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GlassFish Monitoring

Applications Manager's GlassFish monitoring provides complete visibility into the performance and availability of the application server to ensure that the deployed Java applications do not encounter service disruptions. Once known as Oracle GlassFish, the application server platform is now operating under the Eclipse foundation while also being supported by Payara. Applications Manager helps ensure that applications running on the GlassFish server operate at the optimal level with the aid of its monitoring, alerting, and reporting functionalities.

Gain unparalleled visibility into your GlassFish application server

Monitor GlassFish health, availability and response rate

Applications Manager has a comprehensive GlassFish monitoring dashboard that displays the health and availability stats of the application server. A graph is also available that helps understand how quick the GlassFish application server is responding for a given period of time. Our solution provides intuitive reports to help drill down into the performance behavior of GlassFish server objects.

GlassFish monitoring
GlassFish monitoring tool

Understand JVM heap memory utilization

It is crucial to have a clear picture on how efficient the JVM heap memory is being utilized by the executable threads in the application. GlassFish monitoring tools like Applications Manager provides a graphical understanding of the memory utilization, making it easier for data admins to size the Java heap space which can be useful in ensuring that sufficient memory is available for usage.

GlassFish monitor
GlassFish performance monitor

Get the status of threads in JVM

With Applications Manager, get an overview into the operational status of the threads in JVM where GlassFish is running. The GlassFish monitor breaks down the total thread count into different operational statuses (Running/Waiting/Blocking/Deadlocked/Time Waiting).

GlassFish Thread Pool

Track JDBC connection pool and active web application sessions

Extend visibility into the activity status of web application sessions with Applications Manager's GlassFish solution. The dashboard gives the count for maximum allowable active sessions, current running sessions, and total rejected sessions.

GlassFish performance monitoring

Monitoring the JDBC connection pool is important to understand the efficiency at which the connections are being used. Maintaining sufficient connections in the pool can ensure optimal performance. Applications Manager provides metrics such as maximum pool size, active connection count, free connection count, unauthenticated connection count, wait queue size, and timed out connections. Analyzing these statistics, admins can find ways to improve the overall performance of the web applications running in the GlassFish server.

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