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Db2 Monitoring

IBM Db2 is a relational database that delivers advanced data management and analytics capabilities for transactional workloads, and runs on a wide range of platforms such as Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW). It is designed to deliver high performance, data reliability and availability, thus making it appropriate for a broad variety of enterprise and customer-facing applications.

Applications Manager provides comprehensive health and performance monitoring for your Db2 instances together with related applications and infrastructure elements. This helps you to maximize the efficiency and overall health of your Db2 database.

Get deep visibility into Db2 performance

Identify root cause and fix costly performance issues with real-time visibility into key performance indicators such as availability, connections, cache hit ratio, transaction statistics, tablespace usage, database size, and other attributes of Db2 servers.

 DB2 Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Optimize Buffer Pools

Optimizing your buffer pools will help you maximize the number of queries served from the cache. This is faster than reading data from the disk and minimizes the time your application spends reading data. Buffer pool hit ratios are one of the most basic metrics, and gives an overall measure of how effectively the system is exploiting memory to avoid disk I/O. Applications Manager's Db2 performance monitor can alert you when your buffer pool hit ratio value falls below the desired limit so you can take action before the application encounters performance problems.

Db2 BufferUsage - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Diagnose overall system load

If CPU or memory utilization reaches saturation levels, this can create a system bottleneck. With Applications Manager's Db2 monitoring software, you can regularly monitor system load on Unix, Linux and Windows systems by tracking CPU, memory and other information related to the system.

With the Db2 performance monitor, get transaction statistics from the to understand and track slow areas of performance in the database and rectify the issues before it leads to an outage.

Gain insights into connection and agent statistics

Applications Manager's IBM Db2 performance monitoring tool provides an understanding of your database connections precisely. It keeps a track of the connection time, total and remote connections, that helps discover the load on the database. It also collects details about agents like the number of agents waiting, and the number of agents registered in the current database.

Db2 Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Analyze Db2 database utilization

Applications Manager's IBM Db2 monitor enables you to optimize the performance of your database by keeping an eye on the deadlock rate. A deadlock is created when two applications lock data that is needed by the other, resulting in a situation in which neither application can continue to execute. Applications Manager also tracks database size, the percentage of log utilization, sorts overflowed, tablespace statuses and their usage.

Db2 Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Understand inefficient queries

With Applications Manager's Db2 database performance monitor, keep track of the ratio of rows read to rows selected and know the average number of rows that are read from database tables. A high number can be indicative of sub optimal queries. You may then improve the efficiency of the queries by adding indexes.

Quickly troubleshoot Db2 performance issues

You can set up Applications Manager to instantly notify you when it detects performance issues with Db2 servers. This enables you to take corrective actions faster and further tune the database performance.

Comprehensive performance reports

You can set up Applications Manager to instantly notify you when it detects performance issues with Db2 servers. This enables you to take corrective actions faster and further tune the database performance.

  • Pre-built reports: Make data-driven decisions about your Db2 servers by visualizing all KPIs, log utilization%, buffer hit ratio, failed queries, etc.
  • Trend analysis: Understand performance and resource utilization trends of your Db2 servers based on historical data.
  • Predictive analytics: Predict growth and utilization trends for up to three years into the future with the aid of forecast reports that employ machine-learning techniques.
  • Custom interactive dashboards: Share reports to all stakeholders and collaborators with out-of-the-box dashboards and drag-and-drop widgets.

Db2 Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Start monitoring Db2 performance in just a few minutes

If you are looking to monitor your Db2 database, just download a trial version of Applications Manager, set up the monitor, and start tracking the performance now!

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