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Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring

Oracle Cloud offers storage options for organizations and enterprises. Employing an Oracle Cloud monitoring solution to keep an eye on cloud storage is essential for optimization of performance and quick resolution of issues. Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud Storage monitor enables you to track various components like block volumes, file storage, and object storage buckets.

Monitor key metrics of Oracle Cloud Storage.

Get insight on crucial parameters like number of objects, latency, number of requests, bucket size, and storage errors. These metrics help you measure the amount of storage you're using and to monitor the performance of requests.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track objects and requests.

Get information about the objects in your Oracle Cloud Storage like the objects with higher storage volume, objects which were created recently and objects grouped under a particular category.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring software - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud monitoring tool also provides details about object requests. You can optimize latency by monitoring the read and write requests, and their respective throughputs.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring Service - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor Block Volumes.

By monitoring the block volume metrics, you can ensure that your data is safely stored in the cloud. Get a granular view of business critical metrics like volume read/write throughputs, volume read/write operations, etc. You can also backup your block volumes and retain them based on selected backup policies.

Keep tabs on your File Storage.

Applications Manager's Oracle Cloud monitoring solution gives you extensive stats on Oracle Cloud File Storage. Details like the amount of storage memory utilized, state of the file system, the number of days since the last backup, and name of the last snapshot are available at your disposal.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

You can also keep an eye on the mount targets and the buckets in your compute system.

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No cost for alarms or data stored.

Applications Manager's fault management system comes with a root cause analyzer using which you can easily pinpoint the source of the errors or detect under-utilized resources. In addition to this, you can also set up static and dynamic thresholds and anomaly profiles to recognize performance degradation proactively. You can establish the baseline values as a percentage of a fixed baseline value, or opt for "Dynamic Baselining" where the data will be compared with the previous week. Get instant notifications and perform automated corrective actions when the values deviate from ideal behavior. Perform historical analysis of critical metrics with data that can be aggregated and retained for upto 15 months.

Oracle Cloud Storage Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Predict future needs with intelligent reports.

With the trend analysis reports offered by Applications Manager, you can analyze the historical data of various metrics over a period of time. You can also make informed decisions regarding your resources with the help of forecast reports. These reports employ machine learning techniques to predict growth and utilization trends for up to three years in the future.

Oracle Cloud Storage Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Managers

Get started in minutes.

If you are looking to monitor your Oracle Cloud Storage service, just download a trial version of Applications Manager, set up the monitoring, and start seeing performance charts rightaway. It takes just a few minutes to get started. Applications Manager also provides support for Oracle monitoring.

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