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Oracle VM Monitoring

Oracle VM Server is virtualization technology from Oracle that provides complete server virtualization and management for virtual environments. It is a bare-metal-type hypervisor that enables you to efficiently manage hypervisors, physical servers, and applications through an integrated web-based management console. It also helps host machines run multiple guest virtual environments. Given the extensive use of Oracle virtual servers among organizations, it is important to have an effective virtual server monitoring system like Applications Manager's Oracle VM monitoring in place to ensure optimal performance of your virtual environment.

Applications Manager's Oracle VM monitoring offers a proactive solution that collects detailed insights about the performance of your Oracle VM (OVM) servers and their associated virtual machines. It discovers and connects to the Oracle VM infrastructure and its components through Oracle VM Manager's Web Services APIs, and fetches the health status and performance of the OVM host servers and their virtual machines (VMs) in real time. Oracle VM monitoring tools like Applications Manager keep track of the configured Oracle VM Manager and it's associated inventory, like storage, repositories, and Oracle VM servers and their VMs, using which admins can set up a consistent monitoring system, control the user experience, and improve real-time performance of business-critical services in the virtual Oracle infrastructure.

Discover and map all the components of the Oracle virtual infrastructure.

  • Auto-discover OVM hypervisors associated with the Oracle virtual infrastructure by mapping them in their hierarchical topology, and monitoring them with business service views.
  • Monitor performance at every tier of the Oracle virtual infrastructure, including the server pools in the data center, the servers belonging to those pools, the OVM hypervisor and its associated Oracle virtual machines allocated to the host in a server pool, and the underlying physical systems and applications running on those virtual machines.
  • Ensure flawless functioning of your Oracle VM server by tracking critical SNMP network resources and core metrics through Applications Manager's Oracle VM SNMP monitoring capability.
  • Monitor the server pools and their corresponding servers associated with the Oracle VM infrastructure on which business-critical applications run, generate reports on the status of resource groups, and receive notification on critical performance events.
Oracle VM Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Track the performance of your OVM servers in real-time.

  • Gain an overall picture of the OVM environment with information like the number of hosts and the corresponding VMs running on them.
  • Monitor various key performance parameters associated with the OVM server such as CPU and memory utilization, disk and network usage statistics, and the performance of various virtual machines running under them.
  • Analyze performance between the host server and its VMs, between applications and VMs, and between VMs hosted on the same physical machine with Oracle VM performance monitoring.
Oracle VM Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Oracle VM Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
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Drill down to the root cause of an issue with deep diagnostics.

  • Rapidly identify bottlenecks by performing root-cause analysis on problems in the Oracle virtual infrastructure. Discover if it's the network, the host servers and its VMs, or one of the applications causing the bottleneck.
  • Determine if specific virtual machines are consuming resources, and identify the applications responsible. Associate alerts to Oracle VM performance metrics in order to minimize outages and the risks associated with them.
  • Eliminate downtime and application lag with root-cause diagnosis and proactive alerting. With Applications Manager's Oracle VM Monitoring, configure alarms on user-defined thresholds and receive notifications of performance problems and downtime via email and SMS instantly.
Monitor Oracle VM Performance - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Generate performance reports using intelligent analytics.

  • Gain complete insights into the performance of your Oracle VM servers with help from Applications Manager's attribute-wise performance analytics.
  • Predict the future growth and utilization trends of your OVM servers using machine learning-based performance forecasting.
  • Plan load distribution and capacity management for your OVM monitors by identifying whether your servers are working at full capacity or are being underutilized.
  • Generate reports to know how your OVM servers are performing over a period of time and analyze possible trends.
Oracle VM Server Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Oracle VM SNMP Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

With a powerful, integrated console for monitoring, alerting, and performance analytics, Applications Manager is the only one-stop Oracle VM monitoring tool that fits the bill for all your OVM monitoring requirements. Develop your Oracle VM server performance monitoring strategy with Applications Manager's robust platform. You can also use Applications Manager's Oracle monitoring tool to track the performance of your Oracle database! Start your 30-day, free trial today!

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