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RabbitMQ Monitoring

RabbitMQ is an open-source enterprise messaging system initially based on the Advanced Messaging Queuing Protocol (AMQP) standard but now supports numerous other protocols. Lightweight and easy to deploy on premises or on cloud, RabbitMQ is the most popular open source message broker. To ensure optimal performance, it is critical to perform RabbitMQ monitoring. However, it is a challenge for organizations to find RabbitMQ monitoring tools that provide complete visibility into its infrastructure.

Applications Manager provides complete visibility into the critical performance attributes of message broker enabling IT teams to ensure business-critical services perform as expected. Our RabbitMQ performance monitoring capabilities will help you :

Get started with Applications Manager's RabbitMQ monitoring tool in minutes.

Applications Manager automatically discovers all RabbitMQ instances in your network and starts metric collection in minutes. Keep track of all key RabbitMQ metrics such as Memory utilization, queues, nodes, channels, etc. and ensure maximum uptime and health of your message broker on our RabbitMQ monitoring dashboard.

Monitor RabbitMQ performance metrics

Applications Manager's RabbitMQ performance monitor collects detailed metrics from the server that helps identify potential performance issues in your message broker. Some key performance metrics include:

Nodes: Socket descriptors used/available, Erland processes used/ available, memory used/available
Queues: Messages ready/ unacknowledged, incoming rate, deliver/get rate
Exchanges: Type, incoming publish rate, outgoing publish rate
Channel: User name, prefetch msgs, unacknowledged msgs, unconfirmed msgs, publish rate. deliver/ get rate, acknowledged rate
Connections: Peer address, protocol, receive rate kbps, send rate kbps, state

Visibility into these attributes can offer valuable insights into the overall efficiency and help detect anomalies in performance. Configure baselines to detect performance anomalies and identify threats before they become performance degrading issues.

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RabbitMQ Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
RabbitMQ Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Eliminate RabbitMQ performance issues with root cause analysis

Applications Manager allows users to monitor RabbitMQ message broker by collecting detailed RabbitMQ monitoring metrics necessary to measure performance trends, but also allows users to configure thresholds to the attribute level for that enables to pinpoint the problematic attribute and troubleshoot faster. For example, a large number of messages queued up in the message broker could indicate that the consumer is unable to process the messages at the same rate as the producer. Applications Manager's RabbitMQ queue monitoring capabilities will enable you to quickly identify and resolve these issues by drilling down to the root cause of the problem.

RabbitMQ Monitoring Dashboard - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Analyse performance trends and forecast growth utilization with built in analytics

While it is important to monitor performance metrics to identify and resolve issues, it is equally important to measure this performance of attributes over periods of time and document them in the form of reports. Applications Manager's machine learning powered analytics complements your RabbitMQ management needs by allowing you to forecast growth and utilization trends of your message broker, analyse and compare individual attribute performance trends across multiple message brokers and even predict the future trends of the attributes with the help of historical performance data.

RabbitMQ Queue Monitoring - ManageEngine Applications Manager
RabbitMQ Monitoring Metrics - ManageEngine Applications Manager

Monitor RabbitMQ with Applications Manager in just a few minutes!

Applications Manager is the one stop solution for all your IT application monitoring requirements. In addition to our RabbitMQ monitoring tool, Applications Manager also supports monitoring for over 150+ applications and technologies. Thousands of admins across numerous businesses rely on Applications Manager for maximum business uptime and seamless delivery of services.

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