How do I audit connector changes in my Exchange Online environment?

In Exchange organizations with multiple administrators, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of server configuration changes. A send or receive connector could be reconfigured by one of the administrators and not documented. If there are message routing issues, you need to review all the changes that recently took place. But, the lack of documentation and the cumbersome nature of native tools can make this difficult.


Exchange Reporter Plus lets you audit connector changes effortlessly. View the command used, objects and properties modified, time of modification, and more using the Connector Changes report. The report also includes a graph that displays the number of times connector-related commands have been used.

Audit connector changes using Exchange Reporter Plus
Figure 1: Audit connector changes using Exchange Reporter Plus.

Exchange Reporter Plus also simplifies documentation for you with its flexible export options. All reports can be exported to specified locations in PDF, XLS, CSV, and HTML formats.


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