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Java Performance Monitoring Tools

Java performance monitoring

Get out-of-the-box, comprehensive Java performance monitoring

Applications Manager's Java performance monitoring offers deep application performance monitoring with byte-code instrumentation for Java applications in development, QA, and production environments. Ensure that your end users have a satisfactory experience by simulating their journey through the applications.

Closely monitor and analyze mission critical KPIs

Our Java performance monitoring tool enables you to proactively monitor KPIs that are vital to your Java applications by fetching the stats in real time and aggregating them for historical analysis; and also employ machine learning techniques to forecast growth and usage of resources. It provides you with a full picture of why your application performance is deteriorating and how to prevent it from happening again.

Resolve issues before they affect your business

Java applications continually evolve at the pace of the technology around us, and are vulnerable to unforeseen issues, which may result in loss. Applications Manager's Java performance monitoring enables you to resolve issues faster and easier with the assistance of Root Cause Analyzer which pinpoints the source of faults accurately.

Respond to critical events quickly by sending a text or an email to an administrator responsible for investigating an issue or initiating an automated process to rectify an error condition. Automate tasks using web hooks to start external actions or to even integrate with your ITSM tools such as ServiceNow. You can also prevent unnecessary oversight by configuring baselines for acceptable performance with our fault management system.

Java Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Dissect database transactions

Leverage java monitoring to get extensive information about associated databases and their underlying operations. Our agent is furnished with detailed graphical and tabular representations to help identify the slow database calls, database usage and overall performance of the database.

Java Performance Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Java Application Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Debug with traces

Transaction traces are primarily used for debugging since they can help describe the transactions and their history. Applications Manager's Java application performance monitoring agent lets you trace the execution details for applications which will chart the sequence of internal invocations (methods). This helps discover exceptions in stack traces and SQL queries which would result in slow or failed requests.

Java Application Monitoring Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Utilize distributed tracing for microservice based applications

In applications built using microservices architecture, a single request can span across several applications. An external monitoring software only tells you the overall response time and number of invocations but provides no insight into the individual operations. With the help of our tool for Java performance monitoring, you can track calls made from one application to another across various platforms and languages.

Java Performance Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Visualize your applications and their dependencies

Applications Manager's Java application monitoring capability uses Service Maps to help you understand the topology behind your Java applications and their dependencies on other servers, apps, databases, etc. Get information about the status of all the external components that your application is connected to. You can also sort the components based on different critical metrics and get minimum, maximum, average, and 95th percentile values.

Java Application Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Forestall performance issues by setting app parameters

Over time, the performance of your applications can decline due to request overload which may overload your resources by increasing the number of DB calls, service calls, or user-defined framework calls. As a preemptive measure, Applications Manager enables you to monitor Java performance by configuring custom parameters for your application which can act as a threshold barrier during runtime. This helps you to determine the hit frequency of specific code blocks, helping you identify parts of your application code that might need optimization.

Java Performance Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager


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