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Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) Tools

Digital experience monitoring

Proactively monitor the experience of your target audience as they journey through your applications with ManageEngine Applications Manager's digital experience monitoring. Set up threshold profiles to gauge how your applications are performing against industry benchmarks and optimize them to deliver maximum performance. Monitoring digital experience of your application makes it effortless to instantly pinpoint the root cause of latency and performance issues, and resolve them before they affect the end users.

Ensure a seamless user experience with a successful digital experience monitoring software strategy

With Applications Manager, you can build a pragmatic DEM strategy that is suitable for your organization. A typical DEM solution consists of application discovery tracing and diagnostics(ADTD), application analytics(AA) and website monitoring. But a functional digital experience monitoring platform incorporates a mix of the following monitoring agencies, in addition to the aforementioned capabilities:

Gain an edge by monitoring the digital experience of your applications

Gain deep insights into real-user interactions

With Applications Manager's digital experience monitoring solutions, you can track and assess the performance of critical metrics of your websites and web applications from various locations around the world. Our real user monitoring feature helps you ensure an optimal end-user experience by monitoring front end performance of applications - including AJAX calls, user sessions, the speed and transactions transpiring in your web applications, and Javascript errors round-the-clock. This enables DevOps teams to find and fix problems quickly without affecting other users.

Digital Experience Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Digital Experience Monitoring Solution - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Digital Experience Monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor your websites 24/7

Applications Manager's website monitoring tool enables you to evaluate and track the availability and performance of websites and locate and resolve performance issues quickly. You can validate HTTP requests and track website response time along with split-ups such as DNS time, connection time, First Byte Time (FBT), and Last Byte Time. Prevent any content defacement to your websites. As part of our digital experience monitoring tool, the web page analyzer can be useful in providing insights into web pages and help improve customer experience.

Digital Experience Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Test your web applications from your customers' POV

Applications Manager's synthetic transaction monitoring tool allows you to simulate critical user paths on your website to understand your web applications' behavior. Replicating user actions helps you eliminate any bottlenecks in your applications before real customers are affected.

Digital Experience Monitoring Platform - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Digital Experience Monitor - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Learn more about Applications Manager's synthetic monitoring.

Get visibility into the back end of web applications

Monitor hosted web services and enterprise internet services to rule out the network factor when a performance problem arises. Applications Manager's end user monitoring agents help identify and resolve potential issues across geographies even in the absence of real-user load. You can monitor the KPIs of various ISPs such as DNS, LDAP, Ping, Mail Server, etc. to get visibility into the network side of web applications and to optimize them in the interests of improving digital experience.

Digital Experience Management - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor application performance to measure end user experience

Applications Manager's application performance monitoring capabilities provides an end-to-end understanding of application performance - from the url to the SQL. It helps DevOps teams measure transaction performance, database operations, and various other server side analytics. As a highly versatile DEM tool, Applications Manager also helps gauge user experience of web applications by providing APDEX scores that denote the satisfaction level of users towards your application.

DEM Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Looking to monitor Digital experience?

Customize your digital experience monitoring strategy with Applications Manager and get all the ingredients needed for your DEM recipe. Applications Manager is easy to install and you can start monitoring in minutes! Take a free trial today!


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Dec 15, 2021
All in one monitoring solution!!

The tool offers complete and unified visibility into our environment and helps us identify and resolve potential performance issues quickly.

- CloudOps Manager
Industry:TelecommunicationCompany Size: 30B+ USD

KFin Technologies reduces MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Industry: Financial services

KFintech, a financial services industry, having access to a surplus amount of data, was pertinent for to ensure that the performance of its databases was on point. With Applications Manager, KFintech was able to gain end-to-end insight into essential transactions, identify slow-performing queries, eliminate recurring performance issues, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

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