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Oracle HTTP Server Monitoring

Oracle HTTP Server Monitoring

Monitoring the performance of your web server is crucial when it comes to hosting various web applications for business. Applications Manager's Oracle HTTP Server monitoring enables you to monitor the key performance metrics of your Oracle HTTP server in real-time and provides deep insights to facilitate smooth user experiences.

With Applications Manager's Oracle HTTP Server monitoring tool, you can:

Monitor the performance of Oracle web server

Monitor the availability of the web server along with its uptime duration and ensure that your server is up and running without any interruptions. Track system resource consumption by constantly checking on the amount of CPU utilized by the web server. Keep constant checks on the response time of your web server and obtain vital information on the total user accesses and the amount of data transferred from the web server to ensure optimal performance in case of overloads.

Keep track of transaction requests

Obtain real-time insights on the amount of request transactions that are processed by the web server. Analyze the number of requests that are handled per minute along with the rate of bytes served to help you estimate the processing capacity of the web server. Keep an eye on the average time duration taken per request to become aware in case of sudden increase in time duration and to take corrective actions quickly before end users are affected.

Keep an eye on server utilization and system load

Proactively monitor the amount of servers utilized by the web server real-time to maintain and allocate resources accordingly. Gain visibility into server usage statistics by keeping track of the number of busy and idle servers. Analyze and compare the average system load caused by the web server in the last one, five and fifteen minutes, making it easy for you to plan server capacity.

Gain visibility into session caching

Track the usage of your TLS session caches stored by your web servers. Monitor the amount of caches utilized by the web server along with number of entries that stored/expired for the server. View the amount of shared cache memory allocated for the TLS session cache along with the cache type and the number of sub caches used by the web server to store the cache entries.

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Supported web server technologies

Applications Manager also offers monitoring for the following web servers:

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