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SOAP Monitoring

Web Services Monitoring

Service Oriented Architectures help enterprises integrate simple web services to build complex business processes. Applications Manager's web service monitoring tools provide a flexible approach to manage an SOA that uses SOAP Web Services. By using a tool to monitor web service, administrators can track the availability and performance of SOAP web services while also gaining the visibility they need to ensure that business operatives' line-of-business applications meet SLAs.

Monitoring SOAP web services with Applications Manager

Track operational health of web services

With Applications Manager's web services monitoring tool, monitor web services by keeping a close watch on the health and availability statuses of your web service periodically to ensure it is up and running at all times. Our web services monitor has a customizable dashboard wherein multiple SOAP elements can be monitored at a glance.

Web Service Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Measure web service response time and execution time

Applications Manager's web services monitor serves as an excellent tool to monitor WSDL response time that denotes the time taken to relay a service request. In addition, our SOAP monitoring capability allows users to configure a custom SOAP operation and track its execution time that can help identify performance bottlenecks.

SOAP Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Set up and track SOAP response operations

Using Applications Manager's SOAP monitor, administrators can add an operation to a web service being monitored. After specifying predefined actions and requests, our web service monitor has a function that allows admins to run the test operation and check the corresponding SOAP response output along with supporting performance metrics.

Web Services Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Receive proactive alerts for fault management

The most crucial element in monitoring web services is the ability to instantly generate alerts when there is a breach. As such, Applications Manager's web service monitoring allows admins to configure an alarm that will go off when a parameter breaches it's threshold. Alerts can be sent via SMS, email or even made to trigger an action.

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