the source of slowness in an application running on a Citrix Virtual Apps server. Applications Manager's Citrix Virtual Apps monitoring helps in quickly drilling down to the root cause of a problem in Virtual Apps, resolve slowness in applications, and help provide a better user experience.

Proactively monitor Virtual Apps server performance

View critical performance metrics of the Virtual Apps server, by monitoring the number of failed database connections, busy XML threads. Our Citrix XenApp monitoring tool also facilitates tracking growth of Virtual Apps servers, license servers and web interface counters.

Citrix Xenapp Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Citrix Xenapp Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Determine any slowdown in launching applications

Applications Manager's Citrix XenApp performance monitoring helps track transaction time, number of requests processed and determine the load on XML brokers to determine any bottlenecks in processing transactions like obtaining user information, validating user credentials, changing a password, requesting a ticket, etc. for quicker troubleshooting, before it impacts end users.

Citrix Xenapp Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Detect any interruption in Virtual Apps services

Determine whether Citrix Virtual Apps services ( Configuration Service, StoreFront, Licensing, etc.) are running properly and monitor their state to detect any outages. Citrix XenApp monitoring has a feature that allows you to configure thresholds and receive alerts if the health of the service is down.

Citrix Virtual Apps Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track end user experience of applications deployed on Virtual Apps server

In virtual environments, monitoring Citrix XenApp user profiles is critical to ensure users get a consistent experience every time they log in, to provide a seamless user experience. Monitor important parameters in the Citrix EUEM service which include time taken for authenticating a user and application load on servers to determine any possible delay.

Citrix Xenapp Performance Monitor Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Measure any network latency experienced by users

Detect any latency between the client and the Virtual Apps Server, while interacting with an application hosted in a session on a Virtual Apps server, by monitoring the roundtrip time, available bandwidth and determine any network delay in transmitting the data between the client and server.

Citrix Xenapp Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Proactively detect issues in real time using event logs

Manage logs across servers and application to diagnose issues like server overload, invalid user login, unavailability of resources, connections rejected, invalid session configuration files and more. View important XenApp monitoring metrics to automate incident detection, track the availability and functionality of your Virtual Apps environment, and avoid any unplanned downtime.

Citrix Xenapp Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

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Note: Citrix Virtual Apps monitoring does not include Citrix Desktop monitoring.

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