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Oracle E-Business Suite Monitor

    Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Monitoring

  • Oracle E-Business Suite is a suite of enterprise business applications software that helps in running various operations of the business efficiently, be it internal or customer facing . It is comprised of disparate modules like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Service Management, Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management, and many more.

    Due to the complex multi-tier architecture, monitoring these applications is a very difficult task, making it nearly impossible for an IT admin to detect the cause of a failure, in the event of a downtime.

  • Oracle EBS Monitoring using Applications Manager

    ManageEngine's Applications Manager , an out-of-the-box , proactive monitoring solution evaluates the performance of your Oracle E- business suite by accurately drilling down to identify the root cause of an issue, measuring the response time of the requests, and providing comprehensive reports on the server's overall health and availability.

  • Detect bottlenecks or slowdown in processes

    Get to know about the different processes, their host names and the servers on which they are running. You can determine why a process is running slow by measuring the heap size of the process deployed on a server.

  • Monitor efficiently in large environments

    In larger IT environments, multiple servers will be deployed on clusters. Using Applications Manager, you can drill down to details about the servers in each cluster and its status of operation. Also, it becomes easier to track down the failed server in a cluster and troubleshoot faster.

    Monitor efficiently in large environments
  • Get to know all the details about the server

    By tracking thread pool utilization you can prevent deadlocks and detect thread pool exhaustion. You can also detect the number of failed logins to the server, due to poor network connectivity or any form of unauthorized access. Also measure the memory and CPU usage of all the form resources running on the server.

    Get to know all the details about the server
  • Detect the performance of applications running on the server

    Drill down to get to know the server on which an application is hosted and know its status. Also get to know about the form details of application, the server name etc.

    Detect the performance of applications running on the server
  • Know more about Oracle Forms Applications

    With Applications Manager, know about the functioning of all the underlying components in the complex Oracle forms architecture. Get proactive notifications/alerts of problems by retrieving details of the server, the instance and the number of active sessions.

    Know more about Oracle Forms Applications
  • Get to know about OPMN components

    Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server manages all the processes running on the EBS Server and provides event notifications. Know more about CPU, memory usage of all the OPMN components, and the server on which it is running.

    Get to know about OPMN components
  • Monitor the web cache performance

    The request filter statistics, indicate the requests that are sent between the server and the browser. Details like the site name, the instance and the cache size etc. are displayed. Apart from this, it also informs about the number of processed and failed requests.

    Monitor the web cache performance
  • Built in reports and dashboards

    Applications Manager informs you about the health and performance of your Oracle EBS environment with the help of accurate , readily available reports and dashboards.

    Built in reports and dashboards

    You can also use Applications Manager's Oracle monitoring tool to track the performance of your Oracle database! Start your 30-day, free trial today!

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It allows us to track crucial metrics such as response times, resource utilization, error rates, and transaction performance. The real-time monitoring alerts promptly notify us of any issues or anomalies, enabling us to take immediate action.

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