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Azure Service Bus Monitoring Tool

Microsoft Azure Service Bus is a cloud-based enterprise integration messaging service. It helps in the decoupling of applications and services. It also acts as a secure platform for asynchronous transfer of data and state. If your business application uses Microsoft Azure Service bus as a messaging service to implement various workflows, it is important that proper monitoring of Azure Service Bus is in place.

Applications Manager's Azure Service Bus monitoring helps you to visualize service bus performance, discover errors, and automate corrective actions to optimize the efficiency of the service bus, thereby ensuring smooth operation of your business applications.

Manage requests and messages with ease

Keep an eye on data and management operations requests. Track the number of incoming requests and become aware of the idle state of Microsoft Azure Service Bus if the number of requests are low. For times when the number of requests are very high, ensure that it is well within the set namespace level to avoid throttling of requests.

If your business application involves handling messages from clients and servicing them, monitoring the messages becomes imperative. With Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure Service Bus monitoring tool, track incoming and outgoing messages along with incoming and outgoing message rates. Ensure that the incoming and outgoing message rates are almost in sync. If not, it might mean that the requests are being throttled.

Track resource usage

If your application uses the premium tier Azure Service bus service, you can also track CPU and memory utilization per namespace. Become aware of spikes in CPU and memory usage and reduce current workload to avoid throttling of requests. Scale up the number of Messaging Units allocated to each namespace to avoid overwhelming the service bus.

Applications Manager's Azure Service Bus monitoring tool also provides you overall insights about Namespace usage. Use APM's Azure service Bus Queue monitoring capabilities to track the number of queues and topics in each namespace. Get instant alerts when the usage crosses a set threshold and optimize application container performance.

Keep tabs on connections & errors

Monitor the open, closed and active connections. If the number of connections is high, you may need to verify if the resource usage is high. Perform trend analysis to analyze the load that your application is handling.

Use Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure Service bus monitoring software to track user and server errors. If you encounter many user errors, you may need to analyze if the application using the service bus is experiencing any issues. Take necessary actions to resolve errors and ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

Perform efficient queue management

When a client sends a message, it gets stored in a queue before it can be handled. To administer the requests efficiently, it is important to manage the queues comprehensively. With Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure Service Bus monitor, keep an eye on the queue size and get instant alerts when this value increases rapidly.

Visualize queue data graphically to get an overall idea about the queues in the system. Manage your resources adeptly to avoid throttling of requests.

Applications Manager's Microsoft Azure Service Bus monitoring tool sheds light on topic usage. Track the topic size and get notified when the free space decreases. Information about topic status, the count of subscription, active messages, dead letter messages, and transfer messages are also available at your disposal.

Visualize data with comprehensive reports

Analyze performance trends with current and historical reports of all critical Azure Service Bus metrics. Leverage Applications Manager's Machine Learning to obtain critical insights on Service Bus performance, and use them to manage your applications better.

Configure Azure Service Bus monitoring in minutes

Azure Service Bus monitor is part of Applications Manager's Azure monitoring solution. To experience Applications Manager first hand, just download and install a free 30-day trial or schedule a personalized demo for a guided tour

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Dec 15, 2021
All in one monitoring solution!!

The tool offers complete and unified visibility into our environment and helps us identify and resolve potential performance issues quickly.

- CloudOps Manager
Industry:TelecommunicationCompany Size: 30B+ USD

KFin Technologies reduces MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Industry: Financial services

KFintech, a financial services industry, having access to a surplus amount of data, was pertinent for to ensure that the performance of its databases was on point. With Applications Manager, KFintech was able to gain end-to-end insight into essential transactions, identify slow-performing queries, eliminate recurring performance issues, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

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