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VMware vFabric tc Server Monitoring

A web application server based on the open-source Apache Tomcat, VMware vFabric tc Server is the choice of the industry today for building and running modern virtual and cloud applications.It is the runtime server which is part of the vFabric cloud application platform. Also with the built-in Spring applications, vFabric tc Server has been successful in satisfying the needs of numerous IT and application operation teams. ManageEngine Applications Manager helps in monitoring the performance and availability of the vFabric tc Server and Spring applications, thus ensuring your business-critical cloud services perform as expected.

Applications Manager monitors the critical components of the vFabric tc Server to detect any performance problems. It delivers proactive alarm notifications, triggering appropriate actions and empowering the operators with drill-down analysis and reporting. It also provides visibility into the performance of the Spring-powered cloud applications deployed in the vFabric tc Server.

When combined with Applications Manager's out-of-the-box monitoring support for VMware servers and cloud instances, the tc Server monitoring capability becomes even more useful.

Track the Memory Usage of your vFabric tc Server

Gain insight into the memory usage and get notified before the server runs out of memory.

Overview with Memory and CPU Usage
Monitor the various Web Applications running

Identify the various applications running in the vFabric tc Server and their health status.You can also enable or disable the web application from within Applications Manager client itself.

Web Applications
Gain insight into the requests processed

Get details on the requests received and sent per second in the server along with the counts for the request not processed, time taken to process the request, etc.

Request Processor
Track the Cache Memory Usage

Monitor the cache hits of the applications and get notified when the hit counts or the cache hit ratio violates the threshold.

Cache Details
Identify the Transaction Rate and failed transactions

Monitor the transactions in the application level and get notified when the commits, rollback and suspend rates breach the threshold level.

Monitor the Thread Details

Know how the JVM is performing. Find out the total no. of thread count, no. of threads in the running state, threads that are waiting for a task and blocked threads in the JVM.

Thread Detail Monitoring
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Benefits of using Applications Manager's VMware vFabric tc Server Monitor

  • Ensure high uptime and peak performance of your VMware vFabric tc Server and the Spring-based cloud applications deployed on the server.
  • Understand how your tc Server resources are being utilized and plan capacity effectively.
  • Agentless monitoring that is easy to set up and manage.

What our customers say

Dec 15, 2021
All in one monitoring solution!!

The tool offers complete and unified visibility into our environment and helps us identify and resolve potential performance issues quickly.

- CloudOps Manager
Industry:TelecommunicationCompany Size: 30B+ USD

KFin Technologies reduces MTTR by 90% using Applications Manager

Industry: Financial services

KFintech, a financial services industry, having access to a surplus amount of data, was pertinent for to ensure that the performance of its databases was on point. With Applications Manager, KFintech was able to gain end-to-end insight into essential transactions, identify slow-performing queries, eliminate recurring performance issues, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.

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