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AWS Elastic Beanstalk Monitoring

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an orchestration service that lets you easily deploy and scale web applications on AWS by eliminating the administrative overhead involved in capacity provisioning, load balancing and scaling. It supports a variety of platforms such as Java, .NET, PHP, node.js, Python, Ruby, Go and Docker.

While AWS Elastic Beanstalk can help you scale up your application, you still need to optimize and improve the performance of the application. Although AWS provides some basic monitoring, it is useful to have a more powerful monitoring platform that helps you understand what's happening with your AWS Beanstalk application.

Identify and resolve performance issues easily.

Applications Manager's AWS monitor-a single-console, multi-platform monitoring tool-comes with a variety of features to support the monitoring of AWS Elastic Beanstalk. With its server monitoring and web application monitoring capabilities, you can keep an eye on underlying web servers and the web applications built on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. It also helps you proactively monitor the KPIs that are vital to your applications by fetching the stats real time and aggregating them for historical analysis; and also employs machine learning techniques to forecast growth and usage.

You can identify and resolve performance issues before they impact your business by automatically extrapolating the root cause. Applications Manager constantly observes the application performance and reports the anomalies immediately. With our powerful fault management feature, you can reduce MTTR and manual intervention by automating corrective actions to be performed in case of faults and performance degradation.

Monitor Beanstalk KPIs.

You can gain operational insights into Beanstalk's performance with Applications Manager which uses Cloudwatch and Amazon API to collect and analyze more than 50 key metrics. Supervising these metrics enable IT admins to ensure high availability and smooth running of applications.

Keep an eye on the health of instances.

Beanstalk creates an EC2 instance whenever a new environment is launched. With Applications Manager's Elastic Beanstalk monitoring tool, you get instance level performance stats and system level data such as the time taken by the CPU to execute user operations and system level operations, and idle time. You can also find out the status of the instances-whether it's running, pending, degraded, warning, severe, unknown, info, or returns no data. Inventory details about the various AWS services used in the Beanstalk environment is also provided. You can enable, disable or delete instances from Applications Manager itself without logging into the Elastic Beanstalk console.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get instance request stats.

Applications Manager's AWS Elastic Beanstalk monitoring tool provides extensive stats on instance requests. You can find out the number of requests processed, processing time, and the split up of the responses (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx) of the total requests.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Monitor Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Get Host performance stats.

Stats on resource usage like CPU usage, disk I/O rates, disk I/O operations, and network stats like traffic and packet transmission are available at your disposal. Understand what's going on in your applications without looking at the logs. Ensuring these numbers are within admissible limits will help with latency issues and provide a healthy infrastructure for the Beanstalk environments.

Monitor Elastic Beanstalk - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Ensure latency is low.

Applications Manager's Elastic Beanstalk monitoring tool collects raw data like the time taken for the requests to be processed from Cloudwatch and converts them into useful information that supports remedial action, like the time taken to complete 99%, 90%, 75%, 50%, and 10% of the requests. This information sheds light on poor performing instances and instances that need to be optimized.

Monitor AWS Elastic Beanstalk - ManageEngine Applications Manager

All your configuration and event details in one place.

Applications Manager's Elastic Beanstalk monitoring dashboard displays information about your Beanstalk configurations in a single tab for easy reference. View configuration information like Environment details, ARN information, Autoscaling group details, etc. You can also get the details about the events that occurred in your Beanstalk environment.

Elastic Beanstalk monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager  

Get started with Elastic Beanstalk monitoring in just a few minutes!

Apart from Elastic Beanstalk monitoring, Applications Manager also supports other monitoring features such as AWS monitoring, AWS Lambda monitoring, and Elasticsearch monitoring. To experience Applications Manager firsthand, download our 30-day free trial or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour.

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