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Azure SQL managed instance monitoring Tools

Azure SQL managed instance monitoring

Monitor critical KPIs of Azure SQL Managed Instances

Monitor the availability and performance of your Azure SQL Managed Instances. Detect, diagnose and resolve performance bottlenecks instantly. With Applications Manager's Azure SQL Managed instance monitoring tool, you can:

Track CPU usage

CPU usage is an important indicator that determines whether your managed instances are reaching their capacity limits. A high CPU usage can cause performance degradation and hence must be taken care of at the earliest. With Applications Manager, get alerted when CPU usage crosses specified thresholds and prevent downtimes.

Azure SQL managed instance monitoring tool - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Monitor storage utilization

Understand how your storage is being utilized. Configure alerts for Used Storage Space to detect increasing storage space. Scale and plan your capacity accordingly.

Azure SQL managed instance monitoring Tools - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Gain insights into I/O requests

With Applications Manager's SQL managed instance monitoring tool, get details about the number of I/O requests that your instance receives every minute. Get Total and Average I/O statistics and understand the load that your instance is handling.
Analyse anomaly spikes in I/O activities and get to the root cause of the problem to avoid throttling and optimize performance of your instances.

Azure SQL managed instance monitoring Software - ManageEngine Applications
Monitoring Microsoft Azure SQL managed instances - ManageEngine Applications Manager
Monitoring Microsoft Azure SQL managed instances - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Keep an eye on databases

Get an overview of all the databases in your Azure SQL Managed Instance at a single glance. Track the status of these databases and get notified when they are offline.

Monitor Microsoft Azure SQL managed instances - ManageEngine Applications Manager


Analyse performance trends with reports

With Applications Manager's ML enabled alerting capabilities, get alerted when key performance metrics deviate from their usual values. Get notified on different channels such as mail, SMS, slack, etc. Perform trend analysis of performance metrics over a specific time period. Leverage ML based forecast reports to plan capacity of your Azure SQL instances.

With Applications Manager, you can also monitor other Azure services such as:

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